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NOTE: Still a work in progress for now.

This will not serve for discussion, if you have a question or issue, just create a new thread in the forum section.


Persons that are part of the Overclock.net Boinc Team. Your participation in the Boincers Gone Bonkers event signifies that you agree to the rules and only run BOINC on computers that you own or have the owner's permission. Some companies and schools have policies that prohibit using their computers for BOINC so always get permission first.


This is a 3 day long period where everyone fires up every computer they have, and tries to earn as many credits as they possibly can in an effort to boost our team ranking in both overall ranking and per-project rankings.
It's also a great time to take a break from gaming to increase your credits. Plus, it raises awareness for BOINC and distributed computing as a whole. Getting word out is crucial for the long term stability and success of our BOINC team, and we hope to get some new long term BOINCers in the process.

How do I set up my computers for this?

You can use this guide to get BOINC on your system, and choose the projects that you would like to crunch units for. You may also use this guide to use BOINC exclusively on your Graphics card(s).

A list of all Projects can be found here.

If you have any questions on what projects are best for a GPU simply start a thread/post and someone will answer you as soon as possible. As BOINC gets more and more advanced older GPUs don't perform as well as they used to, make a thread or read the project list and see if your gpu is up to the task.

I have looked at the list of projects and I am still undecided on what I should run.

Every month, we choose projects to be the Overclock.net Projects of The Month (PoTM). We do this to increase our ranking in those projects. Check that out and consider running those if you are still not sure what to run.
Also remember to join team Overclock.net for each project that you attach to in the BOINC Manager.

I would like to donate a prize

Typical marketplace rules apply on what can be donated. Games are accepted per BOINC editor approval. Point requirements for donations can be set by the person donating although editors have the right to change, games will always have a zero point requirement allowing a larger group of participants to be chosen from.

If you can't cover the shipping costs, within or out of your country of residence, please contact a BOINC editor, so the information can be posted in the prize description.
Send a Private Message (PM) to one of the BOINC editors with the description of the item you are donating. Please include a picture of the item(s), or link to the item on the web (if possible) and it's value.

Privacy policy

Account names and CPIDs that are used for stats are all subject to change if deemed necessary.

If you participate in a BGB event and win a prize, information about the user (such as Name, Address, Email, etc.) will be collected by the Editor in charge then passed onto higher management for submission.

To collect a cash prize you must have a Paypal Account and provide it at the time of winning. This address will not be shown on the forums or shared with other members.

Private messages sent to BOINC Editors are visible only to the sender and the recipient. Content of message may be used to help user if needed.

Any personal information posted in a thread will be removed immediately. OCN forums are visible to everyone, including non-members.

Requirements to win prizes and prizes donated are subject to change without notification.

Having troubles collecting a OCN prizes?

Prizes are collected and sent out in a single private message so when someone takes longer it delays every ones payday. Once you get a private message from a BOINC Editor informing you about winning a prize please respond as quickly as possible. A quick format of what is needed from you is below. The time it takes to collect is taking longer and longer so please check your messages daily after a event, unless stated by a Editor in the event thread.

All cash prize winners must send a Money Request using same email provided to person in charge of collecting information. If you have any troubles you may contact a BOINC Editor and they will get you on the right track.


Contest Name -

Link to contest -
Overclock.net Member Name -
Amount you won in the contest -

Requirements to win a prize

Prize value $0-$24.99: at least 5,000 credits
$25-$49.99: at least 25,000 credits
$50-$99.99: at least 75,000 credits
$100-$199.99: at least 200,000 credits (+2.5 million total credits & participation in at least 1 Overclock.net BOINC event)
$200+: at least 500,000 credits (+25 million total credits & participation in at least 5 Overclock.net BOINC event)

*to unlock the $50-$99.99 tier we need 30+ sign ups
*to unlock the $100-$199.99 tier we need 60+ sign ups
*to unlock the $200+ tier we need 100+ sign ups

+ Requirement of not accepting a prize in the previous 3 BGB events applies

Prizes being donated for this event:

$50 Paypal - Donated by Overclock.net
$25 Paypal - Donated by Overclock.net
$25 Paypal - Donated by Overclock.net
$25 Paypal - Donated by Overclock.net
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