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So you have a Green M2N Series Motherboard, and like all of us at some point you'll have questions about our board. Well join the club! Literally. I welcome new members of all motherboard types to join the club and encourage you to contribute by sharing your wealth of knowledge. To all the M2N users, I would like to congradulate you on your choice of motherboard and will do my very best to help out anybody with these MotherBoards. Club enrollment is simple. All that is required of you is to post a Valid CPU-Z link ( CPU-Z Validation Instructions ) in the club thread and make sure before you post asking questions, your User CP is up to date with your System Information ( CLICK ON ME to update you system information). The System information will list all your hardware and software infomation in your Signature. This makes it very easy for us all to see what hardware and software you are using. I urge every new member to participate in their own learning curve as much as possible by taking some time to learn the information listed in the guides below. Together we can all make this a fun and insightfull club to be part of.

Even though ASUS does not officially support what we recently discoverd. I am proud to announce with the help of some pioneers that our mothoerboards will boot and run with the New AM2+ Phenom II CPU's. So incase your wondering yes your M2N Series motherboard will run happily with a new Am2+ Ph II cpu.

Some people have been using the AM3 CPU's like the x4 955 & 965 in these motherboards w/some little work arounds. For example: Several users have reported not being able to coldboot normally w/out having to push the reset button or, F1, F2 or the J Key while coldbooting the system. Some users have reported bugs when using USB keyboards w/the latest updates and and were able to fix this bug by the use of a PS2 keyboard. Additionally other users report being able to fix these little coldboot set backs by downclocking the ram divider to 667MHz in the bios. Here is a direct link to a x4 955 validation on this mobo thanks to our member of this club BigJohn44. Explained in greater detail how to make an AM3 CPU work with a M2N series mobo.

Here is a link to Nvidia System Tools also listed in the Nvidia section below. Nvidia System Tools is what BigJohn44 uses to run his system w/the right CPU/HT Frequencies.

AM2+ & AM3 CPU Compatibility List

http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tYGdIkP_er780-XJp05_eiQ&w=84&h=600 Google Spreadsheet

Important Moments in Club M2N History

Contact ASUS

Asus Downloads

ASUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe: CPU & Bios Compatibility & FAQ's Latest Bios 2209 SpaceBallsRules provided us a link to Bios Ver: 2101 "Thank you SpaceBallsRules"

ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe: CPU & Bios Compatibility & FAQ's

ASUS M2N SLI: CPU & Bios Compatibility & FAQ's

OCN MyLogo Img: Imbed This image in your bios Post Screen to direct New users to this club for when you sell your M2N Series mobo.

ASUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe A+ Article/Review

ASUS Power Supply Calculator

BIOS FLASHING GUIDES: Under Contruction ( My own bios flash guide. )

ASUS EZ FLASH Guide: ASUS gives EZ Flash instructions on their web sight.

Bios Mods: Do you need a BIOS setting not available in the OEM BIOS Maybe a Mod'd BIOS will help

BIOS PLCC Socket: If your ASUS Mobo does not have a removeable bios chip?


CPU Comparison Chart


AMD PHENOM DIVERSS: X3 Drivers , X4 Drivers

AMD PHENOM II DRIVERS: X3 Drivers , X4 Drivers


Ganged vs Unganged memory

Nvidia Drivers & Utilities

GForce & NForce Drivers : Note you have to select the chip set for your mobo by choosing the Nforce for mobo and 5 series for mobo and the correct OS. You can also down load video drivers from the link as well by selectin Gforce. In the last option make sure you leave that field at all. This will make sure that you find all available versions of your required drivers.

Nvidia System Tools : This tool is used for making adjustments wehn overclocking. It allows adjustments of clock speeds, voltages and Ram timings.

Guides, Utilities & Other Cool Stuff:

Memtest86+ Version 4.10: for Floppy A, CD/DVD ROM or USB stick.

XP Services This guied explains what each service does and how to disable services for a faster OS.
Phenom II Overclocking 101 A must read if you want to know how to make your Phenom II Overclock really good.

Taking the mystery out of CMOS This is a brief lecture on how your CMOS works.

All about the various PC power supply cables and connectors

Understanding, Identifying and Upgrading the RAM in your PC

Have you ever thought about removing your IHS and running your cpu naked?

Parted Majic: This Live CD allows you to add, format, delete, resize & move partitions while in a Linux mouse based GUI and surf the web while your work is being done.

EASEUS: only works w/32 bit OS's. It is provided to optimize the performance of server or non-server machines by extending the system partition. To Create, Delete, Resize/Move, Copy or Format

Drive Image XML: Make a clone of your disk to another disk while in widows environment.

Official Overclocking Guide - AMD Socket AM2

Overclocking Guides & Information

GPU Overclocking tool Riva Tuner 2.08

EVGA Precision Advanced graphics Tuner:

( two thumbs up )

Downloadable Utilities

OCCT 3.0.0 new release

DDR2 Memory Speeds Explained

[Official] Air Cooling Essentials

How Heatpipes Work [Guide]

Want to run more than one OS but not dual Boot?

*Official* Free online FPS games

Learn how to check your power supply like a PRO

$4.00 Digital Multi Meter

Helpfull Raid Aray Calculator

Ultimate Overclocking Guide

EXCEL Overclocking Calculator

Other info

Hardware Canucks Reviews

Water Cooling Guides: OCN Guides , Extream Overclockers

Daisy Chain 2 x 24 pin ATX Power supplies

How Do You Validate CPU-Z find it here:
!!Tip: make sure your date is correct before you validate!!

IMGBURN: This is the easiest ISO burner I have ever used Period

My local Classic rock online: Listen with me

Sacramento's Rock 98.5 My favorite modern/Heavy Rock Station

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Non M2N User Roster:
  1. Vermillion
Due to unforeseen circumstances and reasons unannounced to me CorryBasler will no longer be managing This Thread. As always I'm sad to see a member go.
As of November 20th 2008 I'm offered the Opportunity to be the new Leader of this thread and will do my best to keep every club member current. Additionally I will add new members to our roster upon request. I have a couple of ideas already planned for this club. With a little luck and help from our members, I'm sure this will remain an enjoyable club for some time to come. Extended thank you to The Duke for making this possible.

Work in progress

Quote tmj: Now, as far as learning what the values are for the settings on "Auto," I use two programs (they perform identically): A64 Tweaker and MemSet.

A64 Tweaker is an old standby for K8s; I don't know, however, if it works on anything later than S939. MemSet, on the other hand, is almost universally-compatible.

&w=100 (This is percent, substitute the 100 for any number from 1-100)
&h=600 (This is pixel height, substitute the 600 for any number from 1-whatever, but be reasonable)
&gid=0 (This is the sheet number, substitute the 0 for any sheet number)
&single=true (This will display a single sheet)

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Originally Posted by Slinkey123 View Post
hey i have a ASUS m2n32-sli deluxe in my 2nd PC its a shame its just broke
gonna go get it replaced in a few days...

Do you know if they still make them??
I just got my M2N32-SLI in Early June 2008 so i think they should make them still! They still on Newegg!

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Originally Posted by CorryBasler View Post
I just got my M2N32-SLI in Early June 2008 so i think they should make them still! They still on Newegg!
Ok cool that means i can get a straight swap from my retailer. if they didnt make it anymore i would have to get a RMA from ASUS which would take ages lol

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lol 3.25 ghz on a 4400 nice

i got myself a m2n32-sli deluxe and i love it. overclocked well on chips that could actually overclock, not so well on the present *glares at 6400+*

still love the board.

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Originally Posted by namtlade View Post
Sweet, I'm here

It's a great board, I'd overclock my cpu further if I had a better heatsink too. That 4400+ at 3.25ghz is insane btw. What vcore is that on?
I got it to a sweet 3.31 GHz but its not Prime95 Stable on any Voltages! At 3.27 GHz i was runing a 1.5v then droped to 1.4 and its still Prime95 Stable! Going to go lower someday when i get the time!

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Originally Posted by superk View Post
I used to have one of these boards. Got a 5600+ windsor up to 3.4 benching and 3.3 stable daily with max temps 56 full load.

This board is an insane AMD OC'er
I know! I think i got the Fastest AMD 4400+ on this board!

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Proud M2N-SLI Deluxe owner since Summer 2006. First motherboard I ever bought and still chugging along. I think I scratched a screwdriver along it one time by accident. Most dependable piece of hardware I've ever owned. I don't know if I can ever let it go *sniff*.

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Originally Posted by Guruboy View Post
Proud M2N-SLI Deluxe owner since Summer 2006. First motherboard I ever bought and still chugging along. I think I scratched a screwdriver along it one time by accident. Most dependable piece of hardware I've ever owned. I don't know if I can ever let it go *sniff*.
Ive only had my M2N32-SLI for 2 months but its still a great board!

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Originally Posted by The Master Chief View Post
The M2N-SLI was the first mobo I ever touched, it sparked my computer interest, I love it. HA wooo!
My MoBo was the first "REAL" Mobo i ever owned and used! Ive always had Dell, HP, Compaq, ect. PC's and i finally Built my own PC and its the MoBo i used!
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