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OCN Folding Needs You!

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COVID-19 Progress: There are so many members out there and only a select few fold for Overclock.net (Team 37726). We are currently in 11th place among all folding teams in the WORLD! Folding Teams Overall Rankings - [email protected] Stats. And we will be down to number 15 in 2 months time. There is absolutely no reason not to contribute to the forums reputation if you have ever received advice here, lurked here, or just want to show pride in the forum you frequent. BE A PART OF THE LARGEST SUPERCOMPUTER IN THE WORLD!

Why fold? News - [email protected]

You can download the client here:

Make sure you get a passkey here: Passkey - [email protected]. This will give you bonus points for completed work units. DO NOT LOSE THE EMAIL, IT IS GOOD FOREVER.

1. Enter Donor name (Your name)
2. Enter team 37726
3. Enter your passkey
4. Choose which components you want to fold on (CPU/GPU/Both)
5. Move folding power slider at top to desired level
And your all set.

If you need ANY additional help getting started or are curious about advanced strings for use with the client, please just ask.

Advanced slot options

Name: Value:
1. pause-on-start True (Will prevent the client from automatically folding when opening the program)
2. client-type Advanced (Will attempt to download advanced work units)
3. client-type Beta (Will attempt to download beta work units, they can be unstable, but yield more PPD)
4. next-unit-percentage 100 (Sets default unit download to 100% before completion of current WU, default is 99%)

External Links:
1. EXTREME Overclocking | Tweaking Enthusiast PC Hardware Product Reviews And News (Stats Tracking)
2. HFM Client https://github.com/harlam357/hfm-net (To track WU's for addition into GPU database.)
3. OCN PPD Databse GPU Projects PPD Database (Active tracking on GPU WU performance.)

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Good reference, thanks for writing up. Consider the thread stickied.

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It's not too late to get those rigs fired up. Foldathon starts @1200 EST. Get yourself one of those shiny premium accounts!

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Nice Matt, we can use the help :)
So I've been out of the Folding game for a while, what's a fair PPD anymore for my rig? The client says 2.71Mil PPD, which I'll be honest, based on my prior experience of folding for years to get to almost 6M, seems odd?

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Stumbled across this video, which seemed cool. A lot of people don't understand just how Stanford uses all those Petaflops. I feel that this video shows just how they are utilizing our idle cycles for curing diseases, COVID in this specific example.

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