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Colour change issues within a water cooling system.


We at Mayhems has been doing some extra investigations due to our new support system. We have found issues with flux used by some radiator manufacturers that has not been fully removed pre sale of the rads. This flux can stay with in a system for a very long period of time and can be directly related to issues reference colour change of lighter colours such as Yellow, Orange and Red.

Mayhems suggest the following.

At bare minimum ALL Rads should be flushed with flowing hot tap water (40c to 60c) to help remove and loosen off the water soluble flux from the manufacturing process. For a minimum of 30 minutes.

You can Improve and speed up this process by using Part 2 of the Mayhems Blitz Kit with hot water to aid and speed up this cleaning. Flush with hot water afterwards is still required.

To avoid any favouritism this should be applied to ALL Radiator manufacturers or OEM Radiators.


Oky its hard searching for info on our stuff on this site some times, so here is a nice little "Club" were you can keep it all in one place.

Mayhems ethics fall in this order -

  • Support for the Consumer and Reseller alike. No one is treated any differently. Every one is equal no matter if you spend £0 or £10,000 with us.
  • Distribution - we do not sell in every shop going and we refuse to sell in a lot of shops. We will not flood the market as we feel this destroys the market place and the products.
  • Products - We strive for quality and if there is a problem we will sort it out as fast as we possibly can. No company is perfect, but by working closely with our consumers and resellers we aim to come pretty dammed close

Products supported on this post are as follows. This will be updated as new products are released.

  • Mayhems Blitz Pro and Basic Kits
  • Mayhems Aurora
  • Mayhems Pastel
  • Mayhems X1
  • Mayhems XT-1 (New Product)
  • Mayhems Dyes
  • Mayhems Ultra Pure H20
  • Mayhems Biocide Extreme
  • Mayhems Rads (360mm Quad pass, 240mm Quad pass)

Please do not ask me to discuss were to purchase the products from as this is against the forum rules. Other users can say but "Mayhems" is not allowed too. If you have any Support questions you would like to ask keep them in this one thread then other users can find the information more easily.

Product Details and extra Info
Mayhems Blitz Pro and Basic Cleaning Kits

Pictured below is the "Mayhems Blitz Pro Kit"

Mayhems Blitz Pro Cleaning System is the most comprehensive cleaning kit ever released for liquid cooling computers. It has been developed to clean your radiator's better than new and leave your system in perfect condition. The Blitz Pro kit even comes with a electronic pH test meter so you can check your levels and keep up with regular maintenance on your system

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How Use Mayhems Blitz (part one video)
Mayhems Aurora

Mayhems Aurora is a totally different kind of specialist coolant and should not be used for normal every day use. Consideration about your loop lay out is a must before proceeding to use this liquid. Mayhems Aurora is a photographic, demonstration, Modding and looks only liquid and is not recommended for long term use.

Do not confuse Mayhems Aurora with any thing else out there.

Please all ways read the wiki before use - Aurora Guide

Mayhems Aurora works best in duel pass rads and tube reservoirs. The more complex the loop the less time the liquid will work. Many uses do use the liquid for long term and the most we have tested it use for is 1 year. How ever in complex loops were people have totally ignored our warnings it might only last 24 hours or so.

Mayhems Aurora is 60nm in size so will not block up in a water block.

We have read several complaints in the past on forums were users have not followed what we say and then go on a rampage about the coolant not working in there own systems. This is up to the keyboard warriors how ever when it is pointed out to them about the product and the warning labels on the bottles they still refuse to understand the complexity of the product it self.

There are several good reviews of the product out there and it up to you the user to do the research beforehand. We can only do so much.

Colours Mayhems Aurora comes in as standard in 250ml concentrate and 1ltr premixed.

  • Clear & Silver (add your own dyes to make any colour you wish)
  • Red & Silver
  • Blue and Silver
  • Pink and Silver
  • Purple and Silver
  • Green and Silver
  • Clear and Gold (add your own dyes to make any colour you wish)
  • Purple and Gold
Common Q&A for Aurora

Q: Will Aurora block my system?
A: No it should not block you system as it contains particles smaller than 40nm. It can get caught up in crevices in rads and some reservoirs. It will fall out of suspension in dead water areas of systems. This is why a good flow in you system is a must with this liquid.

Q: Will Aurora stain my system?
A: Aurora should not stain your system as we do not use a UV Dye in it. How ever prolonged use of the Coolant may see some slight staining.

Q: I have a bay reservoir will aurora work in it?
A: Short answer is no. Long answer is that "Some" bay reservoirs have dead spots in there and this is like having a whirl pool inside you reservoir and the pearl will gather at the bottom of this. For the short term this is fine how ever over long periods of time you will see the pearl drop out of suspension.

Q: How do i flush the system after i have used aurora?
A: We plumb the PC in the mains tap and turn it on very slowly and leave it running for 15min to 30min this normally does the job fine. Then we rinse with DI water when we have finished.
Mayhems Pastel Coolant

Mayhems Pastel is a mixed bag of tricks and has a extremely long life span. This product was developed in conjunction with "Ice Dragon Cooling" to produce pastel type colours for the PC user. Mayhems Pastel Coolants can be used up to 3 years in a system.

UPDATE : PrimoChill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT Working, Tygon E1000 Working. "DEHP" free tubing is recommended for use with Mayhems pastel coolants.

Mayhems Pastel is a every day type liquid unlike Mayhems Aurora and can be used in all systems and has never had any reported problems as such.

Colours Mayhems Pastel comes in as standard in 250ml concentrate and 1 ltr premixed.
  • White (this is the base mix you can change to any colour)
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • UV White (this is only available in 1 Ltr premix and cannot be made in 250ml concentrate)
Common Q&A for Pastel

Q: Does Mayhems Pastel contain biocides and inhibitors?
A: Yes it does you need not add any thing extra into you system as every thing you need is included in the liquids.

Q: Can i make Mayhems Pastel UV Active?
A: Yes you can make Mayhems Pastel UV active how ever it takes a lot of dye to do this and we are testing new variants of dye to make them more UV Active. This how ever takes time and lots of testing.

Q: What is the longest time i can use pastel for?
A: The longest we have used Mayhems Pastel is 3 years with no problems found. We have not tested it past this, how ever at this time frame do expect dyeing of blocks and tubes. All so if you work it out Pastel is £14.99 a bottle this works out at less than £5.00 per year making it one of the cheapest premixed coolants on the market for this time period.
Mayhems X1 Coolant

Mayhems X1 Coolant is a clear standard coolant that comes in many colours. It is a alternative coolant that does not use glycol in any form. It is 100% Human / Animal safe. Like all our coolants it comes with a Child safety cap as standard.

Maximum life span is 1 year but we do recommend uses change there liquids every 9 months.

The UV Pink version of this Coolant stains like mad.... How ever it is one of the brightest UV active coolants we do. UV pink is all so in the UV Red and UV Blood Red. Mayhems how ever is now removing the UV pink from Mayhems Blood Red as we feel it is not needed. Users who have experienced the staining have managed to easily remove the staining using a mix of clear vinegar and water with no adverse side effects.

Colours Mayhems X1 comes in as standard in 250ml concentrate and 1 ltr premixed.

  • Clear (this is the base mix that you can colour as you wish)
  • UV Blue
  • UV Red
  • UV Pink (all so know as UV Red to some companies)
  • UV Purple
  • UV Oil Black
  • UV Clear Blue
  • UV Yellow Green (all so known as Acid Green)
  • UV Green
  • Blood Red (this will be rolled out soon as we are no longer producing it with UV)
Common Q&A for X1

Q: Does mayhems X1 contain Inhibitors and biocides?
A: Yes it does it contains every thing you need to protect your system again any sort of growth or mixed metal you may come across.

Q: If Mayhems X1 doesn't contain Glycol what does it contain?
A: Mayhems X1 contains vegetable extract which is PH neutral that acts as a carrier for the biocides and inhibitors. Because it is a vegetable extract this all so makes it biologically safer to use than glycols.

Q: Is there any other difference from Mayhems X1 than to a Glycol?
A: We have found in our testing that because we use vegetable extract as our base mix there is a increase in temp from glycols. This temp increase is approx 0.5c to 1c. How ever some users have noted as being the same temperature. Every ones results are different though.

Q: Will Mayhems X1 stain my system?
A: UV Red, UV Pink, UV Blood red will stain your system. UV Blue, UV Oil Black, UV Green and UV Yellow Green Will stain your system if left in it longer than 9 months. UV Clear Blue and Clear will never stain your system
Mayhems XT-1 Coolant

Size 150 ml

150 Ml will make 3 Ltrs @ 5% of premix for sub zero temps check the chart below . With the ability to make 3 ltrs out of a single bottle this is one of the cheapest coolants out on the market to date working out at £2.25 per ltr.

Mayhem XT-1 Coolant is a High Efficiency, Non-Toxic, Low Viscosity coolant based on Ethylene Glycol. This is our first foray into Glycol cooling and comes as a concentrate that needs to be mixed with water to create a premix. Only a small amount is needed per system and Mayhems XT-1 has the ability to be used with water chillers down to a staggering -50c (dependant on mixing ratios).

Mayhems XT-1 coolant is blended with patented additive that prevents Ethylene Glycol from being metabolised (during digestion) into toxic by-products. Tests carried out on Mayhems XT-1 Coolant confirmed the toxicity was so low that it was impossible to determine an LD50 value.

Mayhems XT-1 contains all the inhibitors and biocides you need and requires nothing extra in the system. Mayhems XT-1 has been tested with all our dyes so there for you can colour the liquids to meet your specific requirements and needs.

Mix Mayhems XT-1 concentrates with either Mayhems Ultra-Pure H20 or a decent brand of DI water. Mayhems XT-1 has PH balancers in the liquid. There is no need for any extras additives such as silver coils or biocide.

Change you fluids out every 9 to 12 months of use.

Once opened Mayhems XT-1 will only be useable for up to 3 years. Keep in a dark, cool, dry place else the life time of the concentrate will be reduced.

This will just be released primarily as a Concentrate and at a later date in different colours.

  • More efficient heat transfer then vegetable extract
  • Easier to pump, especially at low temperatures.
  • Less volume for the same freeze protection.
  • Has been tested and classified as Non-Toxic by an EPA certified laboratory.
  • Additive has very little effect on heat transfer or antifreeze performance.
  • Readily biodegradable (90% over ten days) and will not remain in the environment or bio-accumulate.
  • synergistic corrosion inhibitors to protect metals commonly found in such systems that contain mild & stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and cast iron and plated products.
  • Contains scale and biological inhibitors to help prevent fouling - thus promoting long operational life and high thermal efficiency.
  • Exhibits super-cooling characteristics and mixtures containing in excess of 50% by volume and they do not freeze solid.
  • Safe to use with Mayhems Dyes
  • Child Safty Cap fitted as standard
Mixing Guide for Mayhems XT-1 Coolant

Frost Protection °C / *% v/v of Mayhems XT-1 in the system
N/A - 5%
- 2.5 °C - 10%
- 5 °C - 16%
- 10 °C - 22%
- 15 °C - 28%
- 20 °C - 33%
- 25 °C - 38%
- 30 °C - 42%
- 35 °C - 46%
- 40 °C - 50%
- 45 °C - 54%
- 50 °C - 58%

**All mixing ratios are dependent on variable calculations and are worked out on average. These calculations may not be correct in you region and may need adjusting using a refractometer to aid in the mixing if you are after absolute accuracy.

Do not Mix Mayhems XT-1 with Mayhems Aurora, Pastel, X1 or Biocide Extreme.
Mayhems Dyes

Warning Mayhems dyes are extremely strong and they stain "that is fact". The only dye we do that does not stain is UV Clear Blue.

Mayhems Dye can be used in all our coolants to make them any colour you wish. If Primochill call there products dye bomb then Mayhems Dye is a Nuclear bomb.

Mayhems Dye is mainly used with Distilled & DI water as a additive for looks only. Be warned Mayhems dyes are ultra strong and only a tiny amount is needed in any system. They do not contain biocide or inhibitors so you will need to use these with this product. A good biocide is Mayhems biocide extreme or Kill coil. There are other alternatives as well.

All Mayhems dyes can be mixed with each other to create any colour you wish.

  • Mayhems UV Clear Blue + Mayhems Blue = UV Reactive Blue
  • Mayhems UV Pink + Mayhems Red = UV Reactive Red
  • Mayhems Purple + Mayhems Yellow + Mayhems UV Clear Blue = UV Reactive Black
  • Mayhems Red + Mayhems UV Pink + Mayhems Blue = UV Blood Red
  • Mayhems Blue + Mayhems UV Yellow Green = Bright UV Reactive Green
  • **Mayhems Green + Mayhems Blue = Ocean Blue

These dyes can all so be mixed with every other water based coolant in the market place and will not clog a water cooling system.

The different Dye Colours you can get from Mayhems

  • UV Clear Blue (C/B)
  • UV Yellow Green (Y/G)
  • UV Pink
  • UV Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Emerald Green (new colour and is the best green out there)
Common Q&A for Dyes

Q: I have heard from a mystery man or women that dyes can cause a blockage in a water cooling block. Is this true?
A: No it is not true at all. There are several root causes to the issue of blocking and that falls down to either plasticizer, inhibitors or algae the latter being the rarer of the causes. With tubing a lot of them contain plasticizer and these leach out of the plastic and into the water. This then gathers around the Pins of the block and over time builds up into a sticky residue. What happens at the same time is the dye in the water cooling fluids then "dyes" the residue making people think the route cause is the dye which it is not. The same happens with Inhibitors and algae but in a different manner.

Q: Do dyes stain water cooling systems?
A: Yes they do. Dye is made to stain that's why it has been used for thousands of years to stain clothing and many other products. Any dye introduced into a system will cause staining over a time period and some faster than others. UV Pink is the worst at doing this and is used to make Red UV active as Red is not normally UV active. The only product out there that will never stain is UV Clear Blue as this is actually not a dye. The less dye you use in the system the less staining you will get.
Mayhems Ultra Pure H20

Warning even though our liquids are human safe and animal safe we NEVER recommend you consume them....

Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 was created for the EU market how ever it has exploded out of the region. The reason why we made Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 was the water supplied in the UK is not very well controlled and after testing as many versions of DI water (deionized) we could get our hands on we found them to range from good to extremely poor. Even the same brand over the same batch were inconstant. So we decided to make our very own purification units and make our own water. Please remember Distilled water is not radially available in the EU region due to the cost of making it.

Our water is not made in a big plant on the other side of the ocean and then shipped to us, It is all hand made in Mayhems Labs (yes we actually now have a lab you just wont ever get to see it lol). On average we bin 6 ltrs of water to make 1 ltr of Mayhems Ultra Pure H20.

We have had Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 tested independently of us a Glaxosmithkline chemical labs in Barnard Castle for its purity and it was graded at Type III how ever we do not use this grading as we know that the longer the water is in the bottle the more plastic is leached into the water even though we use Food Grade bottles.. This how ever is kept to a minimum due to it being made freshly all the time and not having to be shipped from another country to us and then shipped every were else.

There is a old saying "you pay for what you get". We do not use fancy packaging or rubbish to sell you our products and we do not hype them up. You the users do that for us
Mayhems Biocide Extreme

Mayhems Biocide Extreme is a Copper Sulphite and Citric Acid based biocide with some other little secrets included. Not only is it extremely strong you will only need one to two drops per loop maximum. Included in the pack are PH indicator strips and PH chart. We are the first ever company to include such simplistic yet invaluable items free of charge with a biocide. This helps keep your system in a tip top shape.

This new biocide has been tested on plated and none plated products and we have had no problems. Please air on the side of caution though as some makers of product do not like CU based biocides and recommend you do not use them. How ever this is all so why we introduced the PH test strips so that you can take ever precaution necessary and not over do the biocide.

We do not just think about our products we think about you the end user and how you use our products.
Mayhems Radiators (heat exchangers)

We have created a small line of heat exchangers for the water cooling community but due to there cost to make we only did a limited run. These Quad pass rads have been tested by several resellers and a limited amount of testers and were proven to be the best low speed fan heat exchangers out there (independent from us). How ever due to us not advertising them highly they have not really made the impact we intended.

The core has14 FPI (fins per inch) and made from old style Thermochill cores (with express permission from Thermochill) with a quad pass structure. They come in two flavours which are 240mm (60mm thick) and 360mm (60mm thick). The paint is high impact powder coat and they have M4 tapped screw holes.

These can only be bought direct though Mayhems and not though any resellers.
Off topic questions ?

These are questions sometimes we are asked in forums or in privet.

Q: Have you ever had problems with plated products?
A: We personally have never experienced any problems what so ever with any plated products with any of our liquids including our biocide.

This post is not official by OCN mods but by Mayhems.

How to Videos

How to make Pastel Gray

How to make Blood Red Clear

How to make Blood Red Pastel

How Use Mayhems Blitz (part one video)

(To be updated when i get more time)

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Good thread as i am looking to purchase some UV Green dye soon.

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I use Mayhems DTX (here's to hoping they get some more soon!!) glycol. Primarily for the chiller to go below 10c without the water starting to slush up.


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X1 is a premixed coolant. If it is premixed as in 1 Ltr then it needs nothing as it contains every thing you need in the liquid. If it is the 250ml Concentrate version then you only need di water or distilled water. the 250ml concentrate bottle will make 2 ltrs of coolant.

All Mayhems coolants and premixed liquids contain biocide and inhibitors and require nothing extra such as a kill coil. Never mix them with any other biocide such as PT nuke or biocide extreme.

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After reading the information you posted, I noticed that you said the UV Pink X1 dye strains like crazy. I've just completed my built and used the UV Red X1 250ml Concentrate with distilled water (2L) - is the staining bad with this one ?

I've previously used Primochill UV Blue Dye Bomb and that stained so bad, not even vinegar and warm water could do the trick. I was scarred from using dyes for a while but thought I'd give Mayhems ago, I hope I won't be having the problem. I've used the Pastel White in my girlfriend's rig and that cleaned like a charm.

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I'm running Pastel Grape Red right now and am a little dissatisfied with the color (not red enough). Can I mix in some red dye to make it brighter or do I need to go with Pastel Light Red instead? Also, I'm using Duralene tubing. Will that be an issue? Thanks Mayhems!

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One drop of Mayhems Deep blue

Two drops

A few more drops and mixed up


Stealthres filled

Close up of the HF

Close up of the chipset block


Close up of the GPU block

Both Stealthres' filled
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