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OCZ DDR2 Platinum Edition not on Newegg?

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I have a fairly simple question, I was looking at getting some OCZ DDR2 memory and my AMD rig has 2GB of OCZ EL Platinum Edition DDR600 in it, so I checked OCZs site and they have not only Platinum Edition DDR2 modules but also their new XTC Platinum Edition but Newegg doesnt carry ANY DDR2 OCZ PE memory, does anyone know of another reliable place to get OCZ PE memory in the US?? Is there a way to get it direct from OCZ?
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You said PE memory, and I'm looking on OCZ for that same thing in the DDR2 section, and I don't see it.

If PE means Platinum Edition, I looked on about 4 websites, and none had it, so I would go with the gold edition:

http://www.atacom.com/program/print_html_new.cgi?cart_id=&Pagecode=1|MED2&Item_c ode=MED2_OCZT_54_T9&USER_ID=
http://www.atacom.com/program/print_html_new.cgi?cart_id=&Pagecode=1|MED2&Item_c ode=MED2_OCZT_42_GF&USER_ID=
For DDR2 I woulnd't consider OCZ's RAM, best bets are Corsair or PQI Turbo.

I wouldn't consider ATACOM either, they had posted that they had OCZ DDR2 EB modules but in fact they didn't have any in stock. The way I see it is: if newegg or ZipZoomFly don't have it.......I won't consider anywhere else

Then again, the new XTC RAM is nothing to be excited about.......PQI Turbo (both in DDR2 667) and the XTC have the exact same latencies, yet the XTC cost $50 more and the Turbos are highly overclockable.

But nothing can compared to the 8000ULs
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