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Well, this club has been sitting on the edge of necessity for some time now, and I personally think it's time to deliver on the goods.

On with the details:

1) Purpose and concepts:

What is the purpose of a speaker club? Simply put, it brings us audio guys together in a group that can support, encourage, and necessitate growth across all facets of the hobby. If you need proof that a club can do all of this, look to this thread's sister, the OCN Headphone Club, as the quintessential example. At this point a speaker club offers just as much potential, if not more due to the fact that in the full hobby of audio, speakers remain the dominant animal of stereo and surround listening.

2) Membership and parameters:

Membership is site-wide, but limited insofar as to the particular sort of gear a member is running in his audio setup.

With a few other select members, we briefly discussed any limitations or parameters needed to be set on acceptance into the club. We did this because certain brands, names, sorts are simply not up to standards with what is consistently deemed as quality across the entire hobby of audio. The issue is, of course, that a brand such as Logitech, which is truly not a quality product as far as speakers go, has reached a niche market in the pc-enthusiast world and maintains popularity in it. I personally feel that someone truly engaged and interested in speakers will have moved beyond Logitech, etc., at a certain point or is considering doing so eventually. As such, we have agreed to exclude Logitech and any other pc-based speaker brandings from acceptance into the club. As of now, any and all speaker brands that reach beyond pc-intention, including stereo and HTIB, are deemed acceptable and fit within the parameters of the club. For now, specific sets such as Klipsch ProMedia's and Swan M10's, both of which are pc-based for all intents and purposes, are not deemed to fit within these parameters.

Yes, this may stir up some controversy, but for now these are the parameters. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

3) Organization and layout:

Namrac will be heading up managing membership and keeping track of the list. For the time being, layout of the membership list will be in line with the headphone club for a more streamlined pairing. It is my wish to have the listing organized into speaker type (planar/electrostatic, dynamic, full range, etc.), but this is still in the works.

Sister Threads:

The OCN Headphone Club

Discuss Future Plans For Your Audio Rig

Onward with the speakers!

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all the links are up

If you would verify that you the link takes you to the post you want...

If it does great. If it does not please let me know the post you want and I will make it happen

.Sup - Wharfedale Modus 1, KRK Rokit, custom sub
_02 - M-Audio BX5a's
||LAW||Doom - M-Audio AV30's
†Blade† - M-Audio AV 40
A-Dub - custom
ACharmingQuark - M-Audio Studiophile BX5a, M-Audio Studiophile Bx10s Subwoofer
ace8uk - KEF IQ1
admflameberg - Sony SS-B1000
ai7lcy - Quad 11L2
airbozo - Alesis Point seven's, Genelec 2029 BL-Y
AlanScott - custom
alexisd - Spekercraft AIM8 4
ALIGN - 3 M&K S150`s, 4 M&K SS150`s, 2 MX350 subs
AMC - M-Audio AV40
ANP !!! - Diamond 9.1
Andalusia - Axiom 5.1
Aura - PSB Platinum M2's
AUS.R34P3R - custom 5.1
battlecryawesome - Marathon DJ-2183
beanbagofdoom - Audioengine A2's
Behemoth777 - audioengine a2's + Polk PSW10
Benny99 - wharfedale 9.6,9.1,9cm,sw250 in 5.1 setup
biatchi - Kef 103.2
Binormalkilla - Polk Audio R50
Bizong - sierra-1
blur510 - Alesis M1 Active MKII
bobfig - custom 2.1
boydyboyd -Kef Q4s
BugBash - custom speakers
charbs152 - custom speakers
Chipp - Sansui SP-3000, Polk Audio PSW10
chinesekiwi - Tannoy Fusion 1, Mission 761i
Chunky-Bunker - Fisher
ciprianni - custom
ColSanderz - RS7's
computeruler - JBL s31II
coreyL - custom
Corky dorkelson - Hafler TRM-6
Cyberspyder - DIY Zaph ZBM4,Wadia 270 transport
Deagle50ae - custom speakers
deathconfess - Sony MU-TE-KI
dan0964 - Monitor Audio 5.1
Darren9 - Monitor BR2's, Monitor BR1's
dasparx - Marantz PM7200 -> 4x JAMO Compact 90 ,B&O Beocenter 2100 -> Philips HI-FI 22R36
Darkapoc - mix and match
darthspartan - lots of carvin speakers
Deano12345 - Q Acoustic 2010's
dragonxwas - DIY ?
drjoey1500 - Marantz HD550
Dyson Poindexter - Teledyne Acoustic Research AR94Sx
Ecchi-BANZAII!!! - Fisher F4/255 MKII
edgeh2o - AV123 ELT525 5.0, AV123 X-LS Encore 2.0
Eek - Swans M200MK II
el-John-o - Sherwood ST-4108 Package
ericld - JBL SCS500.1 X2, Polk Audio TSi 100s, Pioneer S-D9000
Eureka - M-Audio DM560
FaLLeNAn9eL - http://www.overclock.net/8450484-post1180.html
Fany - m-audio av40, Tannoy Reveal 501a
Farih - custom Electrovoice and Hardon Kardon 5.1
FearSC549 - Dayton B652, Acoustic Reference Studio Monitor 1201
Firestorm252 - Sony SS-B1000's
G.E.Nauticus - Kirsch K3
gorb - energy rc-10 & orb audio super eight, av123 elt525m & jbl venue sub12
GOTFrog - Energy ACT 6 5.0
Grossebeaver - B&W CM9
groundzero9 - GR Research V-2s
H3||scr3am - AV123 XLS Encores, AV123 X-Sub, ELT525 5.0, 4x ELT525T, 1x ELT525C, 2x ELT525M, 1x MFW-15
Havokr505 - mix and match
Hexa - Audioengine A2's
Hoodcom - Cerwin-Vega!, AT-8, custom
i_hax - Sansui AU-8500, Utah floorstanders, Pioneer SX-990, Yamaha NS-AW1
Interpolation - Yamaha YHT-280
Jack4L - Sony SS-S9
Jarble - Wharfdale Diamond 9.5, cerwin veaga xls 15s
jbalsa2 - RCA RS2652
jeffries7 - Monitor Audio BR2's
JeremyFr - Energy Take 5+1's
Jimmy2Shoe - unknown
JoeUbi - Definitive StudioMonitor 450s
Kluit - Bowers & Wilkins CM9
KoolGuy - 5.1 mix and match
koven - fritz carbon 7
Lifeshield- Sony STRDN1000, Boston Acoustics Soundware XS
Liighthead - custom
LingLing1337 - S30s
ljason8eg - Audioengine A5's, Velodyne Impact 12
LoGGi! - OR-306Xi
lolhax - JBL CF-100s
lozanoa11 - sony circa towers
Lozza - Tapco S8's
Luda - Klipsch KM4 KG3.5's, Sony 3 Way's, Cambridge Centerstage, sony 10" subwoofer
MagicBox - custom speakers 1x DSM25-FFL,2x DSM50-FFL, 2x TIW-360
mastertrixter - boston 2.1,fisher towers
Matt*S. - energy 5.1
Mauritio - 4x B&W Speakers
mega_option101 - Technics SB-X700
Metonymy - Onkyo HT-S7200 7.1
mfb412 - Schneider 5.1
Midnite8 - BX8a+SBX10
Mike-O - Wharfedale Diamond 9.2, Tannoy Mercury Mx-Sub 10
Mike! - MTX Model TP1200 ThunderPro2, Power Acoustik FUBR-12, bose rears
Mikecdm - B&W Nautilus 805
MoMurda - Sony HT-IS100
********* - mix and match 7.1
Mr Bear - RCA floor speakers, Polk Center channel, Bose dual cubes, Premier 12"
Mr_Pink57 - JBL S38II
MW041443 - Wharfdale Diamond 9.1
Mygaffer - Cambridge Soundworks Tower II
nafljhy - B&W CM1s
Namrac - Yamaha A526
Nardox - Yamaha NS-225F
NFF - mhc-gx45
Noname - Onix Reference 0.5
nookkin - polk 2.1
nowcontrol - custom
Nuginu - Paradigme Monitor 11, Paradigme DSP3400
oblivion.sky - KRK ROCKIT 8', JRX118SP
Panoptic - Paradigm Studio 20 V.5, AV-123 MFW-15
papcrap - 2xTannoy Mercury F4 Custom, Gale, eltax sub woofer, BaO S35, Wharfedale PPS1
Parsley - M-Audio AV40
Pauluski - Energy Veritas 1.8
pez - Cerwin-Vega D-3's
pioneerisloud - Pioneer CS-405
Powderhound - M-Audio AV40
Protezione - Yamaha NS-10M
Quantum Man - Dynaudio BM5a's
rduffy123 - Polk 40's
redalert - A2's
Reista - custom speakers
richardrubiks - custom 5.1
rrims - mix and match
ripster - custom
S2kphile - Mackie MR5, Mackie MR8s, Audioengine A2s
Seanicy - Sony 5.1, twin Pro Studio towers
shamslapchopwow - KLH Model 17's
Shiveron - BX5A
Sickened1 - polk5.1
silent_nightr34 - KRK Rp5's, RP10 sub
SilkRoad - Infinity Primus 150/PS210
Sistum Id - polk 5.1
SlyFox - AV123 ELT525M
slytown - KRK Rokit 6 Studio Monitors
solidsquirrell - polk montor 60 and 70
Soloz2 - Onix Reference 1 MKII, av123 ELT525T, av123 ELT525M, Tekton Designs 4.1
somebodysb2 - EgglestonWorks Ivy ?
SomeDooD - M-Audio BX5a
sonenelson - modified sony 5.1
sorage - klipsch rf-62, rs-42, rc-52, rw12d
sP00N - Cerwin Vega AT 10's, 400Watt Denmark
Spice003 - Polk Audio RTi A5 fronts, CSi A4 center, R15 surrounds, ED A2 - 300 Sub
spRICE - JBL 62T
SQBubble - custom
SteelyKen - Infinity Beta 50, Infinity Beta C360, Infinity Beta ES250, Outlaw LFM-1 in a 5.1 steup
Steggy - yamaha ns-a526
steve10 - Yamaha
SteveClay - mix and mach
Straits Fan - Wharfedale Modus Eight
Stupidhatmatt - Mythos STS
SUPER PISSED - Cerwin Vega CLS-12's
tagurtoast - custom 5.2
TARRCO - custom set up
Tator Tot - 2 x WAF-1 Speakers, Dayton SUB-80 8"
Tehrawk- Monitor Audio BX2 5.1
Th0m0_202 - mix and match
theCanadian - Custom + Dayton SUB-120 HT + Pioneer VSX-516
thatsboot3101 - Kenwood VR-6050, Primus 250 towers
The_Rocker - Monitor Audio BR2's
thecheeseofmanynames - Tannoy Reveal 501a + Allison Al8
ThumperSD - not listed
thunder12 - yamaha?
TI66ER - Mordaunt short MS902s + kef center
Tiger S. - Klipsch F-2's ,PSB Alpha's
tmunn - Cerwin Vega VS120, EPI Series 3 Model 100, Bose Acoustimass
tofunater - Sony STR-K740P + JBL Control One's
tUDJ - Wharfedale Diamond 9.1, Tannoy M3's , Quad 12L2
Turnoz - Celestion D 200, Stark Design SR-1
Villainstone - polk 5.1
Vincent Vega - Klipsch Chorus II
vwgti - klipsch B-3, KSW-12
Waqasr - Mission M74s
Witchdoctor - Polk Audio
Wizdumb - Tannoy pbm 6.5 passive
wtrskii3156 - 5.1 Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 60
xapno - 2 lanzar heritage subs, heresy IIs
Xeroni - Dayton B652
xguntherc - Bose Acoustimass 16 Series II
Xraven771 - Acoustic Energy Aegis x4
Zeva - polk Monitor 40s
Zig-Zag - Boston BA635s
Zippit - Mission E54(front), 1 Mission M3c2i (center) and Mission m30i (surround)
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I will also join

AV123 XLS Encores

AV123 X-Sub

Acoustic Research Loud Speakers (don't know the model number)

some more pics in my gallery

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I've no idea what kind of level they're on, but I have M-Audio BX5a studio monitors. Upgraded from Logitech X-230, so I guess I qualify considering:

I personally feel that someone truly engaged and interested in speakers will have moved beyond Logitech, etc., at a certain point or is considering doing so eventually.
I got active speakers because I didn't really have room for an amplifier, or I'd have got some B&W DM601 and a Marantz amp.




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Originally Posted by Aura View Post
Hehe yeah, forgot about the slogan

OCN Speaker Club, because when wasting your money on headphones, and computers, just isn't wasting it fast enough...

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Originally Posted by Parental Fornicator View Post
Would Klipsch Promedia 2.1's count?
We will make a decision on that asap. Klipsch as a brand moves far beyond pc usage, but this particular set is directly meant for pc's, which makes it sort of sit in between the lines.

I will follow up for ya.

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Originally Posted by H3||scr3am View Post

OCN Speaker Club, because when wasting your money on headphones, and computers, just isn't wasting it fast enough...
OCN Speaker Club, because a good sound system is not complete without speakers

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Originally Posted by tUDJ View Post
I was very close to buying these, only an amazing deal on my current speakers stopped me

Are they in the Walnut finish? *Drool*

Yeah, it was a choice between these, the Tannoy F1's (which I heard great things about but I thought they sounded aweful) or the warfedale 9.1's. I prefered the KEF's sound quality and the walnut finish is gorgeous
I need to get a better picture of them

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I'll have to get some glamor shots of the setup tonight.

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I'll take some pictures of my setup. Does Audioengine A2's count on Auralex Iso Pads and Essence STX sound card count?

I might pick up some A5's for my HDTV

For slogan: We take our Sound SERIOUSLY =)


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Originally Posted by tUDJ View Post
I just had a go at a banner: -

OT - Thanks for my 200th REP whoever that was

201 by my count...
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