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OCZ 4gb (2x2gb) 1066 RAM + XTC memory cooler for $36 after MIR at Newegg

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Just was poking around Newegg and stumbled across this deal. OCZ 4gb (2x2gb) DDR2-1066 ram bundled with their XTC memory cooler (which seems to be out of stock everywhere) for $36 after MIR. Plus free shipping!

I might get one of these...they appear to have 100 of them in stock.

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What the....I just got some Patroit 800 RAM for 30 AR and paid another 15 for cooler.....!!!!!

but the cooler may get into the way depends on which CPU cooler you have
Wow. I was looking for ram and that cooler. Been eyeing it for a while now but its finally on sale. Just bought me some. +rep for you
I have that same set of Ram and I've had serious trouble running it at rated speeds. Could not get it stable at ddr2-1066 to save my A$$. Had to drop it to DDR2-900 for maximum stability at 2.1v

Great price on this combo though
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Do make sure that the distance between the bottom of your ram slot and GPU card have enough clearance.

When I had that ram cooler, the metal screw was touching the back of my 3870x2.

I had to put electrical tape in between to keep it from shorting out my GPU.
I noticed the combo deals with that ram are awesome as well. You can get it with a 4850 for $140(AR), a 9800GT for $110(AR), or a 9600GT for $85(AR). Basically if you need one of those graphics cards you can get the ram+cooler for free.
eek. This makes the Micro Center RAM deals I just posted look awful lol.
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