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[Official] Samsung SSD750/830/840/850/860 Owners Club

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I got mine (128GB 830) for Christmas 2011 and MAN have I missed having an SSD in general, this drive is every bit as fast as I wanted it to be and then some.
My old one was a G.Skill Falcon 64GB, a "clone" of the original OCZ Vertex, so to speak, and after taking one too many power brownouts it eventually kicked the bucket. Until now I was using a 250GB Seagate 7200.12 which was adequate but nowhere near what either SSD did/does for me. I also got a 700w UPS shortly after that drive's death to keep this from happening again.

Unlike my first club I won't build my own review into this as there are a lot more subjective traits to storage than objective, especially concerning performance; it's not as though I can do a better job than the dedicated review sites either, anyway. I also won't be benching my drive unless I see wild fluctuations between users of the same capacity drive, however if you wish I will link to each post in here made with benchmarks. I will, however, give my input (circa 2011) about the 830 as follows; it's the PERFECT alternative to the oversaturation of Marvell and Sandforce drives on the market, it does a very good job competing with them on a price/performance ratio standpoint (even if 4k random performance isn't as impressive). Not only that, but it does so with a reliability track record only matched/beaten by Intel. An important note is Samsung's SSD Magician software, which comes with their SSDs, and allows a lot of control over the drive, including how much space is overprovisioned.

All that said, I will direct new users of SSDs that are a bit lost on the requirements/procedures of use to Sean Webster's installation/optimization guide here. Make sure you read all of it thoroughly as many steps detailed for optimization are optional, some only need to be done if you wish to squeeze out the maximum usable space of the drive. For my personal install there was very little of it I decided to follow, but that was only my preference. Know what you want and need out of the drive and configure it accordingly; one person's setup may not be preferred by another.

Please post or PM me if you wish to be added. That's the best way for me to know as I DO check this thread at least a few times per week. Thanks!

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Signature example (voluntary, not required for new or old members):

840/840 EVO (to be added later)/840 Pro reviews - 840 Pro:

840 non-Pro:

830 Reviews

850 Pro specs
3-core ARM Cortex R4-based MCX controller (S4LN045X01-8030)
512MB LPDDR2 1066 cache (K4P4G324EQ [256MB package on 128GB model, 1GB package on 1TB model])
DEVSLP-Idle-Active Power Use: 0.002w-0.4w-3.3w (Average, 1TB model)
0.002lbs (0.907g); 99.06 x 71.12 x 7 (mm, LxWxH)
Operating Temperature: 32°F to 158°F
Compatible with Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, XP, Linux
10-year limited warranty

Rated performance (per capacity):

Random Read/Write Up to 100K/90K IOPS (All models)

Sequential Read/Write (1TB, 512GB, 256GB) Up to 550/520MB/s (128GB) Up to 550/470MB/s

840/840 EVO/840 Pro specs
3-core ARM Cortex R4-based MCX controller (S4LN021X01-8030 / S4LN045X01-8030 [EVO])
512MB LPDDR2 1066 cache (K4P4G324EB-FGC2 / K4P8G304EB-FGC [EVO , 1GB package on 750GB and 1TB models])
840 Pro: 21nm toggle DLC NAND (K9PHGY8U7A-CCK0) ; 840 non-Pro 21nm toggle TLC NAND (K9CFGY8U5A-CCK0) ; 840 EVO 19nm toggle TLC NAND (K90KGY8SP7M-CCK0)
Idle-Active Power Use: Pro; 0.042w-0.068w, non-Pro 0.046W-0.071w, EVO 0.045w-0.071w
0.12lbs (53.86g); 99.06 x 71.12 x 7 (mm, LxWxH)
Operating Temperature: -67°F to 194°F (32°F to 158°F EVO)
Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008, Server 2003, Mac OSX, Linux
Pro: 5-year warranty, non-Pro and EVO 3-year

Rated performance (per capacity):

840 Pro Random Read/Write (512GB, 256GB) Up to 100K/90K IOPS (128GB) Up to 97K/90K IOPS
840 non-Pro Random Read/Write (500GB) Up to 98K/70K IOPS (250GB) Up to 96K/62K IOPS(120GB) Up to 86K/32K IOPS
840 EVO Random Read/Write (1TB, 750GB, 500GB) Up to 98K/90K IOPS (250GB) Up to 97K/66K IOPS (120GB) 94K/35K IOPS

840 Pro Sequential Read/Write (512GB, 256GB) Up to 540/520MB/s (128GB) Up to 530/390MB/s
840 non-Pro Sequential Read/Write (500GB) Up to 540/330MB/s (250GB) Up to 540/250MB/s (120GB) Up to 530/130MB/s
840 EVO Sequential Read/Write (1TB, 750GB, 500GB, 250GB) Up to 540/520MB/s (120GB) Up to 540/410MB/s

830 specs
3 Core ARM9-based MCX controller (S4LJ204X01-Y040)
256MB DDR2 800 cache (K4T2G314QF-MCF7)
27(?)nm toggle NAND (K9UHGY8U7A-HCK0) -- (Density unconfirmed; anyone that can offer full confirmation with source as to the exact density of this NAND, it would be greatly appreciated.)
0.13lbs (62.5g), 100 x 69.85 x 7 (mm, LxWxH)
Idle-Active Power Use: 0.08w-0.15w
Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OSX, Linux
Operating Temperature: 32°F to 140°F
3-year warranty

Rated performance (per capacity):

Random Read (512GB) Up to 80K IOPS (256GB) Up to 80K IOPS(128GB) Up to 80K IOPS(64GB) Up to 75K IOPS
Random Write (512GB) Up to 36K IOPS (256GB) Up to 36K IOPS(128GB) Up to 30K IOPS(64GB) Up to 16K IOPS

Sequential Read(512GB) Up to 520 MB/s (256GB) Up to 520 MB/s(128GB) Up to 520 MB/s(64GB) Up to 520 MB/s
Sequential Write(512GB) Up to 400 MB/s (256GB) Up to 400 MB/s(128GB) Up to 320 MB/s(64GB) Up to 160 MB/s

840/840 EVO/840 Pro known bugs
Pre-production firmware can cause drive deaths. See here for more info and what firmware to look for: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6483/

Vanilla and EVO models have a now-well-known issue wherein data that was written and then not accessed for long periods is accessed at a slower speed than more recently written data. A performance restoration tool that includes a firmware update is available for EVO models here. More info here, here, here, and here.

830 known bug(s)
The previous firmware update (CXM02B1Q) has a recognition issue with some users where the drive is no longer recognized by the system after the update; encountering a BSOD before the drive disappears is possible, as well. Unplugging the drive then plugging it back in tends to fix this, however whether the firmware update was actually successful or not doesn't seem to be consistent. Samsung has released an update to this firmware update (CXM03B1Q); it performs the same fix and improvements as before but should not suffer from the recognition issue. If you have not updated your firmware from what your drive shipped with, assuming it shipped with CXM01B1Q, I recommend updating it with CXM03B1Q and not CXM02B1Q.

850 EVO/Pro Owners List
Sean Webster (128GB Pro model)
garikfox (256GB Pro model)
MaXimus666 (2x256GB Pro models [RAID0])
Mike211 (2x1TB Pro models)
frewtz (256GB Pro model)
gabecubano14 (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
class101 (1TB Pro model)
DoooX (256GB Pro model)
Amph (256GB Pro model)
Nizzen (2x256GB Pro models [RAID0])
commodore128 (256GB Pro model)
danycyo (256GB Pro model)
felix (250GB EVO model)
Dunan (128GB Pro model)
urielejh (512GB Pro model)
RaXelliX (128GB Pro model)
Sky-way (128GB Pro model)
gopanthersgo1 (256GB Pro model)
NCSUZoSo (500GB EVO model)
raymixes (256GB Pro model + 2x EVO models [RAID0])
Lord Xeb (1TB Pro model)
thanos999 (250GB EVO model)
clayer (1TB Pro model)
dpoverlord (1TB Pro model)
IronManMark20 (Unspecified capacity EVO model)
justinyou - (1TB EVO model)
newparad1gm (1TB EVO model)
gabecubano14 (unspecified capacity Pro model)
tyvar1 (unspecified capacity Pro model)
Mr Nightman (250GB 850 EVO model)
Bertovzki (500GB EVO model)
cr1 (120GB EVO model)
levalencia (250GB EVO model)
jfro63 (1TB Pro model)
jorpe(2x 512GB Pro models)
ChronoBodi (1TB Pro model)
flukes 256GB Pro model)
gr4474 (500GB EVO model)
MadZak (512GB Pro model)
Frestoinc (512GB Pro model)
Klocek001 (256GB Pro model)
Techboy10 (500GB EVO model)
Funkatronic (120GB EVO model)
pzed (500GB EVO model)
jetpak12 (1TB Pro model)
kylzer (500GB EVO model)
royel (256GB Pro model)
rossmcivor (2x Unspecified capacity Pro models)
nidzakv (250GB EVO model)
mikiep (128GB Pro model + Unspecified capacity EVO model)
azanimefan (250GB EVO model)
Jeffwx7 (500GB EVO model)
C3321J6 (256GB model)
Raji8 (500GB EVO model)
MooMoo (250GB EVO model)
xGTx (1TB Pro model)
SteezyTN (250GB EVO model)
hhuey5 (250GB EVO model)
TheBDK (250GB EVO model)
Sharchaster (500GB EVO model)
Canis-X (250GB EVO model)
Dienz (2x256GB Pro models [RAID 0])
ratcheer (256GB Pro model)
Scootcha (Unspecified/unknown model)
ronnin426850 (120GB EVO model)
MPSAN (512GB Pro model)
Subtility (250GB EVO model)
Cmanjr (500GB EVO model)
highstream (256GB Pro model)
Wimstrek (250GB EVO model)
falcon26 (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
ovwul (512GB + 1TB Pro models)
deadwidesmile (512GB + 1TB Pro models)
nramortar23 (512GB Pro model)
pocenk (250GB EVO model)
rexbinary (500GB EVO model)
GeneO (256GB Pro model)
odin2free (120GB EVO mSATA + 1TB EVO SATA models)
krabs (250GB EVO model)
TheGeneralLee86 (2TB EVO model)
BinaryBummer (500GB EVO model)
Porter_ (500GB EVO model)
Casterina (250GB EVO model)
CDub07 (250GB EVO model)
sblantipodi (1TB EVO model)
Palorim12 (256GB Pro model)
-red- (500GB EVO model)
oz120 (250GB EVO model)
Phantomas 007 (256GB Pro model)
perkas (120GB EVO model)
twitchyzero (2TB Pro model)
djriful (500GB EVO model)
iandroo888 (2x500GB EVOs [RAID 0])
dennisjai (500GB EVO model)
Quantum Reality (500GB EVO model)
chronicfx (2x500GB EVO models [RAID0])
TK421 (1TB EVO model)
CoreyL4 (500GB EVO model)
steakikan (1TB Pro model)
ViTosS (512GB Pro model)
hrockh (1TB EVO model)
thestoicstudent (250GB EVO model)
ncck (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
crazyeightz (250GB EVO model)
polynomialc (512GB Pro model)
firefoxx04 (500GB EVO model)
ShortySmalls (500GB EVO model)
Basiletech (Unspecified capacity EVO model)
yafatana (Unspecified EVO model)
CalinTM (500GB EVO model)
Chaoz (500GB EVO model)
patriotaki (250GB EVO model)
CigarXO (250GB EVO model)
Pandora51 (500GB EVO model)
Mr-Dark (2x1TB 850 EVO models)
wcndave (1TB Pro model)
TELVM (120GB EVO model)
Romin (2x1TB Pro models)
./Cy4n1d3\. (500GB EVO model)
OCPG (512GB Pro model)
NiKiZ (2x250GB EVO models)
Bitemarks and bloodstains (4TB EVO model)
pstN (1TB Pro model)
Vlada011 (1TB EVO model)
neptunex (500GB EVO model)
mikiep (512GB Pro model)
gertruude (250GB EVO model)
ithehappy (500GB EVO model)
Rob27shred (500GB EVO model)
Leito360 (500GB EVO model)
MonarchX (500GB EVO model)
lester007 (500GB EVO model)
Lady Fitzgerald (6x500GB EVO models + 21x4TB EVO models)

840/840 EVO/840 Pro Owners List
MacG32 (2x 256GB Pro models)
seepra (120GB non-Pro model)
Blizzfury (256GB Pro model)
DADDYDC650 (256GB Pro model)
falcon26 (256GB Pro)
atam1989 (2x256GB Pro models)
Tarnix (120GB non-Pro model + 128GB + 256GB Pro models)
Raptorpowa (120GB non-Pro model)
Arizonian (256GB Pro model)
ictus (512GB Pro model)
msrn (256GB Pro model)
seepra (120GB non-Pro model)
JaiSan (256GB Pro model)
axipher (250GB non-Pro model)
Meltdown (250GB non-Pro model)
Faraz (128GB Pro model)
DooRules (256GB Pro model, 250GB EVO model)
h2on0 (250GB non-Pro model)
dmanstasiu (250GB non-Pro model)
duronduron (256GB Pro model)
Amnesia1187 (256GB Pro model)
folgrz (128GB Pro model)
Liranan (120GB non-Pro model)
UNOE (256GB Pro model)
RedStapler (500GB non-Pro model)
Darius Silver (250GB non-Pro and 256GB Pro models)
mwlhrh (512GB Pro model)
billbartuska (256GB Pro model)
Liranan (120GB non-Pro model)
AlphaC (256GB Pro model)
parsec (256GB Pro model)
dejo1 (250GB non-Pro model)
znarf (256GB Pro model)
CravinR1 (2x250GB non-Pro models + 250GB EVO model)
conzilla (120GB non-Pro model)
Scorpion49 (250GB non-Pro model)
RhoXS (256GB Pro model)
SinX7 (120GB non-Pro model)
DBPRebel (128GB Pro model)
Midgethulk (250GB non-Pro model)
NCSUZoSo (128GB Pro model)
kyw012 (256GB Pro model)
bam06005 (250GB non-Pro model)
Ratface (128GB Pro model)
paolo1968 (128GB Pro model)
Canis-X (2x256GB Pro models)
casabel (unknown capacity Pro model)
Dazog (2x250GB non-Pro models)
magd74 (250GB non-Pro model)
raptorxrx (128GB 840 Pro model)
steve210 (256GB Pro model)
yuppicide (256GB Pro model)
JML10166 (2x128GB Pro models)
GeneO (2x128GB Pro models [RAID0])
DrGroove (256GB Pro model)
X4v3r (256GB Pro model)
Muldoon (256GB Pro model)
Xenile (256GB Pro model)
DarkrReign2049 (256GB Pro model)
etbjr182 (256GB Pro model)
EVO PC (2x128GB Pro models)
Chrit (128GB Pro model)
Mang0 (256GB Pro model)
Kanashimu (256GB Pro model)
neveser (256GB Pro model)
Oldguy (256GB Pro model)
kzinti1 (2x500GB non-Pro models)
mongoled (2x128GB Pro models)
OrangeBunnies (256GB Pro model)
Methodical (256GB Pro model)
sherlock (256GB Pro model)
Xshadow (256GB Pro model)
aidas (256GB Pro model)
ga1ve1an (256GB Pro model)
bathrobebehero (120GB non-Pro model)
m3t4lh34d (500GB non-Pro model)
jricke (256GB Pro model)
SkyWalker666 (250GB non-Pro model)
LeftC (256GB and 512GB Pro model and 500GB non-Pro model)
serialr (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
FoLmEr (250GB non-Pro model)
InvalidUserID (256GB Pro model)
Phillychuck (250GB non-Pro model)
xproblematicox (256GB Pro and 250GB non-Pro models)
madweazl (2x128GB Pro models)
-Sweeper_ (250GB non-Pro model)
rui-no-onna (2x500GB non-Pro models, 2x1TB EVO models)
OverSightX (128GB Pro model)
BVM (512GB Pro model)
Casterina (120GB non-Pro model)
XSCounter (128GB Pro model)
SN1P3R1 (128GB Pro model)
GOTFrog (250GB non-Pro model)
Unit Igor (2x128GB Pro models)
Eths (500GB non-Pro model)
Constant1ne (256GB Pro model)
tw1st (128GB Pro model)
TPE-331 (9x256GB Pro models)
Luxer (120GB non-Pro model)
mpacaric (120GB non-Pro model)
kooshini (256GB Pro model)
cirial (256GB Pro model)
Eng7 (840 non-Pro model, unspecified capacity)
h2spartan (512GB Pro model)
cam69aro (128GB Pro model)
stahlhart (256GB Pro model)
iatacs19 (256GB Pro model)
Sasasd (120GB non-Pro model)
Cristiano (Unspecified capacity non-Pro model)
SDBolts619 (128GB and 256GB Pro models)
emlamme (2x128GB Pro models)
iatacs19 (256GB Pro model)
aln688 (4x256GB Pro models)
96xj (256GB Pro model)
tntnt (128GB Pro model)
qcktthfm1 (500GB non-Pro model)
Schnupper (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
Anusha (250GB non-Pro model)
ACHILEE5 (128GB model and 250GB non-Pro model)
leekaiwei (250GB non-Pro model and 128GB model)
thomjak (256GB Pro model)
zippy54 (128GB Pro model)
Essenbe (256GB Pro model)
lagownz (128GB Pro model)
Emu105 (256GB Pro model)
Deadpool01 (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
madweazl (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
smakosz (128GB Pro model)
Phillychuck (250GB non-Pro model)
Zhohner (120GB non-Pro model)
megahmnad (256GB Pro model)
CoD511 (256GB Pro model)
ivr56 (120GB non-Pro model)
RX7-2nr (120GB non-Pro model)
Fir3Chi3f (120GB non-Pro model)
crx c (128GB Pro model)
VenG3ance (120GB non-Pro model)
am dew1 (128GB + 256GB Pro models)
r31ncarnat3d (250GB non-Pro model)
ChaosAD (128GB Pro model)
Sasasd (120GB non-Pro model)
noobiest (128GB Pro model)
MoInSTL (128GB Pro model)
travelbug (500GB non-Pro model)
antonis21 (256GB Pro model)
Canadianguy (128GB Pro model)
Lynkdev (2x 256GB Pro model)
topdog (2x 256GB Pro model)
patriotaki (2x 128GB Pro model and 120GB non-Pro model)
Buska103 (120GB non-Pro model)
felix (128GB and 256GB Pro models, 120GB and 250GB non-Pro models)
viralbug (250GB non-Pro model)
draterrojam (250GB non-Pro model)
Blargh77 (256GB Pro model)
CynicalUnicorn (120GB and 250GB non-Pro models)
Bastyn99 (250GB non-Pro model)
mokmoki (128GB Pro model)
starmanwarz (250GB non-Pro model)
andydviking (128GB Pro model)
TonyGrunt (512GB Pro model)
andrei.c (128GB Pro model)
the_real_7 (256GB and 512GB Pro model)
Professional (3x 512GB Pro models and 4x 256GB Pro models and 120GB non-Pro model)
digitalerr0r (250GB non-Pro model)
Watagump (120GB non-Pro model)
yesitsmario (250GB non-Pro model)
socketus (256GB Pro model)
yesitsmario (250GB non-Pro model)
[CyGnus] (128GB Pro model)
Diablo85 (256GB Pro model)
RichiRichX (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
Koehler (256GB Pro model)
jonathan9590 (120GB non-Pro model)
Zebeyo (256GB Pro model)
InsideJob (120GB non-Pro model)
managerman (4x 128GB Pro models)
ShekShef (256GB Pro model)
svtfast (2x 128GB Pro models)
Liradon (120GB non-Pro model)
MrSharkington (250GB non-Pro model)
philharmonik (250GB non-Pro model)
BeastlyCugini (128GB Pro model)
Lady Fitzgerald (128GB Pro model)
Tobias6365 (250GB non-Pro model)
Thingol (128GB Pro model)
cyper.bg (120GB non-Pro model)
Supreme888 (256GB Pro model)
Turt1e (250GB non-Pro model, 256GB Pro model)
empedoklkokalov (256GB Pro model)
Deadboy90 (250GB non-Pro model)
l2ez4m (250GB EVO model)
Nexo (256GB Pro model)
Computer Verve (2x256GB Pro models)
chronicfx (250GB EVO model)
Grof Luigi (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
psyside (256GB Pro model)
maestro0428 (3x128GB and 1x256GB Pro models)
dviv (256GB Pro model)
wind2k9 (512GB Pro model)
Phallic Tractor (250GB EVO model)
Turt1e (256GB Pro model)
BradleyW (128GB Pro model)
MiiX (250GB non-Pro model)
Levesque (1TB 840 EVO model)
atminside (500GB 840 EVO model)
Topgearfan (256GB Pro model)
lagittaja (250GB EVO model)
Catalin (2x512GB Pro models)
kcuestag (250GB EVO model)
45nm (256GB Pro model)
Lowlife (128GB Pro model)
rdlambe1 (128GB Pro model)
error0909 (Unspecified capacity 840 non-Pro model)
Dunan (128GB Pro(?) model+250GB EVO model)
enesalpa (128GB Pro model)
Sysop82 (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
Celcius (256GB Pro model)
smaudioz (256GB Pro model)
hyujm (250GB EVO model)
msgamps (250GB EVO model)
ViTosS (2x1TB EVO models)
Roalith (250GB 840 non-Pro)
MocoIMO (500GB non-Pro model, 120GB+250GB+750GB EVO models)
Anth0789 (256GB Pro model)
BigBeard86 (500GB EVO model)
Jaromir (250GB EVO model)
ShortySmalls (250GB EVO model)
Devildog83 (128GB Pro model)
AeroZ (250GB non-Pro model)
Shanenanigans (120GB EVO model)
undret (250GB EVO model)
ElectroManiac (120GB EVO model)
YtKwonG (250GB EVO model)
paolo1968 (120GB non-Pro model)
Vitaminx (256GB Pro model)
DaedalusVIII (250GB non-Pro model + 250GB EVO model)
Disturbed117 (120GB EVO model)
Retrolock(120GB EVO model)
Thingol (120GB EVO model)
Remix65 (256GB Pro model)
phre0n (250GB EVO model)
amdgig (2x120GB EVO models)
GTMoraes (120GB EVO model)
Slayem (250GB EVO model)
mAs81 (128GB Pro model)
Deo Domuique (120GB EVO model + unknown capacity Pro model)
ivers (256GB Pro model)
rmccullough (120GB EVO model)
geogga (250GB EVO model)
patchwork (120GB non-Pro model)
sobe-it (unknown capacity non-Pro model)
Gunderman456 (256GB Pro model)
phenom01 (128GB Pro model)
cyclometric (128GB Pro model)
eriongtk (512GB Pro model)
sdmf74 (512GB Pro model)
Switchblade1969 (120GB EVO model)
Celcius (256GB Pro model)
mAs81 (128GB Pro model)
Inelastic (2x 256GB Pro models)
RAFFY (256GB Pro model)
MiiX (250GB non-Pro model)
davcc22 (120GB EVO model)
Classif13d (250GB EVO model)
Archea47 (2x 128GB Pro models)
doomsdaybg (120GB EVO model)
greywarden (2x 250GB EVO models)
azanimefan (Unknown capacity EVO model)
Hydraulic (11x unknown capacity EVO models + 5 unknown capacity non-Pro models)
iStatiKxUnC (120GB EVO model)
wierdo124 (120GB EVO model)
Doug-E-Square (250GB EVO model)
Deano12345 (2x256GB Pro models)
RayzTheRoof (256GB Pro model)
chip94 (120GB EVO model)
Tokkan (250GB EVO model)
Decade (128GB Pro model)
shilka (500GB EVO model)
Aussiejuggalo (500GB EVO model)
Silviu (120GB EVO + 120GB non-Pro models)
tasospaok123 (120GB EVO model)
semajha (Unspecified capacity EVO model)
azanimefan (Unspecified capacity EVO model)
MoNsTeReNeRgY22 (256GB Pro model)
Flisker_new (2x128GB models)
TheAssassin (256GB Pro model)
dcatvn (500GB EVO model)
Achmo (250GB non-Pro model)
c0ld (128GB model)
Murlocke (2x1TB EVO models)
sidamos (1TB EVO model)
foodslayer9 (250GB EVO model)
Sean Webster (250GB EVO model)
Signal-to-Noise (512GB Pro model)
mrdarkraver (250GB EVO model)
hamham (Unconfirmed capacity Pro model)
ProfeZZor X (500GB non-Pro model + 3x500GB EVO models)
chaics (120GB EVO model)
G woodlogger (750GB EVO model)
Pimphare (1TB EVO model)
xioros (256GB Pro model)
Bishop07764 (500GB non-Pro + 500GB EVO models)
SolidScorpion(120GB EVO model)
looniam (250GB EVO model)
Emissary of Pain (250GB EVO model)
QxY (250GB EVO model)
Wihglah (250GB EVO model)
Widdyjudas (256GB Pro model)
jonnnyw (256GB Pro model)
commodore128 (128GB + 256GB Pro models + 250GB EVO model)
athlon 64 (500GB EVO model)
MaXimus666 (2x 1TB EVO models [1 mSATA])
mtbiker033 (120GB + 1TB EVO models)
Dorito Bandit (128GB Pro model)
Lu(ky (4x128GB Pro models [RAID 0])
rumlyne (Unknown model)
DarkSamus (1TB EVO model)
Cbiss (250GB EVO model)
v3n0m90 (120GB EVO model)
astrixx (250GB + 500GB EVO models)
oldcompgeek (120GB EVO model)
danycyo (120GB + 750GB EVO models)
Friction (256GB Pro model)
AlexeiUnknown (256GB Pro model)
tidal (1TB EVO model)
crazygamer123 (1TB model)
Alastair (1TB model)
haiz85(120GB EVO model)
NIK1 (256GB Pro model)
Zero Clocker (1TB EVO model + 256GB Pro model)
levontrout (120GB EVO model)
Darkstalker420 (250GB EVO model)
JackCY (250GB EVO model)
Raikozy (250GB EVO model)
spin5000 (256GB Pro model)
BrainSplatter (4x1TB EVO models [RAID0])
Akusho (120GB EVO model)
santi2104 (250GB EVO model)
T0B5T3R (1TB EVO model + 2x256GB Pro models [RAID0])
HyperC (256GB Pro model)
loony (120GB EVO model)
ondoy (1TB EVO model)
black7hought (250GB EVO model)
diedo (120GB EVO model)
All27 (250GB EVO model)
deadremix (unspecified capacity EVO model)
awil95 (512GB Pro model+500GB EVO model)
All27 (250GB EVO model)
Lord Xeb (120GB EVO model)
mutatedknuts (120GB EVO model)
dpoverlord (2x 512GB Pro models [RAID 0])
tyvar1 (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
Bonjovi (250GB EVO model)
BlockLike (1TB EVO model)
raisethe3 (Unspecified capacity EVO model)
jorpe (3x 500GB EVO models)
jfro63 (250GB EVO model)
ChronoBodi (1TB EVO model + 3x 512GB EVO models)
mauley (250GB EVO model)
dzungpv (250GB EVO mSATA model)
setinhere (120GB EVO model)
CaucasianAsian (256GB Pro model)
Canis-X (2x256GB Pro models + 120GB non-Pro model + 120GB EVO model)
kflorida (1TB EVO model)
blackmagik (Unspecified capacity Pro model)
HITTI (2x 128GB Pro models [RAID 0])
CDub07 (250GB EVO model)
oz120 (250GB EVO model)
SkyNetSTI (128GB Pro model)
Chaoz (128GB Pro model)
patriotaki (250GB EVO model)
Pandora51 (128GB Pro model)
Imprezzion (250GB EVO model)
Rob27shred (250GB EVO model)
leetmode (512GB Pro model)

830 Owners List
Chunky_Chimp (128GB model)
jdmfish (64GB model)
valtopps (64GB model)
iatcs19 (256GB model)
driftkidd2323 (128GB model)
jrbroad77 (64GB model)
Behrouz (64GB model)
Blue_Flame5 (128GB model)
Nonehxc (128GB model)
Metalcrack (Unknown model)
eus105454 (128GB model)
Cakewalk_S (64GB model)
Zzari (64GB model)
e911 (64GB and 128GB models)
GreenStone (128GB model)
Z Naught (256GB model)
Nemesis158 (128GB and 512GB models)
Sander H (Unknown model)
MoMurda (64GB model)
weebeast (128GB model)
Maynard46 (128GB model)
Mjolnir (128GB model)
WaXmAn (256GB model)
Knubbo (128GB model)
636 cc of fury (128GB model)
jetpak12 (128GB model)
gr3nd3l (128GB model)
iquiksilvri (128GB model)
spidey180 (128GB model)
asuman1179 (256GB model)
mooch49 (64GB model)
tweek43110 (128GB model)
Mkilbride (128GB model)
bobni (128GB model)
tronic592001 (128GB model)
mksteez (Unknown model)
franz (256GB model)
swarm87 (128GB model)
We Gone (128GB model)
bily1988 (256GB model)
Nocturin (128GB model)
BikerDog (256GB and 512GB models)
btclarke (256GB model)
IEATFISH (256GB model)
jtheby (512GB model)
sledge (512GB model)
mtbush (512GB model)
dotcom (256GB and 512GB models)
ncapela (256GB model)
jrader (256GB model)
vvista (128GB model)
tzakalin (128GB model)
BabyModR (128GB model)
Glottis (128GB model)
Aaron M (128GB model)
driftkidd2323 (128GB model)
Crizume (128GB model)
Robert Persons (Unconfirmed owner/unknown model)
jRader (256GB model)
jonnyd91 (256GB model)
FoxUlisse (256GB model)
peanuts2501 (128GB model)
dejahboi (64GB model)
Gauntlet3h (256GB model)
pierowheelz (128GB model)
tzakalin (256GB model)
Z06sc (128GB model)
bukkit (2x 256GB models)
optari12 (2x 256GB models)
DeXel (128GB model)
Scorpion49 (128GB model)
GotFlipped (256GB model)
Jpope (64GB model)
geronimo (64GB model)
Pandora51 (128GB model)
PR-Imagery (2x 256GB models)
Shadow_Foxx (128GB model)
bcham (128GB model)
R.D.BID (128GB model)
NuclearCrap (128GB and 256GB models)
VW-TDI-02 (64GB model)
thepunisher892 (2x256GB models)
Zorglub (128GB model)
nnnswordfish (128GB model)
gerikoh (256GB model)
StopItRawr (256GB model)
pronster (256GB model)
Mighty Customer (5x256GB models [4 in RAID0])
flippy87 (64GB model)
Battou62 (128GB model)
deathernater (2x128GB models [separate systems])
TLCH723 (256GB model)
khaxnguyen (128GB and 256GB models [separate systems])
rageofthepeon (256GB model)
bhowanidin (256GB model)
PrototypeT800 (128GB model)
Chuggerboom (256GB model)
coolhandluke41 (64GB model)
modstorm (512GB model)
aiya (128GB model)
LBear (128GB model)
4LC4PON3 (128GB model)
rui-no-onna (6x256GB and 4x128GB models)
tbris84 (2x128GB models)
BananaLanderS (128GB model)
BiuS (128GB model)
Swag (128GB model)
Shiveron (128GB model)
LongRod (128GB model)
Snieprumm (128GB model)
sussah (128GB model)
falcon26 (256GB model)
hellzlegend (128GB model)
edo101 (128GB model)
3930K (256GB model)
Bitech (OEM PM830, unspecified capacity)
aheinlein (256GB model)
MerkageTurk (128GB model)
funfortehfun (128GB model)
PTCB (2x256GB models)
JohnnyChuttz (128GB model)
eltocliousus (2x64GB models)
Sean Webster (128GB model)
GnarlyCharlie (2 x 256GB models)
Gabe63 (256GB model)
ugotd8 (2 x 256GB models)
stn0092 (2 x 128GB models)
VulgarDisplay88 (2 x 128GB models)
skyn3t (128GB model)
Scott1541 (128GB model)
mario296 (128GB model)
gtsteviiee (128GB model)
SonicAgamemnon (2 x 512GB models)
insertacoolname (256GB model)
jordankw (128GB model)
Stuuut (256GB model)
Havolice (128GB model)
mandrix (2 x 128GB models)
2ted (256GB model)
Hoggle (64GB model)
x7007 (128GB model)
$ilent (128GB model)
Sporadic E (128GB model)
deeznutz206 (2x256GB models)
d0m0 (128GB model)
torsp (3 x 128GB models)
m1nt (128GB model)
Stefy (128GB model)
edo101 (128GB model)
theknappkin (256GB model)
Systemlord (256GB model)
bigmac11 (128GB model)
stubass (128GB model)
Caos (128GB model)
Jocelyn84 (256GB model)
strong island 1 (512GB model)
sherlock (256GB model)
Offender_Mullet (256GB model)
Sugita2Junko (128GB model)
Chrit (128GB model)
theknappkin (256GB model)
NitrousX (128GB model)
g.androider (Unknown capacity)
tonkpils37 (128GB model)
kboom1 (256GB model)
PARTON (256GB model)
Buzzkill (2x256GB models)
nezff (128GB model and 256GB model)
Calexan (128GB model)
nezff (256GB model)
ghost125690 (256GB model)
dachef (256GB model)
trisx (128GB model)
SpaceAlex (256GB model)
bluedevil (128GB model)
Jayjr1105 (128GB model)
Essenbe (256GB model)
Wesleydw (128GB model)
NFL (256GB model)
TheByt3 (2x128GB models)
JQuantum (2x256GB models)
tomterrific (256GB model)
scione (128GB model)
startyourengine (256GB model)
strych9 (128GB model)
meckert15834 (2x128GB models)
Captain_cannonfodder (128GB model)
Gir (2x256GB models)
dixson01974 (2x256GB models)
neroneuk (5x256GB models)
MLJS54 (256GB model)
Angelus359 (128GB model)
spidey180 (128GB model)
tonyjones (512GB model)
Roman5 (128GB model)
siffonen (128GB and 256GB models)
Indio22 (256GB model)
killakris (128GB model)
Hicountryrider (256GB model)
david42one (2x256GB models)
Jason4i7 (256GB model)
scione (128GB model)
larsahlstrom (Unknown model)
automaton (256GB model)
ugotd8 (4x256GB models)
Sevada88 (256GB model)
mikehunt (256GB model)
UZ7 (256GB model)
undermined (256GB model)
Spooke (128GB model)
saran008 (128GB model)
RetchedOne (256GB model)
thor2002ro (128GB model)
Bigdale7 (128GB model)
Tegg (128GB model)
skyn3t (2x128GB models)
Pis (256GB OEM PM830 model)
Bloodystumps (2x128GB models)
Frazz (128GB model)
RyoukouBoi (2x256GB models)
Pittster (256GB model)
beers (64GB model)
Leyaena (256GB model)
robbo2 (128GB model)
NewHighScore (128GB model)
AlexNJ (256GB model)
KalashNK (256GB model)
CrazyLefty (2x64GB and 3x128GB models)
SkullCracker (2xUnknown capacity models)
drka0tic (256GB model)
AlPh4Kil1 (128GB model)
Airborn (256GB model)
wolfeking (128GB model)
Zeebrock (256GB model)
misiobot (128GB model)
eno439 (64GB model)
mdatmo (128GB model)
UNOE (128GB model)
GarTheConqueror (256GB model)
patterson (128GB model)
parsec (64GB, 128GB, and 256GB models)
Ghostrider5666 (128GB model)
DaGoat (256GB model)
Dylanren99 (128GB model)
Callumpy (128GB model)
Dreamxtreme (256GB model)
ripsaw (128GB model)
BraveLilCrumpet (256GB model)
rpch (128GB model)
zalophus (128GB model)
drserk (256GB OEM PM830 model)
zdude (256GB model)
Sam muel (256GB model)
gotendbz1 (Unspecified capacity)
ssdboy (256GB model)
erickmiller (256GB model)
Eggy (128GB model)
estabya (2x128GB models)
kayphoonstar (32GB PM830 OEM model, cache)
Radmanhs (128GB model)
byomes (256GB model)
GhostOps (Unspecified capacity)
Gabe63 (256GB model)
ACHILEE5 (128GB model)
tomterrific (256GB model)
leekaiwei (128GB model)
RalphWasntHere (2x 256GB model)
socketus (2x 256GB model)
Mad Gamer (128GB model)
Diablo85 (Unspecified capacity)
aaroc (128GB model [laptop] and 2x 128GB models [desktop])
32oz (128GB model)
Zebeyo (128GB model)
wrigleyvillain (128GB model)
Kiracubed (128GB model)
Decade (128GB model)
Flisker_new (2x128GB models)
Chimera1970 (2x unspecified capacity models)
Radmanhs (128GB model)
Jayrrus (128GB model)
TheN00bBuilder (128GB model)
danycyo (512GB model)
Imprezzion (2x256GB models)
BrainSplatter (256GB model)
DiaSin (256GB model)
thanos999 (128GB model)
ChronoBodi (512GB model)
Phantomas 007 (2x 256GB models)
MooMoo (2x 256GB models)
SharpShoot3r07 (256GB model)
GameBoy (128GB model)
Pandora51 (128GB model)
TELVM (256GB model)
MonarchX (256GB model)

820 Pro/EVO Owners List
patriotaki (128GB Pro model)

750 EVO Owners List
GoLDii3 (120GB model)
amoverclock29 (120GB model)
Duality92 (250GB model)
Ceadderman (120GB model)
Tchernobyl (500GB EVO model)
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Picked up my 64GB model for $94.99 on Black Friday. Love this drive!

Here's a quick benchmark:


I've heard performance can increase slightly, after I'm done installing all the files I need and such for this computer, since I've been doing quite a bit of "writing" on the drive, and I believe TRIM is starting to catch up and refresh the drive.

And, I also have a question for 830 owners here:


Just wondering if anyone uses the Samsung "Magician" software, if so, does anyone use the "Performance Optimization" function within the software, which I believe is supposed to be a TRIM-like software..??

EDITED SS - forgot why the results aren't in English..

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I haven't installed the Magician software yet, but I think the optimization function in there is to enable/disable some stuff in Windows. Needs clarification, of course, if anyone else has used it.

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Originally Posted by Chunky_Chimp View Post

I haven't installed the Magician software yet, but I think the optimization function in there is to enable/disable some stuff in Windows. Needs clarification, of course, if anyone else has used it.
I think it just runs TRIM and/or Garbage Collection from what I have found. I can't find anything else besides that.

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So it's sort of a manual trigger for functions that otherwise are autonomous? Not sure what the point of that is, then... unless that's not right.

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i still dont know if its plug into a marvell port or intel? i also tried the samsung software the Performance Optimization. it said it helped it a little?
i was in the market for a 128gb ssd but i came across this for $95 with batman i had to buy it im glad i did. one thing i notice was my c300 booted into windows faster but overall this is a faster ssd.

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All internal SATA ports on your motherboard are Intel, only the 2 eSATA ports are Marvell. Got ya added.

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Originally Posted by Chunky_Chimp View Post

So it's sort of a manual trigger for functions that otherwise are autonomous? Not sure what the point of that is, then... unless that's not right.
Yea, but it usually takes Garbage collection a while to actually work automatically. So the tool helps a lot after a bunch writes are put on the drive and you "need" the performance right away. Also, from what DuckieHo said is that sometimes "GC can get into a "stuck" phase where it takes a long time (or never) is able to clean the drive. This has happened to drives in the last year."

i still dont know if its plug into a marvell port or intel? i also tried the samsung software the Performance Optimization. it said it helped it a little?
i was in the market for a 128gb ssd but i came across this for $95 with batman i had to buy it im glad i did.
It is in the Intel. Also install this for a speed improvement: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=2101&DwnldID=20624&ProductFamily=Chipsets&ProductLine=Chipset+Software&ProductProduct=Intel%C2%AE+Rapid+Storage+Technology&lang=eng
one thing i notice was my c300 booted into windows faster but overall this is a faster ssd.
That is b/c the C300 has faster 4K reads.

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I got the 256GB version:



I was debating between the Samsung 830, Corsair GT, Vertex3 MAX IOPS and Mushkin Chronos Deluxe. In the end I didn't feel like the Sandforce controllers had mature firmware to use in my main computer. I do own 2 cheap Microcenter 64GB sandforce SSDs for my HTPC and laptop. So far I have had no problems with the 830 and it gets a 7.9 on the WEI.

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running lion on my 830 series, so I can't really do the same benchmarks you guys are using.
Results 573.84
System Info
Xbench Version 1.3
System Version 10.7 (11A511)
Physical RAM 16384 MB
Model MacPro5,1
Drive Type SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series
Disk Test 573.84
Sequential 398.50
Uncached Write 583.13 358.03 MB/sec [4K blocks]
Uncached Write 423.34 239.53 MB/sec [256K blocks]
Uncached Read 209.61 61.34 MB/sec [4K blocks]
Uncached Read 840.50 422.43 MB/sec [256K blocks]
Random 1024.67
Uncached Write 642.49 68.01 MB/sec [4K blocks]
Uncached Write 865.23 276.99 MB/sec [256K blocks]
Uncached Read 2897.09 20.53 MB/sec [4K blocks]
Uncached Read 1181.60 219.25 MB/sec [256K blocks]


yes, I'm using my sig rig, not a mac pro

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^ Got you 2 added.
Blue_Flame5, you have the drive yet?

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Add meh


Just got the drive recently, only the 60GB but perfect for OS and programs on my laptop (I have a 2nd drive for music and such). One note, running on Sata II until Toshiba enables Sata III
. Still ridiculously fast with the i3, 8GB and SSD.

Oh and the 830 gets a 7.8 on the WEI.

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Originally Posted by driftkidd2323 View Post

Originally Posted by jrbroad77 View Post

Oh and the 830 gets a 7.8 on the WEI.
really? Mine got a 7.9 no problems here.
SATA 3GB/s gets you a 7.8

SATA 6GB/s gets you a 7.9

I had the same for me with my M4.

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7.7 on mine, for what that's worth.
(not much IMO) jrbroad77 added.

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Originally Posted by Chunky_Chimp View Post

7.7 on mine, for what that's worth.
(not much IMO) jrbroad77 added.
You can get a 7.8 on yours if you want to try at least...assuming you are on the intel controller.

This worked for me when my scores were reporting wrong in WEI for my RAM.

Fix W.E.I. scores reporting wrong:
  1. Go to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT and delete the winsat.txt
  2. Then go to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore and delete all the files in there.
  3. Now restart W.E.I.
    Note: The scores should be the proper score now.

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Originally Posted by Sean Webster View Post

You can get a 7.8 on yours if you want to try at least...assuming you are on the intel controller.
Oh nah, I don't care that much. Yes, I'm on the Intel controller, I haven't bothered installing the drivers for the Marvell SAS controller yet, not that I'd actually want to use it (it's only 3Gbps, anyway).
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