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Artwork by RJacobs28- TYVM!

The Official iPad Owner's Club

Welcome to The [un]Now Completely Official iPad Owner's Club! This little cranny of OCN is meant to be a place where any iPad owners - past, present, or even future - can come and discuss all things iPad. (If you want your name on the members list, though, you would need to be an actual owner, heh.)

I'm at a point where other things have most of my attention but I'm still here tending the thread. I monitor all the posts and such, even if I don't have time to reply every time.

Please let me know via a post ITT if you have any information you would like to see added here.
Again, thank you to RJacobs28 for the artwork crowning our thread. Very nice job!

Members List

iPad - 2010 (1st Gen)

Citra - 16GB Wifi - Black
Boyboyd - 16GB Wifi
oregonducks45 - 64GB Wifi
UnAimed - 64GB 3G
jakesuellentrop - 16gb Wifi
just4funuk - 16gb Wifi
Ergates - 32gb 3G
nasmith2000 - 32GB - Wifi- Black
Chickenman - 64GB

iPad - 2011 (2nd Gen)

Orzornn - 16GB Wifi - Black
tColl - 16GB Wifi - White
rui-no-onna - 64GB Wifi - Black
rdr09 - 16GB Wifi - White
darkRyu - 32GB Wifi - Black
drufause - 32GB XXXX - White
Demented - 16GB XXXX - Black
rubicsphere - 16GB Wifi - White
newbrevolution - 64GB 3G (ATT)
UnAimed - 32GB 3G
JCG - 16GB Wifi
Al plants Corn - 16GB
driftkidd2323 - 32GB Wifi - White
mav2000 - unknown
pez - 16gb wifi
iShox - 16gb - white
Amateur OCer - 16GB Wifi - Black
RapboY - 16gb Wifi - Black
Kittencake - 16gb Wifi Black
xJavontax - 16gb Wifi
Levesque (2)
lordj 16GB Wifi White
Degree 16GB Wifi Black
Chilly 16GB Wifi White
Mitchel 16GB Wifi Black
phillyd 16GB Wifi Black
duox 16GB
dylanren - 32GB White
Levesque - 64GB
Dylan - 16GB Wifi
Robilar - 64GB 3g
xplode-bg - 16 GB Wifi
xAtLx - 32GB ATT White - x2
nasmith2000 - White - 32GB - Wifi
Xylene - 16GB
knd775 - 16GB - White
Phelan - 16GB - Wifi
Rayleyne - 16GB - 3G

"New" iPad - 2012 (3rd Gen)

Red Stapler(OP) - 16GB Wifi - Black (2)
Vestito - 32GB 4G (ATT) - White
Triallen - 32GB Wifi - Black
Phantomgrave - 32GB 4G (ATT) - White
Ben the OCer - 16GB Wifi - Black
Skatingrocker17 - 32gb wifi - Black
omgipown - 32GB XXXX - Black
rui-no-onna - 64GB 4G - Black
rui-no-onna - 64GB Wifi - Black (2)
travva - 16GB Wifi - Black
TheBlademaster01 - 16GB Wifi - White
Shogon - 16GB Wifi - White
oregonducks45 - 32GB 4G (VZN)
rubicsphere - 32GB Wifi - Black
UnAimed - 16GB 4G
wholeeo - 16GB Wifi - Black
rxsocal - 16GB xxxx
born2bwild - 16GB xxxx
Ovlazek - 16GB - 4G
gordesky1 32gb - 4g ATT - black
Levesque 64gb - 4g
Fultonloyn - 16GB - Wifi - Black
m3t4lh34d - 16GB - WiFi - White
Leo-king95 - 64GB - White
alexmaia_br - 64GB - White - 4G
kavster12 - 32GB
jcrew3002 - 16GB - White - WiFi
BLACKBIRD002 - 64GB - WiFi - Black
y2kcamaross - 16GB - Wifi - Black
y2kcamaross - 32GB - Wifi - Black
Pavix - 16GB - 4G
Padrone56 - 16GB - 4G - White
Hokies83 - 16GB - Wifi - White
Levesque - 64GB
Infinite Jest
lolmont - 16GB Wifi - White
ZealotKi11er - 16GB - Black
SenorRed - 32gig - black
nasmith2000 - 32GB - White
Playapplepie - 32GB - Wifi

iPad - 2012 (4th Gen)
Addictedtokaos - 16GB
Rerona - 16GB Wifi Black
Munkypoo7 - 16GB
eseb1 - 16GB White
dennyb - 16GB Black
Hokies83 - 16GB
boostinsteve - 32 GB
TrollingThunder - 16 GB WiFi White
passey - 16gb
Eleven Eleven 16GB Wi-fi White
xAtLx - 32GB - White - 4G ATT
xAtLx - 64GB - White - 4G ATT
Concept - 32GB - White
rui-no-onna - 128GB
NeonRave - 32GB
robilar - 128GB - Black
eperelez - 16GB - White - WiFi
For the moves
DirtyBirdy88 - 16GB - Black

iPad Mini - 2012 (1st Gen)
Ben the OCer - 16GB Wifi - Black
Levesque - 64GB
pez - 64GB Wifi
skshooter - Black 32GB 4g
Subayi - White 16GB Wifi
passey - 16gb
Al Plants Corn - 16 GB
reflex99 - VZW
Romin - 32GB
Shogon - 32GB - White - 4G
Quantum Reality - White - 16GB
black7hought - 64GB - White
Phelan - 16GB - Black - Wifi
black7hought - 64 GB - Black
black7hought - 64 GB - White

iPad Mini w/Retina - 2013 (2nd Gen)
RJacobs28 - 64 GB
Wiz766 Space Grey - 32GB

iPad Air - 2013 (5th Gen)
Infinite Jest
HighTemplar - 64gb - VZW
Jixr - 32gb
Robilar - 64gb
WaRTaco - 128GB - Space Grey - VZW

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now official by Klue22 - 11 april 2012

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Welcome folks! I'm working on updating the OP so it's much better but currently researching the best ways to do that. Glad to see a few people around.

Everybody's lovin their iPad3's, right? Has anyone who has actually used one got any real complaints? I can't find any but I'm not an Apple hater anymore, and never really was, with all my heart.

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Well, if you plan to use it on the go a lot, AND you don't mind paying the big monthly fee for LTE service, get the 4g. Otherwise, the wifi model is great - but there's really a lot of apps that are a no-go without internet connectivity. So really do take that into consideration. I went with the wifi model and I'm very happy with that decision since I'm basically always at home. Plus, if I wanted to pay a monthly fee for mobile 4g lte, I'd get the verizon mifi hotspot so it isn't tethered to my iPad. Although, grabbing that link I noticed the thing doesn't seem to have great reviews. Hmmm.

Anyway, the other thing I'd point out is that if you plan to keep a lot of content or are really app-happy, retina-ready apps do take up quite a bit of space. The 16GB model seems like it's gonna be okay for me, but be aware that 3GB of those 16 are system reserved. You are allotted 13GB for your own apps, music, video, etc. I've used up about half installing 27 apps, including iMovie, iPhoto and Garage Band, which all take up a lot. Also about 60 podcasts are in.

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Proud first time iPad owner here. I have a Black iPad 3 16GB Wi-Fi. So far it has been a pleasure to use and the screen is a joy to look at.
I am just getting used to it since it's my first iOS device.

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Welcome, Ben! I had the iPod Touch 4G before this, which I got for free for opening up a new checking account at Key Bank shortly after the 4G was released. I understood, after that first iOS experience, why Apple devices are just SO DAMN ALLURING and why hardware should not always be divorced from software. The Android fanboys are always quick to point out that the smoothness, the crisp, fabulously instantly responsive user experience provided by iOS devices is more difficult to achieve on an Android device because those poor developers have to work to hard to optimize their code for such a wide array of hardware. Although this commentary is typically provided as a defense for Android's obviously sub-par performance, I find it to be equally, if not more-so, a defense for Apple's closed technologies, their refusal to license iOS for non-Apple devices, and their efforts to ensure that their devices only run their code. I can't believe I'm saying this, because I've been a real hater in the past because I believe in open-source projects, I believe in the availability of information, and I don't believe it's cool to limit what I can do with hardware I have purchased and own. These philosophical values, however, are very firmly now riding back-seat to the overriding value of a quality experience. For my money, I want a device that is just "a pleasure to use" and "a joy to look at." As much as I believe I should be able to do what I want with the device, if I have to give that up in order to get a far, far superior product and user experience, then by all means. Take it. Because I've rarely, if ever, been frustrated while using an iOS device. 99% of the time, my experience on the Touch as well as now the iPad 3 is almost hard to believe. I touch, it responds IMMEDIATELY and the device listens to what I tell it to do. I never have to wonder if the device received my fingerly message. When I used an Android device... suffice it to say, that kind of responsiveness was simply unavailable to me.

And we haven't even started talking about that screen yet. Someone in a review I read somewhere described it as being like looking at a high quality glossy photo. I couldn't agree more. It is so absolutely crystal clear that I find myself preferring to use it for anything I can - over my 26" Samsung LCD. Web surfing, email, reading blogs... all much better on the iPad than on my PC thanks to that screen. And although typing on it can be burdensome, the dictation feature is astoundingly accurate and lets me say a whoooole lot without demanding that I wait or pause.

Overall, this is just one wickedly cool device.

Congrats and welcome!

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Welcome to our new members, Orzornn, lolmont and omgipown! Sorry for the delay getting your names added to the list - and apologies to skatingrocker for the misprint. Everything should be updated now on that front, and I've done some very minor editing to the OP, just for looks. I've been thinking about what content I might like to link to in the OP, as well as what information should be provided in the OP directly. I think we might want to avoid any discussion about jailbreaking here, but I intend to clarify that with a moderator today.

What do you guys think about the pad getting too hot? Anyone have any complaints about the temps? I've never used an iPad or iPad2 so I don't really have a fair frame of reference for what those extra ten degrees and <2 oz in extra weight are really adding to the experience, so to speak.

What about your preferred cases for your iPad?

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Originally Posted by phantomgrave View Post

I always have the smart cover covering the back of the iPad so I never feel it getting hot. For cases I ordered an Incipio smart feather (Frost) to go along with my gray smart cover.
Nice pick on the case. I have a grey smart cover myself. I've been trying to decide on a case. One thing I saw recently was a case that has a velcro strap that lets you wear it on your wrist. This not only seemed like a logically handy way to make my iPad easily available for longer periods... but it also seems like I use both hands too much to be willing to give one up. I also would prefer a case that locks my smart cover to the iPad. Not sure yet, at all, what I'm going to get on that front. Adding corner and edge drop-protection seems to be nearly impossible without over-bulk.

I don't really feel mine getting hot, either, and I've wondered if that's why.

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I just use the grey smart cover, as for temps in the mornings my iPad 2 is always freezing and never really gets hot as for weight indie try a new iPad and noticed it was heavier but if you never had a 2 it won't be a difference

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I have the frozen morning pad too.
It's like a brick of ice cold steel in the AM but then again, I always keep it cold in here. Low ambient = high overclock.
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