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Ok, final choice look!

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What should I get

I gave my hx1000 to my bro
so, I must get a new psu!



Tagan BZ1300. Price doesn't matter. Just performance!
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Why would you give that beast away?

I would go and get another one.
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If you want performance and build quality, that Tagan is far from the best choice. Just check this review out. The HX1000 is certainly a good choice, but it really depends what else is available to you. The Enermax Revolution+ series are a little better than the Corsair and the Enhance built Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1kW is also a strong contender.
I would pick the HX1000W over any Tagan product, any day. Tagan ranges from mediocre to awful. Corsair ranges from good to amazing. I would agree with Shinji. The Corsair TX950W, HX1000W, CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 1000W, or PC P&C Silencer 910W (if you can find one!) would be my picks for the 900-1000W range.
I really like Corsair. Never had any problems with my hx750 & hx1000.
I want the best psu that's it so the corsair wins?

It must have at least 2x8 pin for the Classified
It must be 1000+watt + It must like the Classified = HX1000!

I am going to get hx1000 I think
Yeah go get the HX 1000. One of the best PSUs there are and you can never go wrong with something from Corsair (unless you buy their RAM, they're bad).
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