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Post a picture of your Roccat with the model of your Mouse ~ Keyboard ~ Mat ~ Headset ~ Accessory so I can add you to the list ASAP - **THIS IS REQUIRED TO BE ENTERED INTO THE CLUB**

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1) crazyg0od33 - Kone XTD / Apuri / Savu / Taito Mini

2) Raisinbun - Savu / Taito

3) Rickles - Kone[+]

4) Htapocysp - Kone Pure / Alumic

5) tezza192 - Kone[+]

6) ktosiowaty - Kone XTD / Hiro

7) brgil - Kone Pure / Taito / Iksu

8) Darylrese - Kone XTD / Alumic / Iksu

9) snakesoul - Arvo

10) CtrlAltel1te - Savu

11) Arizonian - Savu / Sota / Taito

12) Ino. - Savu

13) ANDMYGUN - Savu

14) M3mbo - 3x Savu / Taito

15) xeper - Kone[+] / Kova[+] / Savu / Iksu / Alumic

16) Kiulin - Kova[+]

17) P0YN0R - Kone[+]

18) zeiferlance - Iksu / Sense / Sota

20) gentagelse - Savu

21) shaolin95 - Kone XTD / Alumic / Apuri

22) cookiez - Isku / Kulo / Pyra / Kone[+] / Taito.

23) DNTL - Kone Pure / Taito

24) Nenkitsune - Kone[+] / Iksu

25) HereIsJohnny - Lua

26) tinmann - Kone[+]

27) magictoaster - Kone XTD / Kone Pure

28) Phantomtaco - Kone XTD

29) diNovoM - Kone XTD / Hiro

30) navit - Kone XTD

31) Arksz - Kone XTD

32) Vipervlv - Kone XTD / Sense

33) shilka - Kone XTD / Taito / Iksu FX / Sense

34) ilihai - Savu

35) refirendum - Kone[+]

36) biassj - Savu / Taito

37) newmindsets - Kone XTD

38) neo0031 - Kova[+]

39) kingchris - Kone[+] / Sota

40) Wolfgang - -Kone[+] / Isku / Apuri / Kave / Sota

50) cosworth - Kone [+] / Arvo

51) Chodaboy3000 - Kone XTD / Sota / Sense

52) Cotton - Isku FX / Kone XTD / Sense / Lua / Taito

53) Miss Roxy - Isku FX / Alumic / Kone XTD

51) Vipala - Hiro

52) RichiRichX - Taito

53) TangoDown32 -Kave / Alumnic / Apuri / Kone Pure Color

54) sandywind - Kone XTD

55) Vedyl - Kova[+]

56) sWaY20 - Savu

57) ole12 - Kone XTD / Hiro

58) RoccatAndi - Ryos MK Pro (benefits of working at Roccat haha

59) MattGordon - Kone[+]

60) Falka - Kone XTD

61) tjiuz - Iksu FX / Kone[+] / Apuri

62) Hartk1213 - Kave

63) ithehappy - Kone Pure Color (Blue)

64) YaMoBeThere - Kone Pure Color (White)

65) hajabooja - Ryos MK Pro / Kone Pure Optical

66) Jaggar - Kone XTD

67) Big-Pete - Kone XTD

68) hellphyre - Ryos MK Pro

69) hoevito - Kone XTD / Ryos MK Pro

70) Wiz766 - Kone XTD

71) KorbenDallas - Kone Pure

72) rustypixel - Kone XTD / Sense

73) ColonelAngus - Iksu

74) XenoMopH - Kone XTD / Ryos MK Pro

75) xioros - Kone XTD

76) sanborn32 - Ryos MK Pro

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MY KONE XTD HAS ARRIVED!!! It's pretty awesome so far, but I was under the impression you can make the right click button work as easy aim, but it wont change off of the "menu" option and I can't edit it... I want it as easy-aim in FC3 so it lowers the DPI when aiming...if anyone knows how i would much appreciate it

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8330459091/
IMG_0013 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8330458563/
IMG_0014 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8330457493/
IMG_0015 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8330454687/
IMG_0022 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8330454177/
IMG_0005 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8330453487/
IMG_0006 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8331508726/
IMG_0007 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8330450173/
IMG_0012 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8331507912/
IMG_0008 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8331507166/
IMG_0009 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8330451157/
IMG_0010 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8330450691/
IMG_0011 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8330455827/
IMG_0018 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8331510900/
IMG_0020 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8331512728/
IMG_0016 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8331512148/
IMG_0017 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

I dont know why I cant rotate my pictures... theyre all correct before I uploaded them

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nice! It seems like Roccat is just now making a push into the US, so hopefully some people will start to put up their equipment here!
I love just having places to talk about the stuff we own...

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I really like the newer mice from roccat, the savu the lua and even the pure even despite it using the avago laser sensor. What I really want is though simpler mice like the xai with less leds and high quality with a good sensor
but all the companies go around shoving leds in their mice.
I hope though roccat expands its lineup I guess they do have the potential to make it big give steelseries and razer a run for their money I just wish their other products become more aesthetically pleasing liek the savu the pure and the lua which I like pretty much. I will be getting the savu pretty shortly, it is an amazing mouse and looks pretty slick too

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haha I actually took a few

One thing I want to say first: These shots dont even compare to how amazing it looks in person...my iPhone captures the ends of the light tubes really badly, making them a lot lighter than they really are (ex: the red you'll see below looks yellow at the ends, but its a nice, deep red in person)
I'm hoping to get a video/review up soon that shows off the effects and also how much I LOVE this mouse...

IMG_0036 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0024 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0025 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0033 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0030 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

When pressing the easy-shift button, the lights go blue
IMG_0029 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0028 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0027 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0034 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0038 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

As close as I could find to white - more light bluish
IMG_0037 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0037 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0035 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

IMG_0039 by crazyg0od33, on Flickr

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I have to say, aesthetically Roccat is one of the best, if not the best gaming gear company out there. i do love simple designs but I can't help to love all the lights and stuff Roccat packs

Let's hope the rest about their products can become top-grade too

I might post some pictures of my Isku later, and the mouse when and if I get it (Kone Pure most likely)

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I HIGHLY recommend the XTD or Pure (same specs). If you like laser mice at all, this is one of the best ive used. The TCDCU (lift off distance / Surface analyzer) is AMAZING. I literally have my mouse a mm off the pad and it stops tracking, like a dream come true haha.

Great mouse so far!

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Several days ago I got Roccat Savu. I play almost exclusively StarCraft 2 with what may be considered quite high sensitivity. I find it just as comfortable as a deathadder and it performs at least just as well if not better. The thing feels rock solid altho very light. Tracking is perfect at 1600dpi/1000hz on a 1$ cloth pad. Even at 4000dpi and just a bit lower sensitivity it tracks perfectly with no wiggles (to retain speed comparable to 1600dpi but at higher resolutions than mine). Button clicks (main and side buttons) are great, and it seems that the side buttons are also with omron switches - makes me happy.

The only problem I have with this mouse is that it does not have dedicated dpi and profile switching buttons. Im using the 2 side buttons as control and "p", so I dont have the ability to change the dpi or profiles with no driver if I ever need to.

Im very happy with this beast and I hope it lasts


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I'll be getting my kone+ on Monday hopefully. Some shipping issue with newegg, but they did give me a $10 promo code for my troubles. For just the extra dpi I couldn't see myself purchasing the XTD, the kone+ will still function with other roccat products so I'm okay with the purchase. I'll set up pics on Monday

If anyone can find a nice review of the FX that would be great.

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Bigger reason I went with the XTD is because I heard a lot of things about the scroll wheel on the + breaking or going wacky easily, and the XTD has a beefed up wheel.
But other than that, the Kone is awesome!
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