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After recent driver updates and patches are you satisfied with performance given the visuals?

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SPECS(If not in your sig below).



Also state in what type of area you are in. e.g outside, town, meaning in heavy areas graphically or otherwise. In other words state your min frames, not spikes, but constant hovering frames, like looking at a populated town and getting 40fps constantly.

AAx8, MAXED everything, res: 1080p
FRAMES: 60-80. lowest ive seen 50 in town.


NVIDIA USERS USE 310.70 drivers(do a clean install, under custom/advanced install) fixes SLI issues and all mayor performance issues.
Install latest Patch 1.02. you be good to go.
AMD users install latest BETA drivers and cap for single card users also,

•Improves performance in Far Cry 3 (up to 25% with 8xMSAA, SSAO enabled @ 1600p, and up to 15% with 8xMSAA, HDAO enabled @1600p) (AMD Catalyst 12.11 CAP2 must also be installed)

GeForce 310.70 Drivers: An Essential Upgrade For All GeForce GTX Gamers


HDAO = High Definition Ambient Occlusion (AMD's implementation of SSAO)
HBAO = Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion

Both are better than plain SSAO. If you're using an ATI GPU go with HDAO, else if you're team green choose HBAO.

HDAO performs about 10FPS less than HBAO for me, while still being inferior to the latter
Alpha to coverage is a multisampling computer graphics technique useful for situations where dense foliage or grass must be rendered in a video game.

This technique uses the alpha channel of textures as a coverage mask for anti-aliasing.

Alpha to coverage multisampling is based on regular multisampling, except that the alpha coverage mask is ANDed with the multisample mask. Alpha-to-coverage converts the alpha component output from the pixel shader to a coverage mask. When the multisampling is applied each output fragment gets a transparency of 0 or 1 depending on alpha coverage and the multisampling result.

Also stop the keplar downclocking:
My bat file:
nvidiaInspector.exe -setBaseClockOffset:0,0,100 -setpowertarget:0,300 -setVoltageOffset:0,0,187500 -setGpuClock:0,2,1300 -forcepstate:0,2
Did not drop once! Can even up the MSAA & still getting 60fps now.



Visit this thread if you want to get proper SLI scaling on Far Cry 3:

November 29th Update: We have modified the Far Cry 3 SLI profile - please download the latest version by right-clicking the NVIDIA tray icon and selecting 'Check For Updates'.


Thread by ELCID777



Using the most popular gaming resolution, 1920x1080, we maxed out Far Cry 3's many graphics options, selected SSAO Ambient Occlusion (an excellent balance between performance and fidelity), set the game's version of Transparency Supersampling to "Standard", and enabled 8xMSAA to eliminate those pesky jaggies. As you can see below, today's 310.64 beta driver boosted performance significantly, helping the GTX 670 and GTX 680 achieve playable frame rates at this demanding detail level. Please note that we expect improvements of varying degrees to be seen on any system utilizing a GeForce GTX 400, 500, or 600 series GPU, but due to time constraints we were unable to run comprehensive, in-depth tests ahead of the driver's release."


Techspot Far Cry 3 Performance.

GURU 3d performance review


The following chart is with AMD and Nvidia FAR CRY 3 DRIVERS.

WHAT OTHER Are getting around the WEB:

i7 3.4Ghz
GTX 670

Played for about an hour. DX11, everything maxed, 2xMSAA - 1920x1200.

Getting 45-55 fps - generally hovers around the 50fps mark. Will post some screens in the screenshot thread. The AO shadow halo around characters and objects is a little distracting at the moment.

Gonna play on DX9 a bit, see if I prefer it that way.

edit: I'm using the latest beta drivers

Just moving around a bit in the start.

Ultra, DX11, MSAA 0, FoV 100, 2560x1440 = 30-35 fps
Ultra, DX9, MSAA 0, FoV 100, 2560x1440 = Around 45 fps

It's like 10-15 fps difference overall with DX11 vs DX9 for me. Need another 670!

16GB ram
2500k 4,5ghz
OC'd 670
310.64 beta driver

I'm gonna test more tomorrow.

2560 x 1600
DX 11
Enhanced Alpha to Coverage
SSAO = HDAO (what is the best option here?)
Ultra settings
FOV 90
Steady 60 fps

i980x OC to 4.2Ghz
Tri 580's stock
12 GB Ram



All settings maxed/set to Ultra
SSAO: SSAO (instead of HDAO or HBAO)
Transparent coverage: Standard (instead of Enhanced)
AA/AF disabled

Solid 50-55FPS+, frequent peaks to 65, very rare drops to the 40's. Odd issue where in game cutscenes are capped at 30-40, then spike back to 55 after.


Intel i7 3770 (non K, 3.4GHz, stock)
16GB Patriot IEM 1600MHz kit
Gainward Phantom GTX 680
Asrock B75 PRO 3 (1.50 BIOS)
Essence STX + Swan M50W + custom drivers off brainbits blog
Win 8 Pro, fully patched, and clean installed yesterday
Nvidia Beta R310.64 drivers

both card get thrashed by this game now, which is what I wanted! Frame rate is a bit all over the place... between 70-140 but most of the time sits around 100 and is really smooth. Anyway....gorgeous looking game when you switch all the eye candy on..
670 SLI



With DirectX 11 turned on and everything pushed to Ultra at 1920x1080 resolution on my GeForce GTX 480 and Phenom II X6 processor, I was chugging along at about 17fps. Dropping Ultra down to Very High and then High, I got a much more respectable 35fps. There are more than enough tweaks and settings here to get Far Cry 3 to a playable framerate on any respectable hardware. " - Game SPY

EXCUSE THE GERMAN, but You get the Idea

I think it looks quite decent, judging by those screenies in the review

"Far Cry 3 looks fantastic on PC-I played using both an AMD Radeon 6870 and a newer GeForce GTX 660Ti. Particularly on the GTX, with Directx11 enabled, this one's a real stunner. I would recommend that anyone who has the means play the game on PC-while I don't have final retail console copies of the game to compare it to, I was less impressed by the PS3 version at a recent press event I attended. The 360 version looked okay, but neither console comes close to the crispness and high framerate of the PC version. Far Cry 3 feels as close to a true "next generation" game as anything I've played this year, and it requires current hardware to run at its best." - Far Cry 3: The Kotaku Review

More PC game play footage, watch at 1080p, the person is playing with a xbox pad on a GTX680

This guy says he's playing @ 1080p on Ultra with a GTX 680, and getting between 60-70FPS.

More PC gameplay with a 670

40 Screenshots of ULTRA @ 1080p

Interactive between LOW and ULTRA

Gamestar's Technik-Check is up!

Review scores:

Eurogamer - 10/10
GamesRadar - 4.5/5
Hardcore Gamer - 4.5/5
CVG - 9.4/10
MondoXbox - 9.3
Digital Spy - 4/5
GameInformer - 9/10
Canadian Online Gamers - 9/10
God is a Geek - 9/10
IncGamers - 9/10
VideoGamer - 9/10
Spazio Games - 9/10
StrategyInformer - 9/10
NowGamer - 9/10
IGN - 9/10
GameTrailers - 8.6/10
OXM - 8.5/10
Xboxlife - 8.5/10
Kotaku - "A Blast"

Graphics Settings

A bit about the games performance:
The very best thing you can do on a newer Nvidia-based system is if your looking to run everything at max, completely leave **OFF** the MSAA setting for time being. the internal MSAA control is very unoptimized and buggy, and causing 90% of everyones framerate drops along with crashing and stuttering/screen chop. enabling 2, 4 or 8x modes significantly increases stuttering, graphics glitches and occasional artifacting and lighting/model anomalies, and even turning on 2x can cut what was 70fps down to 30. Nvidia has already confirmed they are fixing this. But for now, AA is pretty much busted. Some people have claimed setting it through their Nvidia control panel externally fixes these issues.... There is also using NVidia inspector to change the hexbits of the AA to that of farcry 2 settings, which is described here:


Leave Vsync off for unlimited fps, or if you experience control lag and screen tearing, turn it to "1". That lets it run at max 60fps, as option 2 forces it to 30fps. Also, some are leaving VSYNC completely off in the game menu, and enabling it as "adaptive" for the game's executable in their NVIDIA control panel for the game executable. This seems to correct any additional stuttering issues and doesn't lock the framerates so low.

If you using NVidia, the correct ambient occlusion optimization process is "HBAO". if you use SSAO, it looks crappy and its not optimized. If you use "HDAO", this is the optimized mode for ATI users, so it will negatively impact your performance if you try it with it on, or not work correctly.

GPU Frame buffer amount... the higher the the better. If you can get it to 5 without the screen moving too fast for the mouse input, great... if you start to see input control lag, try leaving it at 3 or lower. If you do leave MSAA on, note that you will have significantly more stuttering with a higher GPU frame buffer amount. Some are suggesting just to leave it off, because, as well as the rest of these settings, the NVIDIA drivers are currently not optimized for these ingame settings. I've set it to off, 3, and 5... and have seen no actual difference that I can notice.

If your running SLI, even with the new 310.64 drivers in DirectX 11 mode, it may not recognize your second card. That's a driver bug, and Nvidia is working on it. There is a work around forcing it to use a new bit code and registering the DirectX11 Farcry 3 profile executable to your Nvidia profile manually by downloading Nvidia inspector tool. It's a lot easier than it sounds, and will give you back the performance of your second card. SLI mode is also a little glitchy as of current drivers... some odd graphics glitches may or may not appear, its a little less optimized than it should be, but they did state they are working on it.

Here's the link to enable SLI if you notice its not working... remember to also enter the correct Hex bit code as instructuted here... you don't have to, but if you enable SLI using this method and you don't, the framerate will drop anytime there is a bullet decal that appears on anything after being shot.

Make absolutely sure to read this entire thread, as it's a two part step to fix SLI. One enables it, the other (the bit modification) fixes the issues where decals cause massive framerate drop in SLI mode.


Direct X 11 mode also has some draw distance and texture pop-in glitches as of current that DirectX 9 mode doesn't. A lot of people have been reporting this and I figure they will probably work on a update to address this, though that's likely ubi's issue with the DX11 renderer

Far Cry 3's many options are spread out across several menus. In the Video menu you select between DirectX 9 and 11, Multithreading options, MSAA Anti-aliasing (up to 8X), and SSAO to name a few. Ubisoft earns points with PC gamers by including a FOV slider that goes from 0.75 all the way up to 1.5, which should be a more than comfortable range. Then there's Calibration, from which you can adjust brightness, contrast, and gamma. Lastly there's Video Quality, which lets you adjust a lot of factors like texture quality, lighting, shadows, vegetation, etc.


Advanced Tweaking.
Advanced tweaking can be done in the .XML file in MyGames.



The Dunia Engine is a game engine designed by Kirmaan Aboobaker while working at Crytek. The name means "World" in Arabic. It is based on the CryEngine but was heavily modified by the Ubisoft Montreal development team for use in Far Cry 2.[1] A reworked and modified version of the Dunia Engine is used for James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. Far Cry 2's vegetation technology is also used in Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, though these games do not use the Dunia Engine, but instead are using the Anvil.[2]
Far Cry 3 is using an advanced version of the Dunia engine called Dunia 2.

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Originally Posted by Jerm357 View Post

I seen that too, but the PC Gamer review said "it runs decently on Ultra-everything on a modest 3GHz dual core machine with a Radeon HD 5800." So I dont know what to believe. I hope PC Gamer is right.
I must say doubt that, I think these Germans are speaking the truth, but drivers will probably add about 10%

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I don't know what to think with this. I bet it runs way better than this says it does. Then again im at 1600x900 so ill be good. So psyched for this game!

waiting for Driver update
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gonna max out the hell out of this game , word is it is one of best looking games in history

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Lem , if that video is from a PC, why do the control icons look like xbox ?

It might be just me, but i find the overall look of Far Cry 3 to be kinda cartoony....not at all that realistic, imo.

I saw the latest multiplayer video, and it looks really fun. Theyre trying some new stuff out ...."punishing the loser" could be really fun !

check it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5k0OXSO670

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Originally Posted by dimmy32 View Post

Lem , if that video is from a PC, why do the control icons look like xbox ?
It might be just me, but i find the overall look of Far Cry 3 to be kinda cartoony....not at all that realistic, imo.
I saw the latest multiplayer video, and it looks really fun. Theyre trying some new stuff out ...."punishing the loser" could be really fun !
check it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5k0OXSO670
The guy is playing with an Xbox controller, he says it in the video(It's german, but still), you'll see in the video that he options up the ingame graphics options also,

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I bet by time the game comes out or a little after both nvidia and AMD will have drivers to help with this, glad I have sli 580's

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I knew it

waiting for Driver update
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SLi support for hitman ?!!

i'm playing it on 79-180 fps

gonna test this driver
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