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Hi all.

I'm all in on VR when it finally comes out. I had a Oculus DK2 for 6 months or so when it first releases and after playing Elite Dangerous with it I was sold on VR for those types of games anyway (even though it was buggy).

My dilemma is I am running GTX 770's sli 2gb version (they annoy me), I have held off my Oculus pre order (I almost pre ordered this morning) because people are saying and oculus themself that 970 is minimum. I know my 770 sli scores higher than a 970 with 1080p but im worrying I will be lacking on the Vram. My current monitor is 1440p and unless im playing a title like the Witcher 3 (I usually switch to my TV for that for couch gaming anyway) it is fine.

I have been holding back replacing my GPU because I want to get the 980 level of the next nvidia cards.

So do you guys think sli 770s will be enough for the short term using Oculus and I should just pre order it now anyway or think I should hold off on Oculus pre order until I know more about the next gen nvidia release. There's no chance I am going for a 9xx series GPU so late in the cycle that is for sure.


Thanks for reading!
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