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oh oh - big problem here.

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I'm working in an hospital and got somewhat of a big problem right now.

The computer used with a bioscanner is infected by a virus probably due to a nightshift idiot...

the virus is antivirus 360.

Norton antivirus corporate updated cannot find/fix it.
googled fixes are BS trying to make you pay.

Please help if anyone have successfully cleaned antivirus 360 (the virus, not norton 360)

PS formatiting is not an option with all the specialised hospital care progs on it...
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Originally Posted by Tatsuo
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that application installed fine but won't run at all when i try to start it.
(windows xp). HELP! patients are being sent back home as we talk.. needs a fix quick.

Dont feel like hiring 3 different techs at 350$/hour each...or more... those applications are very weird i tell ya

Rename the programs exe file.
Some viruses detect these programs names and wont let them run.
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