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This first started as a rumor, and now is confirmed. Here's the original post to this thread with the rumor:

Originally Posted by Kvjavs
Heya all, so I was posting on the ASUS ROG forums and got this as a reply about a Maximus IV GENE:

Originally Posted by [email protected]

Originally Posted by Kvjavs
Would love to see a Crosshair V GENE or a Maximus IV GENE. Not sure how hard the Maximus IV GENE could be, the P8P67-M Pro has the perfect layout already for it. Just slap some red and black on there, some more phases and ROG logos and you're good to go! Also the onboard X-FI

you should be seeing something of this nature coming soon. thats pretty much all i can really say.

Source Can't wait! . . . Followed by a news article on NordicHardware.

Now OFFICIAL on ASUS website, ASUS ROG Maximus IV GENE-Z68 HomePage.

Now OFFICIAL on ASUS website, ASUS ROG Maximus IV GENE-Z68/Gen3 HomePage.







IMPORTANT NOTE - The Maximus IV Gene Z68 and Maximus IV Gene Z68 Gen 3 DO NOT share the same Official BIOS Release from Asus !

Please be sure you use the proper updated BIOS for your board, as using the wrong one can resut in conflicts and a faulty System.

Maximus IV Gene-Z68

OFFICIAL ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z68 = Download Page

Manual / Memory QVL (Qualified Vendors List)

BIOS - Version # 3402 - MOST RECENT BIOS as of 6/13/2012


Version 3402 Changelog: (Click to show)

- Improve system stability.
- Enhance compatibility with some USB devices.
- Support new CPUs.

- MOST RECENT BIOS as of 6/13/2012

Version 3305 Changelog: (Click to show)

- Updated Intel RST ROM.

Version 3203 Changelog: (Click to show)

- Improve system stability.
- Improve memory compatibility.
- Support new CPUs.

Internal Beta Version 3202

Internal Beta Version 1001

Version 0902 Changelog: (Click to show)

- Enable support for Next Gen 22nm Processor.

ASUS OFFICIAL Version #0208

- Original First Release.
- Build Release Date 06/24/2011

Internal BETA Version #0650
- Improves system stability.
- Build Release Date 07/08/2011.

NOTE - Bios Build #0650 BETA has been cancelled by Asus, DO NOT USE. 07/08/2011.

Internal BETA Version #0603
- "Xtreme Tweaking" option for 3D01 in BIOS.

Internal BETA Version #0498
- Fixed some bugs.

Internal BETA Version #0496
- Tweaked for 3DMark2001.

ASUS OFFICIAL Version #0403
- Build Release Date 07/29/2011
- Enable the support of Intel Rapid Storage Technology version Release.
- Update Intel Raid Option ROM.
- Improve DRAM compatibility.
- Improve System stability.
- Improve compatiblity with some Raid card model.
- Increase IGD share memory size to 512MB.

Note: For proper operation, please ensure to update Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver to version and BIOS to version 0403 before enabling Intel Smart Response Technology.

Update procedure for users needing Intel Smart Response Technology:
(1) Enter OS, and ensure Intel Smart Response Technology has been turned off under Intel Rapid Storage Technology interface.
(2) Install version Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver to version
(3) Reboot the system, and update BIOS to version 0403, then reboot.
(4) Enter the BIOS setup screen, press F5 to load BIOS default, then change the Intel SATA Port to RAID mode.
(5) Boot into OS, and re-enable Intel Smart Response Technology under Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

ASUS OFFICIAL Version #0902 {New}
- Build Release Date 09/19/2011 / update on 10/06/2011 / update on 11/1/2011
- Enable support for Next Gen3 22nm Processor.
- This # 0902 BIOS supposedly also patches the S3 resume issue when using PLL Overvolt.
- Update ? / - Improve ? / - Increase ?

Note: Has just been Re-Classified as a 'BETA' version on 10/6/2011, Re-Re-Classified as a 'OFFICIAL' version on 11/1/2011

ASUS Version #0706 {REMOVED}
- Build Release Date 10/10/2011 = REMOVED from ASUS Download Page Nov/1/2011
- Improve memory compatibility
- Improve system stability
- Support new CPUs. Please refer to our website at: http://support.asus.com/cpusupport/cpusupport.aspx?SLanguage=en-us

Notes: This BIOS should be available on Asus Download page on October 12,2011.
Quick Guide on how to go from Bios #0902 to Bios #0706;

- Completely close the Asus AI suite and any security programs (A/V, anti-malware, etc).
- If your overclock isn't 110% stable, reboot and set stock settings in the BIOS.
- Then download Aptio, unzip it, and run "AFUWINx64.exe". It's in /amiflash/aptio/afuwin64.
- Point Aptio to your #0706 rom and hit flash. You shouldn't need to adjust any of the other options available.
- Your computer will appear to freeze/lag and you may see crazy temperature/voltage readings and/or hear corrupted audio coming from the speakers; this is normal.
- When it's done, you can power down and reboot to be running Bios #0706 again.
Credit & Thank you to MrLinky

Maximus IV Gene-Z68 / Gen 3

OFFICIAL ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z68 Gen 3 = Download Page

Manual / Memory QVL

BIOS - Version # 3305 - MOST RECENT BIOS as of 5/9/2012


Version # 3305 Changelog:

- Updated Intel RST ROM.
- MOST RECENT BIOS as of 5/9/2012

Version # 3203 Changelog:

- Improve system stability.
- Improve memory compatibility.
- Support new CPUs.

Internal Beta Version # 3202

Version # 0402 Changelog:

- First release

- ORIGINAL MaxIVGeneZ68 / Gen 3 BIO


IMPORTANT NOTE - The Maximus IV Gene Z68 and Maximus IV Gene Z68 Gen 3 DO NOT share the same Official BIOS Release from Asus !

Please be sure you use the proper updated BIOS for your board, as using the wrong one can resut in conflicts and a faulty System.

The other remaining Drivers below, should be universal and work for EITHER motherboard.



  • Intel® INF Driver: (Updated 7/24/2012)
  • Intel® ME 8: Management Engine Driver: (Updated 8/3/2012) ME8 is designed for Windows 8, Ivy-Bridge CPU's and 7 series chipsets, but is Backwards Compatible w/ Win7, SB and the Z68.
    • Intel® ME 7: Management Engine Driver: (Updated 4/16/2012) ME7 was designed for Win 7, Sandy-Bridge CPU's and our Z68 series chipsets.

VIDEO / VGA Graphics Drivers

  • Lucid Virtu Software: (Updated 4/24/2012)
  • Intel® HD Graphics Media Accelerator Driver
    • Windows 8 (WHQL) :
      • (32-bit) - (ver #
      • (64-bit) - (ver # (Updated 7/11/2012)
    • Windows 7 / Vista :
      • (32-bit) - (ver #
      • (64-bit) - (ver # (Updated 5/24/2012)

AUDIO / On-Board Sound Drivers

  • Realtek High Definition Audio Driver: (R2.70) (Updated 6/22/2012)
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi 2 Software Emulation Audio Driver / Utility Package v1.0 (R11) (Updated 6/09/2011)

INTEL® Network Interface ( LAN / ETHERNET ) Drivers

  • Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Driver: 17.3 (NEW 8/23/2012) 17.2 (Updated 7/27/2012)

USB 3.0 Drivers

  • ASMedia USB 3.0 Driver: (Updated 8/11/2012) (Updated 7/26/2012)
  • USB 3.0 Boost Package: 1.00.05 (Updated 10/12/2011)


  • JMicron JMB36X Controller Driver: R1.17.63.1 /alternate link R1.17.63.1 (Updated 6/15/2011)
  • Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (RST) Driver: (Updated 6/11/2012) ← Needed for Intel RAID and/or SSD Cache
  • ASUS IRST Smart Update Utility: 1.00.02 (Updated 7/29/2011)


  • ASUS AI Suite II v 1.02.25 (Updated 4/20/2012)
    • Asus Ai Charger+ 1.00.06
    • Mobilink 1.00.40
    • Asus Update 1.02.03
    • BT Go! 1.00.34
    • Asus DIGI+ VRM 1.01.10
    • DrvResource
    • Asus EPU-6 Engine 1.02.14
    • Asus FAN Xpert 1.00.47
    • ImageResource
    • Asus GPU Boost 1.01.05
    • Matrix 1.02.42
    • Asus MyLogo 1.01.18
    • Asus PC Probe II 1.00.30
    • Asus System Information 1.00.29
    • Asus TurboV EVO 1.00.86
    • Asus USB 3.0 Boost 1.02.06

  • ASUS PC Diagnostics Utility: 1.2.0 (Updated 3/27/2012)

  • The ASUS ROG Windows 7 Theme Add-On (NEW Updated 4/19/2012)
    • A Windows 7 Desktop theme
    • A ROG screensaver
    • A ROG start button
    • A ROG wallpapers
    • A ROG My Computer icon on the desktop
    • A ROG Mouse cursor
LINK = http://rog.asus.com/105212012/news/the-rog-windows-7-theme/

There's been several ROG forum threads asking for an ROG Windows 7 theme and some of our awesome fans have already contributed various additions, like start button replacements and other theme replacements. The ROG team has been working on its own version, and has now whipped up a full ROG Windows 7 theme you can download here.

Installing is easy - simply click the setup file and the rest is done for you.

ROG Theme Install

This creates:

  • A Windows 7 theme
ROG Windows 7 Theme

  • Installs an ROG screensaver (disabled by default)
ROG Screensaver

  • Updates your start button
ROG Start button

ROG Wallpapers

  • Updates your Computer icon on the desktop
ROG Computer Icon

  • And updates your mouse curser
ROG Mouse

Confused about what to download?

- Automatically detect and update your Intel drivers and software with the Intel Driver Update Utility. Not sure this functions properly for our MoBo ?

- Automatically detect and update your Asus drivers and software with the Asus Driver Update Utility. = $29.95 NOT an official Asus Program, Not something I would use, but if you're an idiot and need help.

Additional sources for Drivers = ( http://www.station-drivers.com/page/drivers.htm / windrivers.com / update-your-drivers.com / opendrivers.com / mrdrvier.com / driversupdate.org / driverskit.com / drivermax.com / driverguide.com / driverfiles.net )

This Section Last Updated on 8/29/2012, by LAKF
Thanks to SimpleTech for the Design/layout and Info

Asus Z68 Series Information Thread (drivers, BIOSes, overclocking, reviews), Thanks to SimpleTech
ASUS Maximus IV GENE-Z68 MoBo / Driver UPDATES Thanks to LA_Kings_Fan

OFFICIAL ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z68 = Download Page

OFFICIAL ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z68 Gen 3 = Download Page

Beginers Guide to OS & Drivers Installation, Thanks to LA_Kings_Fan and Others

Beginers Guide to Getting your Newly Built System actually Up and Running ;
- Assemble just the BASIC / Minimal System to TEST that your new MotherBoard will POST / Boot Up, before doing a complete assembly.
(This means just the MoBo, CPU, PSU, and 1 stick of RAM, we just want to see it POST and show AA in the DeBug LED Code, some even do this OutSide of the Case)
- Assemble your complete system, at this time only conecting up 1 SDD/HDD for your BOOT / OS drvie, and leave the Internet disconected for now.
- Turn ON / Boot Up your system, and Enter the BIOS (Delete Key) and make sure you can Boot from Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Rom Drive.
- While in BIOS, make sure you Update the DATE and TIME, otherwise you will get a Windows Activation period expired ERROR Code.
- We ONLY do 100% CLEAN FRESH Installations of WIN 7 (or OS of your choice), DO NOT COPY over OLD OS from another HDD/SSD.
- install the Intel NIC / LAN drivers from Asus Support CD
- Plug in and NOW Connect to the INTERNET & run ALL Windows (OS) updates as needed.
- Review and decide about which BIOS / driver / Apps you want to install from the Asus Support CD, or get the more recent updates off the Asus Support Website
- Review MY >>> DOWNLOADS = Bios, Drivers, Utilities, Manual, QVL <<< section for the MOST UP TO DATE BIOS & DRIVERS LIST and Installation LINKS
- NOTE: IF you'll be using the ONBOARD Sound ... Install the RealTek HD Audio Driver first, and then the SoundBlaster X-Fi Software Emulation Audio Driver.

Credit & Thank you to LA_Kings_Fan & Others

BIOS / ME / GbE - Upgrade/Downgrade/ReFlashing Utility Tool & Guide, Thanks to CodeRush


CodeRush 's BIOS/ME/GbE - upgrading/downgrading/reflashing Utility tool

Originally Posted by CodeRush View Post

I have made a new version of FTK toolkit, now upgrading/downgrading/reflashing BIOS/ME/GbE are one click ahead.
There are three new command files, that make things simple:
upd_all.bat makes BIOS backup, transfers individual board data from backup to supplied BIOS file and updates all BIOS regions including BIOS, ME and GbE.
upd_me.bat updates ME region only.
upd_gbe.bat updates GbE region only.
To use this command files under Windows, you need BIOS file of any version downloaded from your board page under asus.com, unpack it from the archive, rename to bios.bin and copy into FTK/Win32 or FTK/Win64 folder, depending on your Windows version.
Now launch the command file as administrator by clicking right mouse button on them and selecting "Run as Administrator".

Please wait a while, if you see green "FPT Operation Passed" status - it's good. If not - post the error message or screenshot here, I will help to solve the issue.


Power the PC off, remove power completelly for about 30 seconds to reset Management Engine and power the PC back on.
Go to BIOS, look at BIOS version and ME version on Main tab. Both mustn't be N/A.
Now you have updated/reflashed/downgraded BIOS.
Flashing with this method can solve numerous problems such as missing Turbo-ratios in BIOS, ME version N/A, NVRAM issues, bugs with OC profiles and many more.
All above has been tested by forums.overclockers.ru community and works only on ASUS P67/Z68/Z77-based boards.
The latest version of all tools you can find here in my Google-translated forum post.
If you have any questions, meanings, results or something - I'm ready to listen it here.
It isn't only a proper way to downgrade, but a proper way to upgrade too.
Our boards doesn't have BIOSes with updated ME and GbE for now on, which Z77-based boards already have.
Funny thing about it, that there are no ASUS utility able to flash ME and GbE from BIOS image to flash chip!
To address that issue, ASUS have just released ME Update Software for Z77-based boards (that is actually only a .NET-GUI to Intel MEUpdate Utility aka FwUpdLcl).
It works and the ability to update ME with ASUS tools is somehow restored.
But GbE update can only be installed with Intel Flash Programming Tool manually or using FTK, that uses Intel FPT internally.

Credit & Thank you to CodeRush

* Info Updated Often, But also check the above links for Recent Changes + Past Revisions *

Video courtesy
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Click "YES" on View Forums Full Width / Constrain Threads to Constant Width / Compact Thread List Page / Hide Right Column / and Remove nested Quotes in Replies



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I got an e-mail saying mid May.


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No idea, I dont think so.

The ASUS guy couldnt give me any details... :/

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hot diggity dog, I'm burnin' for this mobo to come out

I want it!! so.... bad...... now..... I'll fold before resisting the temptation, lol.... I know I should wait until BD and Ivy with what I have already, but it's just so hard to wait,

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Originally Posted by Kvjavs
View Post

Updated to Unofficial Owners Club

Will be updating it as time goes on.

Awesome! I'll be buying one as soon as there out in AU

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Originally Posted by Villosa;13696188
In for one when released!

Added you to the will be owners club.

If anyone wants to be added or removed, please say so. I will be updating the OP with more info soon. Will try to update the owners/will be owners list nightly. Been busy with work the past 2 days and haven't gotten around to adding more stuff, but I won't let this thread go neglected.

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definitely getting this once released..got everything I need and will make one of the most power builds with this board...m-atx boards are so great..hopefully it doesn't cost as much as a gene 3

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The RIII-Gene board was for 'enthusiasts' so I hope the 'mainstream' Maximus-IV Gene will cost less than $210 retail. I'm not liking the offering of the next 'enthusiast' chipset/socket so I'm sticking with the no HT 2500k (not being used anyway) 'mainstream' socket.

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Originally Posted by Villosa
View Post

The RIII-Gene board was for 'enthusiasts' so I hope the 'mainstream' Maximus-IV Gene will cost less than $210 retail. I'm not liking the offering of the next 'enthusiast' chipset/socket so I'm sticking with the no HT 2500k (not being used anyway) 'mainstream' socket.

I'm hoping to get this board the day it comes out, however if it's over $200 I may have to wait for my next paycheck

If it's over $220, then I may have to pass ownership onto someone else

I'm hoping it's priced at $150 like the Maximus III GENE. Although I really really want this board, I wanna be practical about it too. It's already going to be marked up in price due to the brand naming of ASUS ROG.
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