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Anyone here play Ogame?

Ive been playing it for a couple of weeks now, I find it pretty interesting.

I went pretty far, my score was 7000 until I recently got attacked and lost almost all my fleet, the worst thing is that i became the strongest player that day, in my class at college, for a couple of hours that was untill i found out.

Now my score is down to 5000

:swearing: totally gutted... and mad

oh well....ill be back, bigger and stronger

EDIT: btw, for those of you who dont know what Ogame is,its a MMOG made by some company called Gameforge.
you can register at http://www.ogame.org
It is similar to other games such as 'Gangwars' (in the sense of it being a MMOG), i.e. you start of low, and have battles and progress through the ranks, but this has a sci-fi variation.
I quite prefer this because, for me, destroying entire planets and taking over solar systems is more satisfying than those mafia games where you kill a person, then kill another, then another......:turd:

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EDIT: meh, i quit, i got attacked like a dog, then i got banned, my heart aint in the game anymore, i feel like it is my time to go now.

i have no worries though, in a short amount of time after i started this game, i pwned the guys who i played with, then for all the duration of the time i played
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