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OCN Scholarship IDEA

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So I am not sure if this has been put out there yet, but obviously there is a large number of people on OCN who are students either in high school or in college, and people trying to make there way through finishing out a degree and/or working at the same time. It would be really cool if there was an anual Scholarship available with an application that OCN could hand out to one deserving student each year. Just a thought this could really take off and go somewhere. Just another way of promoting education.
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You could win money/prizes folding for OCN.

Really though, I cannot see many people saying a scholarship is a bad idea. It just seems like it could be taxing on mods and organizers to make sure that students scholarship credentials and for that matter even being a student in the first place could be a lot of work to keep track of and prevent things like fraud as there will be a lot of people trying to get the money.
I don't see it happening in the near future as there are already a million things that OCN has planned in their pipeline.
And the money would come from............. ?
Also, high risk of abuse and high administrative overhead.
I'm not sure how risky it would be. Overhead, sure -- the money for the scholarship alone would be a big undertaking, and then the application/verification process as well would not exactly be something that would be easy to do. Tack onto this the fact that just about everyone that moderates/works for OCN does so on a voluntary basis (and that the likelihood of working in scenarios of dealing with applications like this, researching and verifying an applicant's data, etc)..

In its simplest, I guess this would be a nice thing to do -- if we had paid staff that had some experience (and free time, heh) to go through applications and things like this, had a steady source of revenue that would support the scholarship, etc, but right now we have neither, and without making some significant changes around here (ones that would probably lead to alot of dissent, such as more ads, less restriction on the types of ads, higher costs for overclocked accounts, etc) I dont personally see it happen at this time.
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As others have said, I cannot see this being an avenue OCN will go down, I am not saying that for sure of course but Scholarship is A LOT of money and I think it is a lot to ask of a Forum on the web for If I am brutally honest, that and the administrative headache. While I am all for education * Speaking as a member * I would not want OCN to turn into a source of funding for education. Very big can of worms and as I see it personally, it is not the direction OCN is heading in anyway.
Along from what everyone else has said, what would the judging criteria be? We've both academic and technical students on here. If we look at one, the other side will probably get pretty ticked off about it. Then of course there's the privacy issue where we'd have to verify enrollment, GPA, etc.

I agree with the others, it'd be nice but a huge headache.
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