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ocz or mushkin OC related question

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i want to be able to have the room to overclock in the future and i cant decide on memory


Timing 7-7-7-20
Voltage 1.85V - 1.95V
the voltage seems a bit high for overclocking much

Timing 8-8-8-24
Voltage 1.65V
lower voltage but slower timings

where my question comes in ... with the ".2 - .3" difference in voltage would that equate to about the same or would the OCZ be able to overclock further?

thanks and rep+ for helpful replys

another option i found was

Timing 7-8-7-24-2N
Voltage 1.35V
i like the super low voltage on these that leave room for much OCing but i was mainly looking for BEMP certifed sticks to help with the settings.. i dont mind putting in the extra effort if the lower voltage and lower timings to begin with will yield far higher OCs than the BEMP sticks above
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Doesn't matter for voltage. As long as it's below 2.1v it's safe for RAM...

IIRC, Mushkin is a little better than OCZ for RAM quality, so I would go with the Mushkin.
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I have the mushkin you are thinking of using and it runs great with some bios adjustment. I wouldnt heisitate to use it again but when I got it it was 104$cad for the kit. I have it at 1660mhz stable at 1.92volts 7-7-7-20, So thumbs up for mushkin.
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Originally Posted by xhassassin
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doesn't matter for voltage. As long as it's below 2.1v it's safe for ram...

Iirc, mushkin is a little better than ocz for ram quality, so i would go with the mushkin.

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