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OCN Water Cooling Club And Picture Gallery

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I want this thread to exist for 2 purposes. The first purpose is so that we can all enjoy the sheer beauty and power of water cooling. The second purpose is so that people who have never used water can come here for inspiration to make the switch and for advice and ideas on what kind of parts and setups they want for themselves.

Mature discussion of parts and watercooling theory is welcome,if the post you wish to make is of a technical nature then please use the search to see if you question has already been answered or start a thread. The post rate is very fast and questions can get swallowed up and not seen,dont be offended if your question is not answered immediately.



To join this club simply post pics of your COMPLETE rig in THIS THREAD and I will add you to the list. The rules are not strict, ANY form of liquid cooling is good; that includes users of products like the Corsair H50. Feel free to post multiple builds and have multiple posts, I will add them next to your original post in the list. Even builds you no longer have are acceptable, just so long as they were built by you.

Dont double post and keep quoted pics (except one) spoilered,this keeps this thread tidy.

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Jeebus that's a beast (well, pair of), What's it pull from the wall?

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Jeebus that's a beast (well, pair of), What's it pull from the wall?
It's space efficient ! Thermaltake Core P8 'case' is just big enough to handle two ATX mobos side-by-side (here in slightly older config). Power comes from 2x Seasonic PP PX 1300W. Actual consumption depends on which half runs what...
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