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OFFICAL: Phenom II 940 on DFI LP UT nF590 M2R/G Works!

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Exclusive first time test and confirmation for the Phenom II working on the DFI DFI LP UT nF590 M2R/G!

It works!! Flashed to the 12/26/07 bios (in dos via USB thumb drive) and installed the 940 Phenom II. Set everything in the bios to default (except memory voltage), disabled un-needed onboard devices, and when I fired it up the first time booted straight into Windows, no problems. Device manager see's all 4 cores.

CPU-Z Validated


Unfortunately, the dreaded cpu multiplier bug is a problem with the Phenom II. The CPU multiplier is missing from the Bios menu
. Of course, the CPU is identified in bios and Windows as "Unknown" processor.

Now that we know it does work, all we need DFI to do is update the CPU micro code to correctly identify the CPU and fix the **** multiplier bug. Feel free to contact DFI and put pressure on them for this bios update.

Keep in mind, I have yet to attempt even mild overclocking. Stability testing will run overnight. After I'm certain my rig is stable at stock, then I will start working the O/C magic! Got a Sapphire 4850 x2 yet to install after I get the system set

So, those of you use this this motherboard have the green light to order your Phenom II! Newegg just dropped the price down $10 to $219 shipped today (USA). No idea if the PII X3 (720) works, but I would assume it does.
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I think that with your result and the results from running the PhII's on the Asus M2N32 boards, all 590 chipset mobos can be green lit to run the new AMD CPUs.
The only problem is the one you encountered with the unrecognized CPU.
Good job!
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