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nVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X Owner's club

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Official nVIDIA GTX TITAN X Specifications




Credit to @JoeDirt for keeping it updated. See his thread below:




1. Get NvFlash from step 1 above. Create a folder on your C drive and copy the files to it.

2. Download the BIOS (.rom) file(s) you want to install. See links later in this post. Save the BIOS .rom file(s) to the same folder you have NvFlash saved in.

3. If you have a single Titan X card installed, an easy way to quickly install the BIOS is to drag the .rom file you want to install onto the NvFlash program icon in the folder. Be sure to answer "Y" to all the prompts.

NOTE: If you encounter an error that the card is write protected from being flashed, you must use the --protectoff NvFlash option before you flash. The drag-and-drop method will not work until you do that. See below for more information.

4. To manually flash 1 or more Titan X cards, open an Administrator CMD window as follows:

Click Start > Run > type in "CMD", right-click on the CMD icon, choose "Run as Administrator".

In the open CMD window, from the C prompt, change folders to the NvFlash folder. Use the CD (change directory) DOS command to do this.

If you don't know how to use CD, click here: http://www.computerhope.com/cdhlp.htm

5. To show all installed Titan X cards in your system with their respective device IDs, type in:

nvflash --list

in the open CMD window, then press Enter.

6. If you have only 1 Titan X card, the commands to flash it are:

nvflash -6 BIOSfilename.rom

Where BIOSfilename.rom is the filename of whatever BIOS you want to use.

NOTE: If you encounter an error that the card is write protected from being flashed, you must use the --protectoff NvFlash option before you flash, as follows:

nvflash --protectoff

7. To flash 2 or more cards, use the --index NvFlash option to specify which card to flash. You can see which index numbers need to be used from step 4 above. (nvflash --list)

For example, to flash 2 cards, SLI Titan X users will have to issue the following two commands:

nvflash -6 --index=0 BIOSfilename.rom

nvflash -6 --index=1 BIOSfilename.rom

You will have to confirm 'Y' a few times.

NOTE: If your motherboard has a PLX chip installed, you will have to flash around it. The PLX chip will have its own device ID when you run the nvflash --list command. You must identify which devices are the Titan X cards and flash them accordingly. If you don't understand this or need help, please post in the thread and we will help you get it done.

8. When you're done, reboot your PC.

9. It is always a good idea to re-install the nVidia GPU driver and OC tools (MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision X) after flashing the BIOS.
NVFlash-certs-bypassed-v5-206-0-1.zip 722k .zip file

Originally Posted by Jpmboy View Post

yes here's step by step for sli:
1) disable SLI
2) disable the display driver for each card
3) win8.1: open the nvflash folder, file>open cmnd prompt as admin; win7: open the nvflash folder, right click,>open cmnd prompt here
4) type nvflash --list (pcie index)
type nvflash --protectoff
*you will be prompted to emter the card index... repeat for each card.
5) type nvflash -i0 --save {name.rom}
6) type nvflash -i1 -6 {new.rom} (hit "Y" when prompted)
7) type nvflash -i0 -6 {new.rom} (ditto)
8) exit
9) enable both display drivers (don't enable SLI yet)
10) reboot
11) enable sli
12) done


edit: the --protectoff command will prompt you for a pcie index, or include it in the command line
nvflash -i0{1,2,3} --protectoff
Rename these to .rom

GM200.doc 221k .doc file

GM200boostmod.doc 221k .doc file

GM200noboostmod.doc 221k .doc file

Originally Posted by Sheyster View Post

I've decided to just re-post a new file containing ALL of the GM200 BIOS files I have. The attached ZIP file contains:

1) Vanilla NVIDIA GM200 BIOS (GM200.ROM)

2) 425W TDP NVIDIA GM200 BIOS (GM200-425.ROM)

3) Vanilla EVGA SC GM200 BIOS (GM200SC.ROM)

4) 425W TDP EVGA SC GM200 BIOS (GM200SC-425.ROM)

Sorry for any confusion about the TDP limit in the other posts folks.


GM200BIOS.zip 601k .zip file

Info about the stock EVGA SC BIOS:

> +127 MHz to core clock
> Boost limit removed
> More aggressive boost table

The SC Modded BIOS has all of the above features, plus:

> Default TDP of 350w
> Max TDP of 425w (at 121% slider position)

I recommend that everyone use the SC modded BIOS (GM200SC-425.ROM).
Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post

Too much voltage can sometimes be a bad thing and cause instability. Here are two different BIOSes. One with 1.281V, the other with 1.312V. Lower ASIC cards like higher voltage with lower temperatures. Higher ASIC cards don't like higher voltage.

TitanX-1.281V.zip 221k .zip file

TitanX-1.312V.zip 221k .zip file

You can put them in the OP if you like.
Originally Posted by Sheyster View Post

New Bench BIOS:

- Based on the stock EVGA SC BIOS
- 1418 MHz Core
- 1519 MHz boost
- Voltage locked at 1.3125 for anything over 1342 MHz. HOWEVER - only displays 1.274 in PX and GPU-Z
- K-boost gives 1.274v/1519 MHz/450w TDP right from boot-up without touching anything in PX
- Default TDP: 450w (100%)
- Max TDP: 600w (133%)
- Max Temp 95 Deg C.

As stated in my previous post, you probably won't get better results with this over the opt33 Benching BIOS or the Cyclops 1.3125 BIOS.

I tested it myself and can confirm it works, but I only pushed to 1550 with it since I'm on air. DO NOT USE THIS IF ON AIR. This is just way too hot for that; too much vcore.

GM200-BENCH.zip 150k .zip file
Originally Posted by Sheyster View Post

Here is a special request BIOS. This one has voltage locked at 1.250v and is intended as sort of a maximum air BIOS, intended for cards with the stock cooler to get a slightly better OC than normal at 1.250v.

It is a modified EVGA SC BIOS featuring:

- 350w TDP at 100%
- 425w max TDP at 121%
- Voltage max locked at 1.250v for any speed at 1342+ MHz - no changes needed in PX.
- No boost limit
- Default SC clocks (+127 to core)

Have fun!

GM200SC-MAXAIR.zip 150k .zip file
Originally Posted by Jpmboy View Post

Hey guys - I've been getting a number of requests for the bios named "cyclops3". I've been using this version of the Cyclops 1 bios for over a month (maybe longer?) without any issues. 475W TDP with 450W PL. Load voltage is 1.274V. I have never exceeded 130% Power in AB in anything (including catzilla Raymarch test which pulls more GPU juice than anything I know of

@szeged - maybe post this one in the OP as "jpmboy mod of Cyclops1"- IDK

cyclops3.zip 150k .zip file
Originally Posted by Sheyster View Post

@szeged - Please add this to the OP.

The ZIP file attached contains the following two BIOS ROM images:

- Standard EVGA Hydrocopper BIOS - GM200HC.ROM

+152 MHz to core
More aggressive boost table over the SC BIOS - 74x boost multi = 1544 MHz

- Modded HC 425 BIOS - GM200HC-425.ROM

+152 MHz to core
More aggressive boost table over the SC BIOS - 74x boost multi = 1544 MHz
350w default power target, up to 425w (+121% on the slider)

This BIOS boosted to 1353 on my card without touching a thing:

GM200HC.zip 301k .zip file
Originally Posted by Gabrielzm View Post

Not sure mate...But you might consider a BIOS that does not need software (Px or AB) to get a good oc. I am assuming you are on air? one or two cards? cyclops bios is the best for OCing I have tested but it is a bit on the "too much" voltage side for air. If you want to try a tune down version of it and with a more aggressive fan profile here is one that will go to 1.23 v core and boost to 1430 mhz. Quite stable since that voltage can even get you further up but I think that is plenty.

GM200gab7cycFAN.txt 221k .txt file

edit - this is the one I use 24/7 but I am under water. Keep an eye on the fan profile and card temps to see if the fan profile match the need for you case/airflow to keep temps under check if you decide to use it.

edit 2- for those having trouble renaming the file. Use command prompt, locate the directory with the file and use rename GM200gab7cycFAN.txt GM200gab7cycFAN.rom. Should work...

ok in zip...

GM200gab7cycFAN.zip 150k .zip file
Originally Posted by Sheyster View Post

New MAXAIR2 BIOS is attached.

This new one is based on the EVGA HydroCopper BIOS.


- 450w PT/TDP limit at 150% slider (300w default)
- +152 to core (same as default HydroCopper) - boosts to 1353 MHz by default
- Max voltage under load: 1.2563v

@szeged - please add this to the OP to replace the older Maxair BIOS. That one had a glitch and should no longer be used. Thanks!

GM200HC-MAXAIR2.zip 150k .zip file
(includes all low voltage variants down to 1.15v)


Here is the new BIOS pack!

- Based on EVGA HC BIOS.

- 475w Power Limit at +119% slider position. 400w at 100%

- ZERO temp throttling up to 85 degrees C. Please keep your air cooled cards under 80 if possible folks!

- The Zip file below includes low voltage (1.237v), Maxair (1.256x) and WC (1.281v) versions

- The boost table and default boost has been altered for this BIOS. To calculate your +core needed for your maximum boost clock, the formula is (Amount of maximum boost you want - 1012).

- Example - For 1500 MHz max boost under load, the calculation is: 1500 - 1012 = 488 +core. Just move the +core slider to 488.

GM200-ULTIMATE.zip 451k .zip file

Have fun and as usual FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Originally Posted by lilchronic

mod3.zip 150k .zip file

it's cyclops 3 bios with voltage in AB +0 = 1.18v and +112= 1.274v
Originally Posted by lilchronic

I updated that bios a little, maybe you can add this one as well.

lilchronic-mod10.zip 150k .zip file

voltage, Boost limit and boost clock table adjusted.

1305mhz with 1,174v
1380Mhz with 1.274v

nVIDIA GTX TITAN X Waterblocks




Power mod: http://overclocking.guide/nvidia-gtx-titan-x-external-power-guide/

Pencil mod: http://overclocking.guide/nvidia-gtx-titan-x-volt-mod-pencil-vmod/

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@szeged - Original OP of this thread/club
@JoeDirt - NVFLASH updates
@Jpmboy - BIOS mods, flashing instructions, super helpful in general
@Cyclops - BIOS mods early on
@Gabrielzm - BIOS mods
@lilchronic - BIOS mods

If I missed anyone please PM me!


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Still trying to get everything worked out.

google docs is going crazy for some reason so its still in a really early draft here.

also posting youtube videos for some reason cancels out the google doc graph so videos of the titan x are going in this post. -_-

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Jeez szeged, i just got done watching Linus Tech Tips vid on this thing and you have this created. Dang bro lol.

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Originally Posted by XanderTheGoober View Post

Jeez szeged, i just got done watching Linus Tech Tips vid on this thing and you have this created. Dang bro lol.
i've been refreshing utube for 1 hour knowing linus will be the first to get it.. now i will go watch

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Originally Posted by rt123 View Post

I see an error.

Someone named szeged is on the "Owners List" without even ordering a single TitanX.

\Just Kidding.

Ill order tomorrow when you can get more than one at a time -_- not paying $65 shipping x4 just because they want to put in artificial limits.

also not buying direct from nvidia.
Originally Posted by CallsignVega View Post

2x on order, can't wait!

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What's the min power supply to support SLI overclocked Titan X? 1.2kW?

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C'mon Egg.....

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Vega, Did you order direct from Nvidia? That's the only place I can find that has them available to order. I prefer EVGA because they have great customer service but I'm tempted to order direct.

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I wont jinx it and will join once my Nvidia order has shipped and i have received both of them.

the 1 thing i do like, is this time the Titan is a full chip and has nothing disabled, so no chance of a full chip (a la 780 ti) coming out down the road.

Now a fully voltage unlocked Titan KPE would be pretty much perfect, i can live with this for now.

I think they will either skip 28nm for 1080, and wait 6-10 months and release 1080 on 20nm, OR release it with 6gb of ram, but fully unlocked voltage. Only way to really beat a titan.

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Looks like the benefit to this card is the tdp. It's impressive only pulling 250w. However for a six hundred dollar bill this thing not only gets beat price wise but gets spanked performance wise as well. Hopefully Nvidia can figure out a better price structure.
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