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OCZ Pro-X-Stream 1000w & OCZ Stealth-X-Stream 600w

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So i currently have those 2 power supplies. Both are in good shape, only used for a little but then put away.

How much could i get for them on OCN or in the local classified ad's?

Edit- I bought them both at Canada computers, they don't sell the 1000w PSU anymore.
The 1000w OCZ Pro-X-Stream was $200 at the time, and the 600w OCZ Stealth X Stream was $100
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1000w - $120
600w - $60
1000w- $90
600w- $48(seen them as low as $40 shipped)

Anything over that and its paying too much.
1000w- $90
600w- $40
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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