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OCZ Vertex 2, still a bad option?

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Not-so-important background info
I'm thinking of getting a 200GB+ SSD to replace the mechanical drives in my main rig (will be keeping those for storage in an older rig or NAS, w/e), because tbh the noise annoys me. I've become slightly obsessed with silence, and getting quieter case is not an option.

By the way, other ideas on how to keep the noise down, like "Put that F3 in an external enclosure and run it through e-SATA", etc. are welcome.

The actual question
So, the cheapest SSD available to me is the OCZ Vertex 2 240GB, but wherever I look I see that it has quite the bad reputation.
This makes me wonder if this is due to flawed early firmware which has later been fixed, or is this drive still as unreliable as it was?
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Originally Posted by AzO
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It's not just a OCZ problem.

At least it is a Sandforce problem. No other SSDs have these issues. And yes the new firmware to slow down the drive in order to fix the problem hurray! The PLL issue is just BS. You design a part to be compatible with all configurations under all reasonable circumstances. If you see problems like these, they need to be addressed before product release. Well the problem is they never tested it so they never found out.
The fact that you don't have a problem now does not mean that you won't. I have had 8 OCZ SSDs (still using 3 of them) and never will buy another one.
If you look at this very forum you will see intermittently someone asking why his Sandforce drive suddenly disappeared and can no longer be recognized. Most often it is an OCZ but you will also see Mushkin, Gskill, Corsair all Sandforce 1 drives. Ohh and I had the first generation of Vertex too. The Indilinx controllers, same story. History just keeps on repeating with OCZ at every generation.
Do you see any report of Crucial/Micron, Samsung, Toshiba or Intel drives do this? Anywhere? I just recently saw that the Intel 320 is having some problems actually so it would be the only exception.
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