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Officially getting the iPad 2 32GB 3G and wifi!

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Buying locally from CL for $680

I'm stoked!

It's a shame they can't be jailbroken though. Mine is unlocked btw

My laptop is a bit too bulky for my lap so this tablet will be sweet.

I also love apple and iOS so I'm going to be pleasantly expecting a good experience with it.

Anyone else have 3G and wifi as well?

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Congrats on the future purchase.

Currently loving my 32GB Wi-Fi 3G model.

I recommend a nice protective cover other than the Smart Cover that is currently offered.

I ended up getting a Brookstone portfolio/tablet cover that has a BT keyboard. It really works well for my situation and needs, and the keyboard is just large enough the type properly...a fine balance imho.


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Originally Posted by jam3s
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Thanks Syr! Long time no see man

The seller on CL is including a case but not sure which one. I'm positive it's not a smart cover. Is the keyboard worth investing in? I actually toyed with just the touch keyboard and loved it.

long time indeed, Jam3s.

The touch keyboard is really rather good, and yeah the feedback is solid, imho.

If you happen to have a Brookstone nearby, check 'em out as the cover/KB are designed for the iPad specifically and the fit and finish are top-notch, and I wanted full coverage/protection.

I suppose most peeps aren't as quirky as me when it comes to protecting their toys... but then again most people probably aren't as klutzy as I am.
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