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Intel Core i3 Owners Club

Ideas/suggestions for the front page are appreciated. Anyone that wants to officially join, just post up your processor model (530, 540, or 550), your highest stable OC and, since these are supposed to be the low volt chips, your vcore - and I'll add you to this post.

Note: club now open to any Clarkdale owner. They're all the same chip, so why support Intel's intentionally confusing marketing?

All new members/posters, please include your chip model (530 or 540), batch number, and VID in your first post. Even if you don't care about "joining" the club, it would be much appreciated if all i3 owners could post this information. The information is helpful to those guests and future users browsing the thread, as well as members and guests that are doing research while shopping.

Sandy Bridge in orange

AyeYo - Core i3 530/4.0ghz/1.192v - 4.4ghz/1.328v
shnur - Core i3 530/2.93ghz/stock
kroaton - Core i3 530/4.6ghz/1.424v
Prelude - Core i3 530/4.01ghz/1.232v - 5.02ghz/1.592v
Smax4 - Core i3 530/4.00ghz/1.232v
SickStew - Core i5 650/4.60ghz/1.385v
preyash - Core i3 530/4.20ghz/1.344v
benyu - Core i3 530/4.00ghz/1.200v
Tator Tot - Core i3 330m/2.13ghz/1.050v
jtluongo - Core i3 530/3.52ghz/1.152v
boxy44 - Core i3 530/4.00ghz/1.200v
hbeevers - Core i3 530/3.99ghz/1.36v
hardly - Core i3 530/4.3ghz/1.336v
aunaturalantony - Core i3 330m/2.13ghz
col musstard - Core i3 530/3.65ghz/1.152v
4x4n - Core i3 550/4.51ghz/1.408v - 4.944ghz/1.520v (IGP enabled)
JTK21351 - Core i3 530/4.21ghz/1.328v
NAP - Core i3 530/4.31ghz/1.332v
levontraut - Core i3 330m/2.13mhz
Shev7chenko - Core i3 330m/2.13mhz
DG170775 - Core i3 530/4.00ghz/1.224v
TheOcelot - Core i3 550/4.2ghz/1.320v
ekg84 - Core i3 540/4.0ghz/1.240v
ammarmalik - Core i3 530/4.0ghz/1.25v
bahmtf - Core i3 530/4.0ghz/1.392v
camry racing - Core i3 540/3.77ghz/1.132v
Sam Maghsoodloo - Core i3 540/stock
jdmfish - Core i3 530/4.01ghz/1.294v
Razi3l - Core i3 540/3.22ghz/1.215v
michintom - Core i3 530/4.20ghz/1.312v
Ste v - Core i3 530/3.52ghz/1.152v
ben h - Core i3 530/5.01ghz/1.568v
IonFive - Core i3 530/4.12ghz/1.368v
loliarkanoid - Core i3 530/4.42ghz/1.328v
hardypham - Core i3 530/4.02ghz/1.296v
Satans Hell - Core i3 530/4.0ghz/1.23v
americanz - Core i3 530/3.99ghz/1.128v
ryanbob1234 - Core i3 330m
newpc - Core i3 540/4.7ghz/1.40v
Fletcherea - Core i3 550/4.02ghz/1.272v
1337guy - Core i3 550/4.0ghz/1.256v
anubis1127 - Core i3 530
xJavontax - Core i3 2100

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Relevant threads:

i7 vs. i3 gaming performance:

Hyperthreading on vs. off:

Voltage/Temperature Information:

PLEASE, observe Intel voltage specifications and do your research. These are not 45nm chips and they WILL NOT tolerate the same voltages.
Clarkdale dies with the quickness at 1.475 vcore

Keep in mind, these are MAXIMUM ABSOLUTE voltages before physical damage occures. These are NOT 24/7 save maximums - those will be substantially lower. If using LLC, your 24/7 voltage will have to be even lower still.

Tcase for these chips is 72.6C. They should not be run above this in 24/7 usage - OC and cool appropriately.

Intel spec sheet for i3 530

Core voltage tolerance in relation to current draw:

Clarkdale/H55 platform overview:

Original, pre-club first post that started this thread:

Well, now that I've got the GPU squared away (get the easy stuff out of the way first) I'm going to give the CPU a rip.

What I'm looking for though is only a stock voltage OC. From what I've read on this site, step one is to get my base voltage by running Prime95 and checking CPU-Z, which I've done, then manually set this as the vcore. Next would be to lock the PCI bus at 100mhz, then turn off all the power saving and such stuff. Once all that is done. Should I only be upping the base clock? Do I have to worry about QPI and such?

There's so many different voltage settings on this board I'm afraid I'm going to screw something up and fry my new chip. I've read up everything I could find on my own, but, this being my first real OC, I'd feel more comfortable if someone walked me through step by step.
Can anyone tell me what should i do after i cleaned my intel pads with perfume??

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Perfume or do you mean nail polish remover?
Unrelated, but...
i3 is still kicking, still at the original overlock, and still used daily.
You are probably responding to a bot. :)
Admins should have a look at that account.
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