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I'm making this group as a place for all you Left 4 Dead fans and Valve fanbois like me who will be buying the game the first day it comes out.

As most of you know, Left 4 Dead has a story line based on 4 players playing with each other and working as a team throughout the game. So please only post here to join if you have teamworking skills.

I will be naming the teams based off of the Greek Alphabet and Military Callsigns to start off with, but once a team has 4 members, you 4 can work out whatever name you want it to be and I will edit it for you.

Please post what team you want to join, your OCN username, and your steam friends name when you apply.

Whoever is the first to join the team will be the Team Captain, but please note that you still need to work together to decide a new name if you wish and work together ingame.

Everyone, please add the people in your team list to make this easier for everyone. If all 4 of you as a team talk together and decide on a new team name, please have the team leader PM me the new name.

Official OCN Left4Dead group link for your sig. Please put this in your sig. It is NOT team specific, it goes for everyone.

Team List

Team America!

Team Captain - Gir - Steam name: tehslash

Dillard13 - Steam name: doggy

Marin - Steam name: marinlax

OmegaNemesis28 - Steam name: Omega_Nemesis28

Syrillian - Steam name: stardog229

Team Zombie Chow

Team Captain - legoman786 - Steam name: legoman786

noob eater4726 - Steam name: COSMOS4726

BinaryBird - Steam name: thefornax

FallenFaux - Steam name: FallenFaux

Team Awesome

Team Captain - Voice - Steam name: voicenosound

Nostrano - Steam name: nostyboy

wigseryc - Steam name: wigseryc

chemicalfan - Steam name: chemicalfan

Team Renegade

Team Captain - sledgehammer1990 - Steam name: rcollins927

NCspecV81 - Steam name: NCspecv81

-iceblade^ - Steam name: iceblade

Team Delta

Team Captain - VCheeZ - Steam name: variablecheese

slyoteboy - Steam name: cougaro

Pibbz - Steam name: Mr_Pibbs

LegendaryC - Steam name: General_LC

Team Epsilon

Team Captain - weirdo124 - Steam name: weirdo124

Munchkinpuncher - Steam name: slothmonke

Dragoon - Steam name: MachineHunter

GPA_Voltaire - Steam name: Fanboy86

Team Foxtrot

Team Captain - MarineRevenge - Steam name: Marinesold

Mobsta21 - Steam name: Crazy_Ezkimo

XaNe - Steam name: xaneee

Gunney - Steam name: gunney00

Team Gamma

Team Captain - Cerberus - Steam name: Johnnys024

YOSHIBA - Steam name: yoshiba11

Lunchbox - Steam name: Shooterman45

Deism - Steam name: Deism

Team Omega

Team Captain - Cukies - Steam name: cukies132

Andyroo89 - Steam name: AndyADD

Mersiles - Steam name: loonatick_77

PcG_AMD - Steam name: rontp

Team Tango

Team Captain - redsunx - Steam name: redsunx

TheSubtleKnife - Steam name: TheSubtleKnife

aksthem1 - Steam name: aksthem1

ryboto - Steam name: ryboto123

Team Victor

Team Captain - Sekigahara - Steam name: sekigahara08

Gauvenator - Steam name: thegauvenator

killerhz - Steam name: killerhz

JTD92 - Steam name: jtd92

Team Whiskey

Team Captain - Puckbandit35 - Steam name: justinaramian

Fatal05 - Steam name: fatalslaughter

glenbuck1914 - Steam name: glenbuck1914

SerenityKill3r - Steam name: SerenityKill3r

Team Lulz

Team Captain - NuclearCrap - Steam name: NuclearCrapSG1

ThatKidNamedRocky - Steam name: rajabaridiliza

iandh - Steam name: iandh

Archangleabove - Steam name: ImpulseS1

mattlyall06 - Steam name: mattlyall06

Team Venice

Team Captain - TestECull - Steam name: bull_schitt

Team Cosmos

Team Captain - hal515 - Steam name: hal_515

JTR679 - Steam name: JTR679

Noob Eater4726 - Steam name: COSMOS4726

Team Fallen Angels

Team Captain - Ihatethedukes - Steam name: Thraxz

cuy50 - Steam name: cuy50

pow3rtr1p - Steam name: pow3rtr1p

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Dude...where am I at?

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I probably wont buy it the first day it will come out, but I'm definitely gonna buy it

Steam name is teh same as forum name.

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steam name: Omega_Nemesis28

team alpha

and I'll have a server up next week (assuming thats when the demo comes out)

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Everyone so far has been added to a team, and Team Alpha is now full.


Originally Posted by Pibbz
View Post

I'm in!

OCN: Pibbz
Steam: Mr_Pibbs
Team: The winning one.

Please specify which team out of the ones listed in the OP and I will add you.

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I'd like to join a team, but I'm afraid I'm not part of any closed beta, and I don't really know anyone here all that well.

My steam name is ryboto, the account name is ryboto123, not sure which is needed.

Edit: Account name ryboto123

Anyone mind if I join team Tango?

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Originally Posted by Puckbandit35 View Post
I wouldn't count on the Demo being this soon.
Well, even if it doesnt come out as soon - STEAM normally releases the server files (like TF2) about 2 weeks before the game comes out. The game comes out next month, correct me if Im wrong please, so it's close.

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Originally Posted by OmegaNemesis28 View Post
Well, even if it doesnt come out as soon - STEAM normally releases the server files (like TF2) about 2 weeks before the game comes out. The game comes out next month, correct me if Im wrong please, so it's close.
November 18th, 2 months

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Originally Posted by Pibbz View Post
Alright I'll take Delta then.

BTW you skipped team Charlie.

Updated. And I'm just picking some of the more "popular" names.


Originally Posted by Puckbandit35 View Post
Dibs on Team Whiskey
Steam name same as OCN name?
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