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Ocz ddr Pc3200 platinum

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Hey, I am looking for tips on how to make a stable stable over clock. From my understanding, i need to have my cpu and ram running at compatible speeds ind order for the pc to boot. I have a DFI Mobo and my CPU is an AMD Opteron 144. My CPU Frequency is 315, ldt.fsb ratio is 3.0x
ltd bus is 16 16
cpu/fxb fq ration is 9.0x
and all my cpu volts are at 1.55 (max on my mother board)

For the life of me, i cant get my memory to run stable... i am expirementing with my voltages from 2.7-3.0. I dont know what i should set my Dram Frequency to.. someone told me it should b e a 1-1 ratio... making it 200mhz. My command per clock is enabled. And i am honestly not sure about everything else.
Any help would he highly apreciated.
thank you
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Bump for someone in need of help.
I have the same ram and an opty 165. My fsb freq is 322 but my mem doesnt run that high so you have to put a divider on your memory. I have an asus board so I uses something called the mem clock index value, but im not sure how to do it on a dfi, there should be a tread on dividers here on ocn or got to dfistreet.com and they should be able to help you out
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so you are running a 315 fsb essentally right, ok so you need to run a divider with those guys (i assume its the 2x1gb sticks) mine would do 260 with 1t with 3-3-3-5 timings but above that i had to go 2t up until like 270 and that was about the max i could get out of them so make sure they are running below that and check to see if they are running 1t or 2t with cpuz,

and you may have to change some of yoru other timings as well, i cant remember what they were stock but im peretty sure that 3-3-3-5 worked really well with those guys and if i remember correctly a 7 at the end didnt effect p[erfromance but helped a little with stability, if you need to try 4-4-4-7 at first and see how stable that is then try to tighten them later

good luck oh and you shouldnt need more then 2.8 vdimm with these guys
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