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OCZ 1600mhz xmp ram 4gb, asus p5e3 ddr3 board error

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Well I bought some ocz ddr3 1600mhz xmp extreme edition ram a few months ago, been running the xmp profile 1 for that time on 2.00v, cpu is 1.37v @ 3.2ghz with 1600mhz fsb, northbridge volts i manually set to 1.51v.

Well this morning I got an over clock failed, and asked me to reconfigure, i removed the xmp, re-added it, restarted and it worked, got into windows no problems like i have for months now.

Why would i get such an error on using the profile? I checked it straight after with prime blend for few hours when i first installed it all.

asus p5e3 is on the latest 1201 bios

Running prime blend now, its testing my first core more than my 2nd is that normal, i mean my 2nd core is on test 3, first core is at test 8
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most of the time one core will finish before the other. especially on blend. It has to do with latency.

Once you are satisfied with blend try running small ftt for a few hours.
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