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Hi all. I have an SSD as my system drive. Love it! I also have two WD Caviar Black 1TB Sata III drives. One of them I've never experienced anything unusual with. That's the one with almost no data on it yet. The other one, which I use for multimedia (pics, videos, etc) has thousands of files on it. Every once and a while when I go to access something on that drive, there is a pause of about 5 or 6 seconds before the explorer windows comes up. After that response is immediate. The drive is indexed, it is defragmented essentially continuously using PerfectDisk. Firmware, to the best of my knowledge, is up to date.

After a reboot of my system it will always pause upon first access. After that I don't see a pattern to it. Doesn't happen often but often enough that I am puzzled since all hardware on my system is very new.

Perhaps I should add that I have run the diskcheck routine in Windows 7 and it didn't find anything.

Thoughts, suggestions, advice?

Thanks ........... Rob
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