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Office 2007

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Anyone tried it? My brother got it at school, it's pretty suggnificantly different. Quite a bit nicer.
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No, I havent. How can you get it?
I downloaded open beta 2 http://www.microsoft.com/office/prev...n/default.mspx

I love it but it will take some getting used to and also its weird that only some programs have teh completly new look but others still have the old style interface eg publisher 2007 compared to powerpoint 2007
Yeah I have it...I have not played with it to much yet...Still gotta find some time to mess with Vista...
i suppose they havent done those yet, i think the proper release will have all with the new look about them

and yes if you havent got it, get it, its fantastic
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Well all I can say is that it blue screens less than Vista. More options but they also moved some of the buttons around, took me a few minutes to find the save button.
i love it, excel has some really nice features. Does take a while to get used to the absence of the file, view, etc menus that we have had for 10+ years.
Office 2007 is part of Microsofts plan for world domination. It has back end hooks for Sharepoint. Sharepoint will store spreadsheets, docs, etc. Sharepoint will also replace Exchange public folder storage. The world of microsoft will look like this:

End user -> Office 2007 or portal application -> Sharepoint storage and retrieval -> Outlook integration for public folders/ portal for distribution -> back to the end-user.

So, everything everywhere is all part of a convergence. Even the filesystem will be another Sharepoint integration module eventually.

So, consume Office 2007 my little Lemmings! Drink from the water...YESSSS....DRINK!! ( <= an insane Bill Gates impersonation)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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