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[Official] Fractal Design Node 304 Owners Club

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Welcome to the Official Fractal Design Node 304 Owners/Info Club

The Node 304 features a unique modular interior for outstanding configurability.

The Node 304 accommodates up to six hard drives. Unused mounting brackets can be removed to allow for long graphic cards, additional airflow or more space for organizing cables. Additionally, it is equipped with three hydraulic bearing fans, easy-to-clean air filters in all intakes and two front USB 3.0 ports.

Featuring hybrid functionality, the Node 304 case is ideally used as a cool-running file server, a stylish and quiet home theatre PC or a powerful gaming system highlighting minimalistic and stunning Scandinavian design and maximum functionality.

  • Compact, modular interior
  • Minimalistic design with an elegant aluminum front panel
  • Unique new modular mounting system that accommodates up to 6 hard drives
  • Accommodates tower CPU coolers and single-fan water cooling systems
  • Filtered air intakes ensure a dust-free environment for internal components
  • Three Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fans included
  • Excellent cooling for all components
  • Accommodates ATX power supplies
  • Fan controller for all fans included
  • USB 3.0 for fast file transfers

Technical Specs*:
  • Mini ITX, DTX motherboard compatibility
  • 2 expansion slots
  • 6 - supports either 3.5" or 2.5" HDD / SSD
  • ATX PSUs, up to 160mm in length (To fit in combination with a long graphics card, PSUs with modular connectors on the back typically need to be shorter than 160 mm)
  • Graphics cards, up to 310mm in length, when 2 HDD brackets are removed (Graphics cards longer than 170 mm will conflict with PSUs longer than 160mm)
  • Tower CPU coolers, up to 165 mm tall
  • Case dimensions (W x H x D): 250 x 210 x 374 mm
  • Case volume: 19,5 Liters
  • Net weight: 4,9 kg
  • Colors available: Black and White

Cooling / ventilation:

  • 2 - Front mounted 92mm Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fans, 1300 RPM speed (compatible with 80mm fans) - included
  • 1 - Rear mounted 140mm Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fan, 1000 RPM speed (compatible with 120mm fans) - included
  • Removable air filters for front fans and PSU
  • Fan filter for graphics card
  • 1 - fan controller for all 3 fans included

Front interface:

  • 2 - USB 3.0 (Internal 3.0 to 2.0 adapter included)
  • 1 - 3.5mm audio in (microphone)
  • 1 - 3.5mm audio out (headphone)
  • Power button with LED

Retail package content:

  • Node 304 computer case
  • User manual
  • Accessory box

Additional Information:

  • EAN/GTIN-13: 7350041080978
  • UPC: 817301010979
  • Product code: FD-CA-NODE-304-BL

Product Page:
Black Version
White Version

Think Computers
Hardware Secrets


To be added to the list:
From here on out, to be added to the list, just start your post off with "Add me" in bold and leave a picture of your Node. I will get you added as soon as possible.

  • .theMetal - A smaller power supply works really well, but with some tinkering you can actually fit much bigger, modular supplies in this case with a long graphics card. Simply remove the power supply bracket (4 screws) and move the supply further from the graphics card then mount it down with velcro or two sided tape of some kind. Many of us have done this and it works well.
  • .theMetal - Air cooling works well in the case. From what I've seen I'm almost positive any heat sink will fit in the case and fit is more determined by your itx motherboard than the case its self.
  • Mopar63 - (Magnetic replacement gpu filter) The filter I am using is for the Corsair 400R but it fits perfectly. I have actually removed the filter provides by Fractal and use this one only and am having great results. I am seeing temp 3 to4c lower on my video card and it will allow some cards with 2.5 slot coolers to work where before they were loud.
  • Front Audio/USB Problem - Some owners have seen issues with the front audio out causing strange noises (when moving mouse, when hard drives read, etc.) The problem is addressed here in this thread.

    Basically, there is a problem on the board where the usb and audio out headers sit. To fix it, you take a razer and make a cut down to the copper on the board between the audio and usb ports like this:

    Thanks to dithes, for talking with Fractal Design and getting a fix. Its reported by a few members to take care of the issue.

    Here is another piece of info if the above does not work.
    For anyone else who may be having a few unruly USB issues with the front sockets:

    I spoke with Fractal about the problem after testing that my 3rd party extension worked fine and following their advice seems to have fixed it for me, was a little unsure at first though:

    "on some motherboard the USB 3 + USB 2 Adapter Cable make an issue.

    Maybe you cut of the USB 2 wire from the USB 2 / 3 Combo cable?

    On some motherboard this fixed the issue."

    The above image was supplied by Fractal too who assured me: "If this dont fix you issue we can change the hole USB PCB + Cable" when I asked about voiding warranty etc.

    Hope that helps, and good luck.
    Thanks to sprucejuice for this information!!

If you any tips or tricks for the case, just let me know and I can add them to the list and give you credit.

Recommended Equipment:
As more and more owners come through the thread, the question we see the most is will this power supply fit? So here is a list of the most threads most recommended equipment.

First off, the power supplies:
- Seasonic G-550
- Silverstone ST55F-G

I will continue to work on this list, but this is a start.

More Pictures*:

post-flame-small.gif Official Fractal Design Node 304 Club post-flame-small.gif


[CENTER][URL=http://www.overclock.net/t/1266342/fractal-design-node-304-owners-club/0_20#post_17415246]:clock: Official Fractal Design Node 304 Club :clock:[/URL][/CENTER]
7/6/13: I've taken over the thread to turn it from a new case thread to an actual owners club. I am open to suggestions, so please let me know if you have any comments or any thing else to add.

* All information and pictures are from Fractal Design website

**Credit for the unboxing photos of the White version goes to MetallicAcid. (Thanks for letting me use them! -.theMetal)
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I'm still looking at GPU, so I haven't gotten any first hand info, but a lot of reading up.
Officially you can only fit 45 mm wide cards into the 304. I have seen a build on PCpartpicker with a 46 mm wide card, but as you can see on the thread, Mullcom, cannot fit a 53 mm card, so the hard limit is something inbetween. How wide is the card you are looking at?
I got the EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 ULTRA and fits well inside node 304. Now I need to think about the thermals inside the case though.

Problably I will have to mod with 2 extra fans for intake... 2x 120mm (1x Side 1x front top)

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Since this case is receiving a lot of love (I have set it up for many of my clients) and also has some nice custom mod-builds I was wondering if someone done or thought of it to make a hole in the front panel and put one or two hot swap backplanes (vertical form) like this for example (for sure it could fit 6) Hot Swap Backplane and transform the case like this one in the front (of course the 2 front fans will be removed for good) SilvCS280 (which of course takes 2.5inch instead of 3,5)
For that to happen it needs (if it fits - anyone with the case can measure it) the hot swap chassis to have 2 points that attach it to the node case. Those would be the middle upper iron bar and the uppe front r metal little plate. That would transform the case into another level of beauty and usedness at the same time

PS I dont know either if the hot swap chassis would fit vertically or it would hit the metal plate used for the psu. That might be a issue too

Merry Christmas by the way and a healthier new year

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so for those who need a little more space for their graphics card, I am almost done with a solution for those who have a 3d printer at home.

I have now printed out my part and hopefully I will be able to assemble it this weekend.

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I got the EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 ULTRA and fits well inside node 304. Now I need to think about the thermals inside the case though.

Problably I will have to mod with 2 extra fans for intake... 2x 120mm (1x Side 1x front top)

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Thanks :) I cannot see its exact width anywhere but the profile pic indicates its similar to the Sapphire 5600 XT pulse that i just ordered. I'll write whether it fits when it arrives.

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Hello all.
Please help. Can I use GPU INNO3D GEFORCE RTX 3070 TWIN X2 OC
It is 2 slots but I guess it from ~50 to 54mm (cant find right data)
is it ok?
might be a tight squeeze up against the powersupply cables, but if you cable manage there is a chance, since the max supported gpu length is 311mm. i personally have a msi 2070 ventus which is 226mm long and i am right up against the cables.

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Finally got everything in my sweet Node 304!


Cable mess 8)


Everything stuffed in and cable managed (whatever cable management was possible)


Case closed!




Next to my dinosaur Antec Nine Hundred:

It's been 7 years so it was more than time for an upgrade!
I did however over the last years upgrade my GPU a few times - Started with an AMD R9 280X, then moved to AMD RX 570 to end with an RX 5700 XT.

But this week I took my old Z97 - i5 4690k platform out and upgraded my Node 304 with the following candy:

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, keeping it cool with a Mugen 5 Rev B.
ASUS ROG Strix B550-I Gaming
32GB DDR4-3600
AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT

I love how the Mugen 5 fits with a 1mm gap with the rear exhaust fan!

What a difference this upgrade makes, games are 144+ fps again!



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Nice upgrade :)

I read that the 5800X is a very hot running chip so what temps are you getting inside the Node 304 paired with the Mugen 5?

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Nice upgrade :)

I read that the 5800X is a very hot running chip so what temps are you getting inside the Node 304 paired with the Mugen 5?
True, my 5800X is now between 85-90c in Cinebench, and throttling down to 4.3 ghz. Luckily there are enough guides to tweak the temperatures down (and get boost even higher) so I am going to spend some time on that.

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What would be the best bang for the buck cooler that I need to use for a i3-10100 on a node 304 case and an asrock h570m-itx case?

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For the drives in this cage, would it be better to use a right-angled or a straight SATA connector? If I were to use an HBA card (Dell H310), how long of an SFF-8087 to SATA cable bundle should I need to make everything neat?

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Does anyone know where to get replacement HDD screws? I bought mine second hand a year or so back, and have just gotten round to filling the third drive bay and realised it only came with 16 of the 24 screws. :(
I actually contacted Fractal Design for the Accessory kit for the case. They sent me the entire kit and all I had to do was pay for shipping! Go through the support page on the Fractal Design website.
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