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I've been having bad experiences getting stable at 4.0Ghz w/ my i7 930. So I decided to try to force my RAM to be as slow as possible (1147Mhz). Now I can get stable w/ 1.225vcore, 1.25QPI.

Here's my BIOS relevant settings

vcore 1.225
qpi 1.25
DIMM 1.65
pll 1.88
ich 1.2
ioh 1.18

RAM timing:

When I change it to 1517Mhz (something like that), it becomes unstable at even 1.275vcore and 1.275QPI. I don't really know why. My uncore ratio is the lowest possible from RAM clocks (2x). Is the OCZ gold series really bad that they won't even run at specs?

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I'm also having this problem.

My CPU is stable over 24h Prime95 small FFT, but it would simply not pass a couple hours of Prime95 Blend. The error is "rouding error". I can't pass LinX/IBT maximum memory usage, never more than 2 runs.

This guide is saying that this is memory related.
It suggested to rise IOH a notch or two.
I'll report back when I'm done with CPU voltage testing

Vcore = 1.268750
QPi = 1.23125
IOH = 1.20
ICH = 1.1
BCLK = 191
RAtio = 21x

Memory : OCZ3G1600LV6GK
Timings : 8-8-8-24-auto-1T
VDRAM = 1.65
This memory passed 3 memtest runs @ my current settings (memory speed is 1531 Mh)

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shuffle and reseat your rams, use auto for pll ich ioh, if this doesn't work run memtest. Alot of ocz gold has issues
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