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OCZ XMP & Corsair Dominators DDR3

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I am very interested in getting this OCZ kit as the Mushkin kit I wanted has gone back up in price:

I have not heard much from OCZ in terms of DDR3. This kit comes with an XMP of 9-9-9-28 at 1800MHz, though, which makes it extremely tempting since it is still priced with other 1600MHz memory. Does anyone have experience or know of any reviews of this memory? If there is cheaper RAM that will do the same I have not found it, so feel free to enlighten me! I will be using a vanilla P6T board or an MSI Eclipse (haven't decided yet), so the RAM should be able to go that high on either of those two bards (both of which from reviews seem to be capable of putting RAM that high).

These Dominators are also an option as they come with a $30 discount with a P6T:
Does anyone have experience with them? I see that Newegg has them listed as awarded (which means they are popular), yet I have not seen this particular set in any reviews.
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