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im going to be doing something similar *hopefully*

to this.


i'm simply amazed and i want to try this.

so lets build a low end HTPC build.

i'm thinking amd/ati, regor x2 sound good?

maybe a low end ati, which would you prefer?

as for storage, he uses 4 SSD's i think, maybe not. still.

maybe a single 320 or 640?

and as for color/CCFLS, whats your opinions?

this won't be started until jan of 2010, its going to be a surprise for my dad and family, as the downstairs computer died (hp lol) so im going to help them and build a sweet computer they can hook up to a 1080i 52" vizio!

+rep if your opinion is good enough for me.

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If your family aren't going to be using any multi-threaded applications, then a faster clocked processor with less cores would be the better choice, i.e: The Phenom II 550 BE over the Athlon X4 620. So, I'd probably pick up a Phenom II 550, since it's faster clock for clock, and you've got a chance of unlocking a further two cores on there too. However, the Athlon X4 is likely more than enough for what they do, so you can't really go wrong there.

I'd personally get an AMD 785G motherboard, just because of its amazing IGP. It's currently the best IGP on any motherboard, and they're priced very reasonably. If your family isn't going to be doing any gaming, then this is adequate for your needs. If they are going to play some games, then something like a HD4670 would be good.

As for the colour/CCFLs, I'd have a white case, with green cold cathodes. The reason being: Xbox's main colors are green and white, so you may as well have them with a case.

Good luck with the build, and be sure to post pictures when you do it.

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Originally Posted by Aick View Post
haha thanks dude, +rep, and of course i'll post pics =D
sick video HD quality, you look like you know what ur doing!

I wouldnt be surprised if you majored in mechanical engineering

and finally put this **** on youtube! Hell, Id watch this on redtube
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