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OCZ in general is getting a bad reputation for changes to those drives this late in the cycle.. They made a switch from 34nm to 24nm NAND which lowers their bottom line.. The change lowers the life of the drivers and most importantly to users like us the performance as well. Of course OCZ kept prices unknowingly higher as long as they could and to my knowledge they have yet to clean up the advertised/marketed speed claims..

If I were you I'd look into buying two used 34nm 120GB Vertex 2 drives and running RAID or a single 240GB for simplicity if available. If you must go new I'd recommend the Corsair Force series but only for future-proofing if you plan on getting native SATA3 support sometime soon. There's now point in SATA3 given your sig rip specs or utilizing an add-in card as they're performance is lacking in comparison to native ports at this time.
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