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oh god what have i done?!

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i didnt really know where else to put this.

i fear i have commited the biggest pc sin. i spilt a whole pint of coke into my pc by accident.

i turned it off instantly wiped off anything i cold see.
when i come to turn it back on agian it came on but there is no picture displayed on screen.

any suggestions?
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you fried your graphics card. That's my bet anyway. Actually you probably messed up the whole thing. Take it all apart, dry every component as well as you can and just hope it works when you put it all back together.
You shouldn't have turned it back on!

Take everything apart and use Isopropyl alcohol to clean ALL of the parts.
oh dude thats bad!!!

make sure you dry it big time, also all that coke will make it very sticky. not sure how to remove that tbh.
im afraid you may be up s creek with no paddle, but definitely clean it wit iso propyl and maybe put it in with some silica packets or uncooked rice
If I were you, I would take my PC apart and actually dip each motherboard component in some rubbing alcohol to soak and clean them off... make sure all components are %100 dry before reinstalling and retrying them.

Good luck friend
Don't turn it on again. Wipe everything with a moist towel, and then dry it. Did anything get inside the fans?
You probably fried something when you turned it on. You should have cleaned it the let it dry for like 24h+ before even turning it on.
hey smokey be carefull with your sig. asking for cash is agains TOS.
Anything you got coke on is dead. Sorry, you should've cleaned the parts before turning the power on (if they weren't already toast)

Time to get the credit card out.
Remove every single part and clean with high-grade Isopropyl Alcohol as suggested.
Dry and leave everything OFF for at least a day or so.

From that point you'll have to start testing things individually as problems come up (first being the video card)

Also did ANY liquid get in/on the PSU?
You shouldn't have turned it on..

Clean it with strong alcohol and then put the components into rice ( as in food rice, dry). Rice sucks the moisture in.
i was hoping to get a new system for xmas anyway i just hope i can save some bits of it.
i think the ram and cpu are ok i already have a new gcard but havent put it in yet i think ill be ok XD
About 7 or 8 years ago, in my 20's and partying years, I had a friend spill an entire 12oz. can of beer inside my computer case, while it was running, while I was passed out. I had the case open at the time and lying down on it's side. He didn't say a word the next day about it. After everyone left, I went to check out how bad my room was trashed and noticed my computer was turned off. I tried turning it back on and it wouldn't do anything. I called him up and he said, "Oh yeah, I spilled a beer down in it and it shut off" and that was it, like it was nothing

I thought it was trashed. I just left it alone and tried to turn it on every few days. I had gave up on it, when about a week later it just starting running again and worked flawless after that. I can only guess it had finally dried out and stopped the short circuit that it was causing. I hope you can be as lucky
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Originally Posted by Penicilyn
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Time to get the credit card out.

lol at 16? i dont have a credit card XD
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How did you spill a whole pint into your pc? A funnell?
lol no i have a top fan and the pc is right next to my desk i caught it and it went in through the fan
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Go to your nearest dominos and ask if you can borrow an oven. Slide the pc in there for 2 hours and it will be fine.
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