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I see that there's already an M11x club but I know for a fact that there are a lot more Alienware laptop owners out there than the ones running M11x's! So this club is for you and your various laptops, any model (please post the specific model) so long as you provide a photo proving that you've got it (if not you don't be a "verified" owner)! If I don't add you to the club after a day or so please send me a PM with a link to your post and I'll get you added as soon as I receive it!

If you would like, you can represent your membership in this club by displaying the following in your signature:


[URL="https://www.overclock.net/THREADs"][B]ALIENWARE[/B] Laptop Club[/URL]
Here's the kicker. My M15x won't even be here until around May 24th according to Dell, but I figured I'd get this party started!

Alienware M18x Owners:
• sev9780
• un1b4ll

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• psi_guy
• Tunapiano
• trulsrohk
• Rayleyne
• Tranquil
• XtremeBawls

• MegaTherion

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• 3dfxvoodoo
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• Kurtis

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• Mediadisaster
• MoMurda


Alienware M11x Owners:
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• Isopropyl
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• Infinitepyro
• huntman21014
• Finny
• iSubaru
• Maxhamer
Mohd Rome
• mjl4878
• Johnny Guitar
• martinroshak
• gooface


Alienware Legacy Laptop Owners:
Darkice - Aurora m9700
elecwolf1138 - Area-51m 5700
Nikhil Pali - Area-51m M9750
TheBigC - Area-51m M9750
Tunapiano - M17
reflex99 - Alienware M9700

• axipher - Area-51 m5550 R3

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I'm currently not home so I can't upload a pic of mine, but I can add myself up to the M11x's owners

It's a great little baby, cost me 999$ with just a CPU upgrade and doing around 7hrs strong on it, couldn't ask for more...
Gaming performance is ok to my taste: it's a laptop, and I have my desktop, but on other days, it's able to boost out HD video and a handful of games with no lag at low/mid settings (sometimes even high

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Originally Posted by shnur View Post
why not just an Alienware club then? Maybe Laptop sounds cool or something...
This is specifically the laptop sub-forum, and there isn't really an appropriate forum for a generalized Alienware club.

Could you guys get your pics up ASAP? Good pics make for good discussion starters to keep the thread alive and act as proof that you should be included in this club!

Edit: This club is now official!

Edit Edit - Look what Purolator just brought me:

Now I just need to wait for the actual M15x to put in it!

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I have taken some awesome pics, I'll be uploading them shortly

I like the bag, tell how it is, I'm currently looking into a bag for my m11x and my other stuff that goes in a bag and I'm having a hard time to decide...

Funny that you don't have the laptop yet

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Yea, it's kind of funny actually. I ordered both the laptop and bag at the same time (had a promotion code from someone that gave me $25 off Dell apparel) and I figured that they would both ship together. However the day after I ordered I got a message saying that the bag had shipped from Vancouver, so I can only assume that Dell Canada has a warehouse there and that they stock this bag regularly. It's to bad all Alienware computers are built in the U.S. and then shipped or I'd have my laptop 2-3 days after it shipped (I'm in Alberta).

Anyhow, my first impressions on the packaging the bag came in were average. Standard cardboard shipping box with some packing paper preventing the bag from bouncing around inside. The bag itself was wrapped in plastic that was easily removed, there were some obligatory Silica Gel packets to prevent moisture damage in the actual Orion bag as well. Moving onto the bag itself, the majority of the bag is made out of ballistic nylon except for the flat bit on the front-side, which appears to be leather. The chrome alien-head logo came with a piece of plastic covering it to prevent scratches or blemishes, it's exceptionally reflective. All of the exterior zippers are the same large and robust size, the pull-tabs are primarily plastic but feature metal alien-head logos on each side. There is ample exterior padding on the back-side and shoulder straps of the backpack, and there appears to be some padding on the bottom. Speaking of which, there are some decent sized hard-plastic stabilization feet on the bottom to help keep the bag upright.

Moving onto the backpacks compartments and storage capacity, we'll start with the outer-most pocket and work are way towards the backside. Just behind the flat panel there is a small zippered compartment, see the previous photo and note the zipper tab to the left of the chrome alien-head.Next there is an accessories compartment with 10 individual optical disk slots, 3 X pen/pencil holder, zippered pouch, Velcro-flap pouch, an open-topped pouch, and a zippered mesh pouch lining the bottom of the compartment. The next compartment is what you'd call the "main compartment", it's all open with the exception of a zippered mesh pouch near the bottom and a nylon separator to divide the lower portion of the compartment in two. Then there's the actual "laptop compartment" near the back of the backpack, it's all open except for a see-through "CHECKPOINT FRIENDLY" pouch that has a thin 2" elastic-y Velcro strap to secure your laptop. The laptop compartment is the largest, and the zippers unzip all the past the bottom corners of the backpack so you can open the backpack in two "halves" for huge unrestricted access.

To put the storage capacity in perspective, I was able to fit the following in the bag with NO problems:
• 12" HP Tablet Laptop (broken, M15x is replacing it) - laptop compartment.
• 3 X large hardcover novels - laptop compartment.
• 2 X large "Fivestar" zippered binders - main compartment.
• Nothing - accessories compartment.

I could have fit a variety of everyday-use things into the accessories compartment, and some other fairly thin objects into the small compartment behind the alien-head logo. Once I get my M15x later this month I'll put all of the "tech" stuff I think I'll use on a regular basis in it and take some photos so you can better appreciate the storage capacity.

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Originally Posted by shnur View Post
Pretty good review thank you!

Just wondering how big it is; could I put my m11x horizontally into the laptop compartment...

I'm uploading pics as I type this

How wide is the M11x? The pocket is about 13.5" wide and it fit my 12" HP tablet horizontally. This might help you out as well:


Originally Posted by shnur View Post
Here is my baby

Eye candy, mmmmm!

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Originally Posted by Isopropyl
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While as a fellow M11x owner I must say HEY HEY!

Though Dell did screw up my nameplate (they cannot do ø but rather a chinese character)

I would be typing on it however I am putting in my new OCZ 128 gb SSD!

Post a pic and I'll verify you on the list!


Originally Posted by shnur
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I think I'll need a bigger SSD than 128GB

I barely fill in with my current 160gb drive...

I know right? I got the 500GB drive in my M15x because I find that once all my programs and stuff are installed I've used up 200GB's. I've got 3TB of space on my main PC, so I get sloppy on my laptops and always forget to delete stuff when I don't need it anymore.


Originally Posted by Uncivilised
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hey guys is it true that the m17x will host the 5870m crossfire? If so i am keen 2 get one!

They currently only offer the following in the U.S. and Canada:
1GB ATI Radeon™ Mobility HD 5870
Dual 1GB ATI Radeon™ Mobility HD 4870 in CrossfireX™

There have been reports of a 5870 Crossfire option showing up on a few other countries configuration options list, but if you're not in that country you can't get it.
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