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I am planning on purchasing the ASRock "K8 COMBO-Z"

I have read the few reviews and do not try to persuade me not to buy this mobo as it is my final choice.

Ok to my question. If I purchase DDR 433, 466, or 500, Can I set the memory speed down to the supported DDR 400 specifications and have the board be stable? I am going to overclock the Sempron 3100+ I am purchasing so I want memory headroom... I think the anwer is yes but I am not sure.

plz answer. (obviously I will be using single channel memory)

Also... I can't seem to find a memory support list anywhere... though i was planning on going Mushkin.. it would help to be sure.

my plans 1. Buy this Motherboard with a sempron 3100+ and fast memory with headroom.
2. overclock when I think its slow
3. upgrade to a socket 939 when the price perfermance ratio is reasonable.

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Memory clock rate is dependant upon your FSB, so as you increase it the memory speed will increase as well, by default it's 200MHz which is DDR400, buying DDR466 will give you the guaranteed ability to run a 233MHz FSB with 1:1 DRAM ratio without the memory being the limiting factor
Haven't heard much about Sempron overclocking, you're gonna have to let us know how things work
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