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If you would like to be listed here, post and please include in your post where possible, Batch Number, and at least a CPU-Z validation URL in your Overclock.net UserName. (When u do a CPU-Z validation, just put your Overclock.net name in the "Name" field instead of your "Computer Name" in between clicking "validate" and "submit".)

Image created by Jelah.

If you still have the box your processor came in, it has the batch number on it, otherwise it's on the processor.

The CPU-Z validation in your Overclock.net user-name is now a pre-requisite to getting listed. This is Overclock.net after all.

Anyone who hasn't so far, please submit one as soon as you can.

Download CPU-Z here, just don't get sucked in by the misleading driver download ad up top. CPU-Z, 64 and 32 bit, is lower down and on the right.

When you make a submission you will get at least one of the following respones.




If you don't want to be Rejected, get your submission right.

Overclocking Guides:

Techreaction.net Miahallen's 3 Step Overclocking Guide - Bloomfield and Gulftown

Chadamir's Guide to Overclocking the Core I7 920, 930, 950 to 4.0ghz


Screenshots (From before CPU-Z validation was required)
PolRoger, i7-950, 4.025 GHz, 1.28v, HT/on, Batch #3008A996, Proof
Bloke, i7-950, 4.095 GHz, 1.325v, HT/off, Batch #3014A832, Proof
localseabird, i7-950, 4.61 GHz, 1.475v, HT/on, Batch #3015A856, Proof
folk-it-up, i7-950, HT/on, Proof
gmaine, i7-950, 4.319 GHz, 1.392v, HT/off, Proof

Awaiting CPU-Z Validation:
Nemesis429, i7 950, 3.8 GHz, 1.208V
Suprcynic, i7-950, 4.3 GHz, 1.35V, HT/on, Batch #3008B002
n00body, i7-950, Batch #3011B057
JadedFloridian, i7-950, 4.3 GHZ, HT/off, Batch #3011B057
shaun671, i7-950, 4.02 GHz, 1.26v, HT/on
paulo dourado, i7-950, 4.2 GHz,
Sorian, i7-950, 4.2 GHz, Batch #3015A856
Razultull, i7-950, 3.71 GHz, 1.17v,

What to expect from an i7-950
Overclock3D.net Intel Core i7-950 Review

Batch Codes

The lot code identifier and Intel year and workweek the finished product was manufactured can be viewed by referencing the following FPO# guide:

(x)Test Site, (x)Year, (xx)Workweek, (xx)Lot Code Identifier (xx)Serialisation Code

1st letter or digit = Test Site
0 = San Jose, Costa Rica
1 = Cavite, Philippines
3 = .............., Costa Rica
6 = Chandler, Arizona
7 = .........., Philippines
8 = Leixlip, Ireland
9 = Penang, Malaysia
L = ............, Malaysia
Q = ..........., Malaysia
R = Manila, Philippines
Y = Leixlip, Ireland

2nd digit = Year of production
8 = 2008
9 = 2009
0 = 2010

3rd & 4th digits = Workweek

5th - 6th digits= Lot Code Identifier

7th - 8th digits = Serialisation Code

Source: http://www.intel.com/design/support/...60_general.htm Used since the early 1990's i960 RISC-based microprocessor.

Intel core i7 9XX Series batch guide may also interest you - different rules to join.

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Intel CPU Stable Overclock for Overclock.net

The Rich Text version of the Club Sig is Source Code, so you'd need to click on "Source" at top left of your editor to insert it

Sig_950_Club.txt 1k .txt file


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Originally Posted by Robilar View Post
CPUID links are not proof of stability...

I have been able to get systems to boot into windows at silly high clocks without a shred of stability.

Prime and Linx determine stable overclocks, not suicide runs.
I will put them up as proof that, even if only briefly, the chip has achieved the overclock claimed, but may not be stable. It is good if people want to show Prime95, OOCT, IBT, etc pics in their posts to show stability, but a bit hard to show that in the list?

When u do a CPU-Z validation, plz put your Overclock.net name in the "Name" field instead of your "Computer Name".

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cpuz has validation built in. if a score or something is off, believe me someone will spot it. I dont think stability should be needed for your thread as other clubs do not require it unless it states a certain speed, such as 4ghz club, even then not everyone believes in one stability program(some people think superpi shows stability
lol), cpu-z validation should be required, and say if you want anyone to believe your score please put up screenshot with stability tests run.
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