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Official HTPC Software Thread

PVR, DVR, HTPC, Media PC and Media Box is pretty much all the same thing. Here is a definition from wiki.

"A home theater PC (HTPC) or media PC is a convergence device that combines the functions of a personal computer and a digital video recorder. It is connected to a television or a television-sized computer display and is often used as a digital photo, music, video player, TV receiver and digital video recorder."

All it is is a computer hooked up to a TV with additional hardware such as: TV tuners, extra storage and usually a IR or RF receiver with remote control.

1 - DVR - Windows
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition link
  • Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate link
  • Meedio 1.41 and Meedio Ultimate (free) link
  • MeediOS - an updated version of Meedio link
  • SageTV (Windows, Mac, and Linux) link
  • ShowShifter link
  • SnapStream Beyond TV (I use this) link
  • GB-PVR (free) link
  • MediaPortal (free) link
  • AverMedia Center (for use with AverMedia card) link
  • Yahoo! Go TV (free) - disountinued
  • Nero LiquidTV™ | TiVo® PC link
  • PowerCinema 6 link
  • Windows 7 MCE - link
2 - HTPC Software (without DVR) - Windows
  • Nero 9 link
  • Xlobby link
  • Got all Media (free) link
  • Beyond Media link - DISCONTINUED
  • WinDVD Media Center link
  • iMEDIAN HD(also known as iMon) link
  • Elisa - compatible with windows, mac and linux (Now Moovida)
  • Moovida - link
  • XBMC link - compatible with windows, mac and linux (I use this for front-end)
  • J. River Media Center link
  • Tvedia link
  • DivX Connected link
  • AMD Live! link
3 - Linux
4 - Mac
5 - Video/DVD Players - Windows
  • MPlayer Link - New
  • Zoom Player link
  • VLC (I use this for streaming media) link
  • Windows Media Player link
  • DivX Video Player link
  • RealPlayer link
  • Power DVD link
  • InterVideo WinDVD link
  • TheaterTek link
  • AVS DVD Player link
  • Media Player Classic link
  • The KM Player link
  • Gom Media Player link
6 - Blu-Ray and HD DVD Playback - Windows
  • Powerdvd link (older version will play HD-DVD)
  • ArcSoft TotalMedia™ Theatre link
  • WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray link
7 - Remote Control Software and tips
8 - IPTV or Internet TV - There are many Internet TV sites out there. Here are the most poplular.
9 - OTA HD/Digital Sources
  • QAM tuner explanation link
  • Antenna Web link - maximize your television reception
  • HD/Digital Channel Lookup link - find your local HD/Digital channels
  • Digital TV Transition link
10 - Codecs
  • Codec explanation link
  • List of codecs link
  • Codec comparisons link
Codec Packs and Codecs
11 - Streaming Software
  • TVersity link - stream audio, pictures, music, rss feeds to you Xbox 360, Wii, PS3....etc.
  • Orb link - enables users to remotely access all their personal digital media files including pictures, music, videos, webcams and television.
12 - Smart Phone HTPC Control
  • RemoteDroid - Located on Android Market - Free
  • GRemotePro-multi remote - Located on Android Market - Free
  • Logitech Touch Mouse link
XBMC - Android
  • XBMC Remote 1 link - I've used this one and like it.
  • XBMC Remote 2 link
  • Boxee/XBMC Remote - Located on Android Market - Free
Boxee - Android
  • Boxee Wifi Remote - Located on Android Market - Free
  • Boxee/XBMC Remote - Located on Android Market - Free (Same as one on XBMC)
13 - Home Entertainment Server Systems - Expensive
  • Axonix MediaMax - link - Retail Price for 75 DVD 1 Room System -$8300
  • Kaleidescape - link - Retail Price for 75 DVD 1 Room System -$18,500
  • AMX® Max - link - Retail Price for 75 DVD 1 Room System -$27,400
14 - Gaming
  • GameEx link (from Manyak)
  • EMUCenter link
  • Maximus Arcade link
15 - Other
I will add more as I find them. If you find more I'm not aware of, feel free to post it here and I'll add them. Please report broken links.

Feel free to add the following to your sig.


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Check out this list of HTPC Software

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AverMedia Center (for use with AverMedia card) It can act as DVR.

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in my search for information about hd dvd/blu-ray playback in mce, i cam across the arcsoft total media theater software.


besides supporting bd and hd dvd, it supposedly integrates into xp mce 2005 and vista mce. it is about the only player to integrate into the mce interface.

actually, you may want to make a separate section for blu-ray/hd dvd playback. you can put powerdvd 6 and intervideo on it as well as the arcsoft application

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Is there a simple program I can use to watch TV without all the fancy stuff?
It only needs to be able to record and time shift.
I haven't had luck getting GB-PVR to work correctly, SageTV won't let me change the programming and my region doesn't have any correct presets available... and so on.

I really just want something simple with recording and timeshifting capability. It doesn't need to do anything else, like have a browser, play DVDs, music, etc.

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Originally Posted by stn0092 View Post
Do I absolutely need to have software to play HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs? Are players like Media Player Classic just incapable of doing it?
Found a link for you. I haven't did much reading on it.

I have been playing around with MPC to play HD-DVD and Blu-Ray & I think I have finally got it sorted.
The filter list took some playing around with to get all the different combinations working.
You will need some way to decrypt your files first (I used AnyDVD HD, and you can play files straight off the original HD/Blu disk)

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You can use it standalone (and even switch it to be your shell instead of explorer.exe), or you can use it as a plugin for Windows Media Center.

It's basically a front end for all sorts of console Emulators - NES, SNES, PSX, MAME, whatever. It displays a list of all the games you have in your folders and automatically launches the games through the proper emulator. Its very nice to have this in an HTPC IMO, as you can combine like 20 consoles into one system. All you'd need is a USB controller or a PSX->USB adapter.

Its also got audio/video stuff in there, but I don't think many people would use in any way but as an addon to Media Center (so you don't need those options).

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Great list. I will post back with what (free) option worked best for me!

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Yahoo Go TV is the ONLY free program I could get to work with my system, and I must say, it works great. MediaPortal doesn't support my OS (xp 64 bit) and GB-PVR didn't work at all. Thanks again to the OP for compiling such a great list!
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