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G90 2017 refresh from ebay? It's a newer version of G100s. Only comes with plastic feet, so you need to buy better ones.
Thank you, ordered the G90 from ebay, only downside is it doesnt have any Thumb-buttons. Corsair Katar Pro XT also looks similiar, maybe I can find it somewhere in a shop. In addition the Corsair Ironclaw was also quite comfortable today in a shop (was just looking and testing around but didnt have much mice there).

I´ll keep looking - I do know most of the mods for the G100S (PCB from G502 or PCB from G303) but all those are just without the Thumb-Buttons and after all the years I dont wanna play without them ;/. I´m even thinking about to work with a CAD-engineer together to construct the Sidebutton mount from the G Pro for the G100s.

Noticed you get tendons problem with the M42 from the left click buttons , even strain as its not ergonomic enough

possible the shape and the comfortgrooves, down slope

May be the same a bit with the Zy mouse too
I will just resell the M42 since it feels weird, for me the angle for my middle finger doesnt feel good which the mouse forces for the right button. Also curious about Zy´s mouse.
6421 - 6421 of 6421 Posts