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Heh..read the FAQ's, they tell you everything, but since you posted..

folding is basically a way you can donate your cpu to medical research..this program basically hammers away at 'protein folding' which is like running virtual experiments on human protein strands....i dont know a whole lot about the science,

however most people who overclock like it, i find it's a way to actually put your OC to use instead of just having an idle system ..

worldwide our teams about #60, if you join that could move up, and you can run multiple pc's under the same user-id and combine those points (you see your individual score + team score/ ranking, and worldwide ranking)

so when you arent using your cpu, you can run this and if you configure it to use maximum cpu it will just sit at 100% all night (another great way to test stability of your system)

if you read up and have any other questions we will try and help...we are starting a competition soon where you can win cpu's etc (there is a sticky in this forum) many people including myself are still looking for teams so if you are quick you could join one and maybe win yourself something...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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