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Oem-soft.com cheap software ????

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I just heard about this site OEM-SOFT.com and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it? Because it has programs like Cyberlink's powerDVD 9 for 20$, and slysoft's AnyDVD HD for 15$.....it sounds really good but im a bit weary.

Moreover, I was wondering if these programs still got the updates from the websites? Cause the AnyDVD HD thats listed is like 6.1 something while on the slysoft website they are up to 6.6 something.....

Idk anyone think its worth the risk?
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The site looks sketchy. No contact info for the company. No secure checkout. The checkout process produces a 500 error (Internal Server Error).

I wouldn't buy anything from that site.
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I agree the site looks sketchy.
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they wont take anything other than cc either.
and according to http://www.statbrain.com/www.oem-soft.com/
their servers are based in russia.
Smells like a scam...
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hmm yea thats what I was thinking but getting AnyDVD HD for 15-20$ I was about to try it lol thanks guys! reps all around
I bought Nero 9.0 from this company. They gave me a CD Key and download link. Upon activating the product, getting errors, and writing Nero support, I received an EMAIL from Ahead saying the key was blacklisted and pirated. After contacting the OEM software company, they offered me two free downloads of equal value. I informed them that I had contacted Nero's parent company, Ahead, and they became hostile. They wrote back and said, they had bought and sold 100's of 1000's of old copies and resold them with no problems. They also told me I had no right to tell Ahead about where I got the program.

So, finally I said, "Do you have a working key?" They said, "We are no longer offering you the product. Do you want a refund, or two other programs?"

So, You think about that.........'Kay?
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