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OCN described as a cesspit? they must be referring to recently. Y'all used to police this like your lives depended on it.

and really, that just insulting. most of the internet is much more cesspitted than we are, even today. Pathetic how perception works.

more likely they view us a cesspit because we're hard to sell crap to, and get yelled at by NVidia for hacking buck controllers with command prompt.

someone was trying to convince me I should be using 3.5mm out instead of SPDIF out to my dac/amp stack, to have the most benefit from the DAC, because SPDIF pulls the same digital signal as usb
idk, something along those lines.

3.5mm is analog. My DC only has analog out, digital in.
analog is susceptible to noise and uses a varying voltage to supply the sound signal. USB compared to SPDIF cant supply the same sampling rate and still is over wire so you are back to noise vulnerability unless you are using some serious shielded cables or iron cores. EMF can't induce noise onto an optical signal.

Heres a nice little read. In the end choose what you want. Ive gotten the best results with a DAC and optical. No noise, no rice crispies

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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