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-credit to Lutro0 for the logo-



SignUp Thread

~I've been hearing about the Chimp Challenge - what is it?
The Chimp Challenge is a [email protected] contest between 8 of the major Folding teams. It is run over 10 days, and the team with the most "Chimp Points" at the end will be crowned the Chimp Champ. The victorious team gets to claim the lucky jaded monkey as the prize. Tales have been told of untold wealth and fame that comes with this. The victorious team is allowed to display in any honorary fashion the jaded monkey, the losing teams are forbidden to display it.

We all Fold using the same username for this event, so please take a look below for the info you'll need.

~When is it?
The competition officially begins on the 15th of May (Tuesday), and will run for 10 days (until Friday the 25th of May). The Challenge begins and ends at 12pm Noon PDT (8pm British Time).

Note: For -bigadv Folders, you may wish to switch your clients to OCNChimpin a couple of days earlier, so the WUs start dropping for OCNChimpin as the Chimp Challenge starts.

~How does it work?
This year, there has been a rather large restructuting of the event. While we will all Fold as normal, the points will be broken down into three categories:

1) Points

Most straightforward category; simply the number of million [email protected] points each team makes on their CC name.

2) Conversion

A measure of how well each team can get their members to switch over to the CC name. It is calculated by:

Points by OCNChimpin/Points by OCN as a whole

Since a lot of people still had WUs to drop at the beginning of the CC (including quite a few -hugeadv WUs), and we don't expect people to switch off OCNChimpin until the end, this will hopefully continue to grow (slowly) through to the end of the CC.

3) Growth

Overall, it's this year's total points for OCNChimpin, divided by last year's points (120m). However, for a running total, the following formula is used:
This year's points/((last year's CC points/10)*Number of days already passed)

The bottom part of the equation basically takes the average of last year for a PPD, and multiplies it by the days gone by. For example, having done done 5 days of the CC (give or take a few hours); based on last year, we should be at 60mil points. Any less, and we're at less than 100%.

These points will then be equalised to a scale of 10-110, and the victor will be the team with the highest combined total.

Each category will be equalised as follows:

Team A - 120
Team B - 84
Team C - 47
Team D - 103

We take the range (max-min, which = 73). We then use this formula = (points*100/range).

So the scores become:

Team A - 164.4
Team B - 115.1
Team C - 64.4
Team D - 141.1

Finally, we subtract the lowest score (64.4) from all teams, and then add 10 to bring the points into a 10-110 range (10 for lowest team, 110 for highest team):

Team A = 110
Team B = 60.7
Team C = 10
Team D = 86.7

Also, remember that we Fold for the research, not for points, or victory in a competition. As such, we do not encourage actions that are detrimental to the Project. This includes priming multiple WUs to drop as the competition starts, or Folding on hardware without permission from the owners.

~Who is involved?


~How do I join?
If you just want to join the cause:
Username: OCNChimpin (Case sensitive)
Team: 37726
Passkey: fe4ad3d7c2360a8cda89eaeab2b541f2 (bonus enabled)

How to change your username

If you'd like to be included in prize drawings and a sig badge, take a look at the signup thread below; it covers everything you need to know.


~Why should I Fold?
[email protected] is involved in trying to understand the folding/mis-folding of proteins in the human body, which is the cause of many diseases (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and many forms of Cancer). While the Project won't find a cure for any of diseases, its research will benefit other researchers across the world, in the form of peer reviewed, published papers. One of the more significant achievements was simulating protein folding on a millisecond timescale.

Here are a few other links that might be of interest to you:

Publications from [email protected]

[email protected] FAQ

Folding Memorial: I Fold for...

Is Folding worth it, and does it make a difference?

There are also other reasons to join in. Competition is always fun, and we've got a few other teams to compete with. Plus, we have prizes.


Note: This year, we're going to change how we deal with physical prize donations:

Donors will ship out prizes directly to the winners after they have been drawn, and must be willing to cover shipping. We will be responsible for drawing the winners, and I'll personally contact the winners and donors to make sure everything gets shipped out, but OCN can't guarentee that donor's won't renege on the prize.

Prizes will be added as I get confirmation. Please PM me if you'd like to donate a prize.

-OCN prizes
• $750 in PayPal Prizes (distribution yet to be decided) - donated by admin

• 10x OCN Ducky Keyboards - donated by admin
• 20x Yubikeys (with 1 year of Last Pass) - donated by admin
• 8x OCN Hoodies - donated by admin


• $25 PayPal - donated by Sethy666

• 3x $20 PayPal - donated by JedixJarf


• Sol Survivor (Steam) - donated by my94r/t

• Fallout3 GOTY (Steam) - donated by omega17
• Batman AA (Steam) - donated by omega17
• VVVVVV (Steam) - donated by omega17
• And Yet It Moves (Steam) - donated by omega17

• Humble Indie Bundle 4 (Steam) - donated by stolid

• Battlefield 3 (Origin) - donated by omega17

• VVVVVV (Steam) - donated by morecheese

• Lucid (Steam) - donated by dandu5

• Dungeon Defenders (Steam) - donated by anubis1127

• Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter & Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter (Steam) - donated by G3RG

• Portal (Steam) - donated by G3RG

• 2x Torchlight (Steam) - donated by Forsaken_id


4GB G.Skill RAM (2x2GB; 1600 6-8-6-24 -1T) - donated by bfreddyberg

• Corsair TX950W PSU - donated by Nude_Lewd_Man Europe, else winner splits costs

250mm Fluorescent Blue Liquid Fusion res - donated by Frozen-Q

• Asus GTX 460 DC - donated by gsa700 US48

Red LED light strip (no connectors) - donated by faMine US48, else winner splits costs


2 dozen peanut-butter cookies (winner's choice of M&Ms, chocolate chips or Reese's chips) - donated by CTRLurself US48 only

• 2x Overclock.net [email protected] T-Shirts - donated by FTWPC

USB-powered foam missile launcher - donated by derickwm
Hitman Revolutions tie & Assassin's Creed inflatable axe - donated by wirefox

Thank you to all donors.

~Spread the Word!
Support OCNChimpin by changing your avatar to one of the official avatars:

And a sig link, of course.

:sonic: http://www.overclock.net/t/1249457]Chimp Challenge Recruitment - 15th-25th May 2012 - OCN vs The World[/URL] :sonic:​

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~Quick Set Up for new Folders

1) Download the v7 Folding client:

Link (Direct link to client)

2) Install the client to the default location, but save the Data Folder to C> Program Files (x86)> FAHData.

At the following screen, leave all settings on the "Recommended" options.

2.png 3.png


3) Next, you reach the initial configuration screen. Enter the following:

Username: OCNChimpin (Case sensitive)
Team: 37726
Passkey: fe4ad3d7c2360a8cda89eaeab2b541f2 (bonus enabled)

Preferred Mode: GPU & SMP


Complete the installation, and the client will start. (You may get a Windows Firewall notification; allow access and move on). You're finished.

During the CC, when a WU has reached 50%+ completion, take a screenshot of the client window (example below), your OCN name in Notepad, and the time. Email this screenshot to [email protected]. Again, only one WU is required.


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Bump. :D

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May I be the first to say

I think we can definitely push for category #3; recruitment is our strong point (other than being generally awesome

Spread the word OCN : this is the year we take that damn monkey

Also z, you see how this works now? You tweet, I reply. No tweety, no reply.

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Yup... expect to see a load of recruitment threads going up tomorrow. Just waiting on a logo. :p

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So who wants to OCN Chimpin/Folding up my war face for me?


Translation: Would somebody like to put the OCN or folding symbol in an unobtrusive place in this picture so I can use it as my avatar?

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Actually for super freaking bonus points throw the plate in there somewhere.


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I'm home from college and will be upgrading to a 960T, great timing. Looks like I'll be gaming on my current sig rig for a little while longer.
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