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Odd pricing on Intel CPUs

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Can anyone explain to me why the 3.0 GHZ Socket 478 is about 25 bucks more then this LGA775 3.0 GHZ when the LGA775 has a 2mg cache and is newer technology...
Socket 478

Socket T
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I have read on here that retailers do that to sell the older chips, thinking that customers will buy it based on higher price=better performance.
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That kinda makes some sence consitering the fact this industry revolves around impulse buyers...Alot of people do run on the fact that oh its higher priced so it must be better quality...
It COULD also be a supply and demand thing. I don't have numbers, But I am sure that Intel is churning out way more LGA 775 chips than 478 chips.

While the LGA 775 is better tech, to USE that tech a person has to buy a new motherboard, and likely new RAM.....so you have people with 478 boards who want to either upgrade to a 3Ghz from a slower speed, or replace a chip that died, but they don't have the money to upgrade the whole system........

It's the same reason I had to pay $70 for a 512MB stick of PC2700 DDR for my mother in law's old system when I just paid $50 for a 512MB stick of DDR2 675 PC5400 for my new system.
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