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Oh Noes!!!! No AS5!!!!

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ok, i just got my DFI LP nf4 SLI-DR Expert and i can't find my AS5 anywhere. I do however have this tube of Zalman's thermal grease that came with my VF700. Will this stuff work until my new tube of AS5 comes in?
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Yeah it will be just fine. You can even use no thermal paste at all and aslong as the heatsink and cpu are relatively flat, it'll be fine. I know that Mr.Nooblar did this for a while. He might even still be doing it. He had nice temps too...
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good deal, i can't wait to get a good mobo in my rig lol.

i'll prolly be back in about a hour to ask some questions about the board
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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