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OCZ 520SLI & x1900xtx

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I was hoping to pick up a x1900xtx in the future and I was using this to calculate my total PSU drain. I put in an OC to 2.5ghz since I plan to try that out down the line as well. Im a little bit worried however as Ive seen some reviews stating that the x1900xtx drains a lot of power. Upon startup it takes like something over 300w!! In games it was in the mid 250's or so iirc which sounds insanely high for a single gpu...So with the system I have now (and the addition of an x-fi plat. I get about 460w at 100% peak utilization but I question how accurate that program is...

SLI with 2 7800gtx's (@490) gives me 563 at 100% utilization and 485 for 80% utilization, is that too high? My psu is supposed to reach 600w at peak load but at what point does it become too strainful for the psu in terms of actual output and recommended output?

Is the 520sli enough for that card and the system at an OC? Whats the max wattage this card will use up when used in a hardcore gaming or benching environment?
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