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oh noes I think my cpu just died!

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hey guys, I think I need some diagnostic advice. My comp was acting strange this morning after a night of utorrent, the mouse (logitech mx revolution) would only move up and down not side to side. so i shut it down and had breakfast. when i decided to boot it up I found NO POST!!!.

I have changed out the vid card, removed and tryed out each ram stick seperately, and removed the sound card, I have also cleared the cmos. still no post. My next move is to change out my Power supply.

Any one else got any ideas as to how to narrow down my problem?

Im gonna go fishing for a few hours( its my b-day! ) maybe ill be getting a new c2d system for my self

I did want to wait for fasn8 to future proof a bit. /shrug

and one other thing would my xp-90 cooler be better than the stock c2d heatsink?

thx guys
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Have you tried to clear the CMOS?
ok heres the deal, changed out p.s.-no post. the fans all spin up, disk drives power up. When I try to make it give me a error beep by removing ram or vid card I get nothing. If I remove the cpu and the motherboard is still good will it give me a beep code??? or will that kill the mobo?

I dont know which bios it has. the asus site says AMI I think

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Everything plugged in? always good to double check...
Sounds like the motherboard died to me.

Originally Posted by ecoyd1
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Everything plugged in? always good to double check...

double checked and tripple checked when i threw in my spare P.S.
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only way to be sure is to have one of those D-brackets like MSI has or another mobo...if the mobo is still giving "codes" then it's probably your CPU
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