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[OCN LABS] Cooler Master SK630 White Limited Edition

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What is going on good peeps of Overclock. I am bluedevil and this is the new Cooler Master SK630 White Limited Edition, a ten keyless mechanical keyboard featuring the new low profile Cherry MX Red switches. So being a fan of TKL mechanical keyboards, when Cooler Master asked if I would take a look at this limited edition variant of the SK lineup, which comes in three sizes by the way, I couldn’t say no. So let’s see what the SK630 White Limited Edition TKL, does to set itself apart from the other TKL mechanical keyboards that are available.

So it seems that every manufacturer wants and is releasing a mechanical gaming keyboard with yes you guessed it, RGB lighting. RGB really has exploded into the PC gaming peripheral market, which I don’t think is gonna go away anytime soon, so we might as well embrace it right? Cooler Master seems to also thinks so, releasing their new SK lineup of mechanical gaming keyboards which happen to feature the new low profile Cherry MX switches. Every switch light, seems to bounce off of the brushed aluminum top plate beautifully, making the per key lighting absolutely insanely uniform. The SK630’s RGB lighting can also be controlled with or without the use of Cooler Master’s Portal software, which give you functionality to update the firmware, lighting, as well set the macros for certain games.

Shifting gears, the specs of the SK630 White Limited Edition is a ten keyless design which features the new Cherry MX RGB low profile switches in the red switch type. Construction is made from aluminum and plastic, while the white detachable USB Type-C cable is braided at 1.8m of length. Cooler Master’s keycap design is a bit more subdued with the SK630, having flat white chiclet style keycaps, which adds some serious elegance. Under those sexy keycaps, are the Cherry MX low profile red switches. The housing of those switches are clear, in essence aiding in a more uniformed lighting that will bounce off of the brushed aluminum top plate, which IMO looks fantastic. The SK630 weighs in at a very light 552 grams, making it a great travel keyboard. Also the stupid fast polling and response rates which are at 1000hz and 1 ms, being powered by the 32 bit ARM Cortex M3 MCU.

So being that the SK630 is meant more for a low profile design, no angle adjustments are present, though I suppose you could just prop that RGB controller you have on your desk under it and get a little bit of an incline that way. The construction is nothing short of solid, so deck flex is pretty minimal. The included keycaps, which are a chiclet style, aka laptopish, are a slight concave keycap design. Which brings me to typing. I am not gonna lie, it was kinda rough, trying to train yourself to not mistype due to not being used to the curvature of the SK630’s keycaps as compared to a more aggressive curve on normal mechanical keyboards. Here is a typing test to give you guys a sample.

But once I got the hang of it, I could type ALMOST as fast as I would on a per say the upcoming review of the Wooting One TKL mechanical keyboard, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Gaming with the SK630 is a little hit but more miss. Literally. In Apex Legends, I was noticeably worse when using the SK630, but that doesn’t mean the SK630 is a bad keyboard. I just think its more geared towards productivity first with gaming being second. However with pricing in mind, at about $140 US, seems kinda steep for a productivity keyboard that has a learning curve.

So guys with that, the limited edition SK630 in white from Cooler Master, gets a solid 4 out of 5 flames.

Okay guys I am gonna go, thanks for watching. Also if you haven’t liked and subscribed by now, go ahead and get ‘r’ done. Also hit that notification bell so that you know when a new video drops!

bluedevil out.

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